When The Scapegoat Fights Back? Overcoming Scapegoating: Scapegoats Scapegoated by Scapegoaters

when the scapegoat fights back
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When the scapegoat fights back. What is scapegoating?

Frightened people’s index finger always is ready to aim at everyone except at the real causes of their woes. Cowardly, hiding between frail targets while thinking they are strong, they hatefully finger point from behind their laptop screens to sting at doers while procrastinating at wasting their time blaspheming and criticizing with envious venom, rather than harboring the courage to start a positive project in life or do something productive to resolve the issues at hand. Thus, instead, scapegoaters project their self loathing at those with whom they secretly are in awe of.

In love with their target’s willpower, tyrants are too preoccupied with backstabbing scapegoats lives to even look at activating the will power that they hold within and do anything with it. Scapegoating refers to bullies who work long hours for low wages and choose to evacuate their frustrated anger out on the red headed, on yellows, white marshmallows or chocolates and pink pigs, crammed caramels, hash browns, blacks and all worldly colored women. At cold unemployed, nanny state governments or unnatural earth borders. Separating lines instead of trying to unite everyone’s differences at working in unison towards a decent standard of living, instead… some think it wiser to unfairly blame anyone but themselves for their crimes, troubles, mistakes and misfortunes, thus a person, a group, an idea or an object must be accused in their place to distract the attention from their own self induced chaos.

What do people gain from scapegoating? As it’s seen in workplaces, subjected to undeserved and irrational hostility, scapegoats are made to bear their managers responsibilities, anxieties and guilt, then are insanely crucified for small mistakes. Like teachers who bully with vicious looks using a ‘scapegoating discipline’ consisting in selecting a class scapegoat kid on the basis of vulnerability. The target could be introverted or from the wrong side of the tracks. The reason for this abusive strategy employed by every brutal dictator and schoolyard bully is simple: made an example by the incompetent teacher, the scapegoated kid is mistreated as a parasite to intimidate and control the others.

Group scapegoating is routine, when crews lose, someone has to gratuitously take the blame for the gang’s problems. Unwanted thoughts and feelings of animosity, aggression and frustration are unconsciously projected onto another, now becoming a scapegoat for one’s own problems.

This is how it works in every group: feeling great, you’re in. Yet hold your horses since you don’t know everybody, and even if you do your anxiety doesn’t, so to appease the stomach cramps your mind ruminates. Who’s ahead, who’s behind, who’s disabled, who’s old, who’s young, who’s gay, who’s gonna hit me, who might hurt me… Then you begin competing for a comfortable position by scanning for obvious differences while the deeper layers of each being are disregarded. Once this discriminating process is complete, it’s time to identify the possible scapegoat whom you’ll get rid off later on in order to feel more at ease with your lurking insecurities. That’s the process.

Scapegoating is stressful for everybody. It causes resentment, anger, hurt, avoidance, isolation and defensiveness for the sheep. And it causes the scapegoaters’ group members to be part of a dividing relationship triangle: persecutor, victim, rescuer. Such pathetic dynamics are judgmental and provoke conflicts amongst any type of group where there ain’t no winners; everybody loses in harmful mind games. But strategically, there is physical and mental strength in numbers, that’s why the lonely opt to align their lives with certain ideologies or groups as a means to survive in the midst of mass shaming and violent undercurrents, where it’s harder for those seeming weaker or appearing at others mercy to stand up for their rights.

No doubt it’s damn easy for any majority to bully a minority with the evil arts of one-upmanship and sadistic behavior, to maintain a psychological advantage that empowers one’s own sick self; at the same time destroying the spiritual growth of others for the sole purpose of preserving a dishonest integrity.

Since powerlessness is undesirable, no one wants it, so to ensure it won’t happen to them, some put down those that they ignorantly judged as inferiors. They kill the scapegoat’s spirit rather than confronting their craziness, owning their own behavior or being accountable to any way, shape or form of truth. To maintain lies and justify their transgressions anything is feasible by families, schoolyards and cliques who spend too much time and energy boosting each other’s prestige in public places by acting big and happy, while privately harboring tense feelings and repressing difficulties to the extent of taking it all out on – someone else; a role played by the scapegoat.

When we are making another responsible for our failures, are we dividing the world between pure and impure? And by the way, d’you know who is scapegoated? The scapegoat, is it an alien, a stranger, an outsider? The scapegoat who is it? A hybrid monster, an adversary or both? Not an ordinary society pawn, the scapegoat is exotic in his direct environment. Lost in frozen empty rooms, scapegoats bang on drifting doors that won’t close to stop their darkness from seeping through their cracked marble eyes. Scapegoats cramped minds roll in electric wires, those high voltage nerves are silenced by the fear of not fitting in.

But the scapegoat escaped the fatiguing futility of an unfulfilling shallow life. Escaped the feelings of defenselessness that hurts painfully and the guilty jittering memories. Scapegoats escaped people pleasing; denying their heart, and isolating for dreading being ripped apart by tyrannic dysfunctional lies because they don’t pretend that everything is okay when their guts know it’s not.

No longer slaves to the lie, scapegoats souls unbind themselves from the unthinkable sacrifice of sacrificing their dreams, consciences and lives to liars. Accused as instigators, the scapegoated are supposed to have caused every catastrophe, and that is ironically so, even when the hurt is directed at them for thinking or perhaps looking distinctive. Engaged in self-sabotage, black sheep keep running back to old chaos in hope of fixing themselves but instead they get shattered again. Even if they know better, deep down, they’re sure not to deserve a worthy relationship, goodness and the finest things in life, hence they indulge in toxic habits, surround themselves with unhealthy relationships and avoid the healthier ones.

Seen as useless shit stirrers, vulnerable or young people, scapegoats are often overlooked, rejected, isolated or minimized, thus, they are taken advantage of then threatened not to express their true self nor to talk and even if they do, their speeches might not be believed. Instead, scapegoats are left in a desperate state of mind or driven off to be abandoned into the wild where they become heroes, revenge seekers, idealists, sensitive wise introverts, truth tellers, whipping girls daring to tell the emperor wears no clothes and whipping boys who announce the coming thunderstorms when summer barbecues wish for the heat.

Quick to grab swords to fight for their belief in supreme truth and justice, scapegoats don’t tolerate people without integrity and those who don’t defend the less fortunate. In fact, they classify them as weak, heartless or cold. Scapegoats love to fight for underdogs, person or cause, because their hearts believe that this is what caring means. Getting whipped for not lying, scapegoats stand out from the group for being too much or not enough of something: pretty, ugly, tall, short, hyper, clumsy, quiet, gifted…

Fragmented, scapegoats are rendered mentally shattered and physically sick so they hide their soft emotions under a tough outer shell where their insights remain intact. Yet on the plus side, scapegoats are the lucky ones since they hold the transforming creative potential within their group. But capable or not, their differences induce fear, revulsion, fatigue, envy, anxiety, guilt and other negative emotions. As well informed witnesses who were around the most and did the most, scapegoats know too much, therefore, according to scapegoaters they must be destroyed… Without a plan, anger wanders dangerously, ready and waiting, eager to lash out. Like when low IQ looks down on high IQ who doesn’t like the average IQ and so on… When scapegoats scapegoat each other, it’s as if they didn’t understand the feeling of exclusion, as if the oppressed were becoming oppressors.

Social Scapegoating. Who the scapegoaters are…

Scared while watching fake life on reality TV from the safety of their homes, scapegoaters don’t do anything strategic whilst suffering at the hands of this world’s wise devils. Not even loving themselves more than celebrity chihuahua selfies, they live in a hell made of unfulfilled lives and unhonored promises about fulfilling their potential. Unable to teach their children how to take off their scapegoat shoes, they excel at predatorily inserting fear, anger and helplessness as future trends, and live on social media to feed an ego creating chaos via the need for validation.

Detached from reality, scapegoaters learn it from their neighbourhoods or living rooms. For them, the world conditions that we’re facing are for forgetting, like a traumatic situation last year or a murder on television, it’s easier to pretend we care when we really don’t. Scapegoaters don’t see any shady brutality or people working jobs and living in communities they hate. Nor do they live in concrete jungles with family members struggling with injustices and children considered financial burdens because the carer lacks of creative problem solving skills. No, no, no, scapegoaters don’t constantly see negative images of themselves being disrespected and degraded in the media.

Since it’s convenient to make others see their scapegoat as the problem, scapegoaters are good at convincing themselves they are the good ones, and unfortunately, most people too do believe their fake tales. When scapegoaters seek scapegoats in order to project their inferior sides, anyone who doesn’t fit the mold does qualify and you can turn your page, you can click away but you can’t avoid it. You can close your eyes, look away, pretend like it never existed and it is this way that you’ll become a part of it because even if your eyes are closed, they are still yours. They are yours when you witness your bosses make someone responsible for the company’s failures as a means to avoid taking responsibility for their poor decisions. Scapegoaters meanness makes you feel bad about yourself in order to make them feel better about themselves. Their glares turn away from you in ways meant to humiliate you and their tone of voice talks to hurt you or make fun of you.

As if theirs were more accurate than yours, scapegoaters dismiss your thoughts and feelings, and since they seem stronger by attributing their shortcomings onto you, they make curt comments that keep you down where you’re more controllable. So unless you wanna end up feeling discouraged or ridiculed, don’t hope for warmth, empathy, endorsement and encouragement from those willing to kill another only to prove their views correct. Physically stronger, greater at academic work, wealthier or just better at gaining others confidence, bullies practice scapegoating as a means to elevate themselves on the back of the scapegoat and to vent their repressed recognition of the ambiguity of life; a fact they can’t handle since they lived and fully invested their identity according to a certain order. So once they discover that other orders are equally true, they lash out with the urge to exterminate anyone who’s thinking diverges from theirs and anyone who is too physically disabled, too original, too intelligent, too beautiful or too much of whatever characteristic might initiate disgust, guilt, envy or fear in these liars. Like empires, nations and communities, the group’s common goal is to scapegoat outsiders in order to unify their bleak conformity and to preserve their perfect self image by sacrificing others. For chronic scapegoaters, it’s much easier to label others as evil rather than looking at their hater, blamer and shamer states, and facing their own failures.

So to maintain the status quo and as they consider themselves above reproach, scapegoaters attack truth speakers daring to reproach them for the part they played in dramas. And resentful at the mess that they’ve been putting you through, scapegoaters prefer ignoring and keeping lies in darkness, especially those that shed light on their mad messes.

(Darkness is all around us, but there is light somewhere. You have to look for it, but it’s there.)

Sadly that’s the way some bully leaders, groups or families deal with emotions. They pick scapegoats for three core reasons: unawareness, ignorance and inherited psychological wounds. Not knowing what they think, feel, need and neither what’s going on amongst and inside them, they lack knowledge. Hence, this important information deficit is passed down from generation to generation and so on… Until fingers crossed, one day, one becomes aware of unconscious patterns and intentionally commits to healing them all through the morphic field.

Sensing the scapegoaters despising stares and desire to slaughter unclassifiable goats with anesthetics to appease feelings and voids of inadequacy, goats throats are fraught with fright so they take flight away from the atmospheric cringing discomfort. Then feeling separated, curled up in egotistical desire, some scapegoaters grow vain minds that look for fights and shiver in horror at the thought and deep daze of their torturous shadow. It might be joyous, good or cruel but whatever shadow there is in this world – it is the one we project on another. Rather than admitting their wrongs, a disturbing number of left brain in surplus, psychopathically prefer to sit back on rooftops to monitor those crying out for help at alien spaceships for signs of higher intelligence and setting others on fire rather than waking up to the pain of changing beliefs. Scapegoaters are asphyxiated by their problems so much so, that their issues show up in nightmares, illnesses, accidents, or (as a last resort to be heard) in death. Making your hair stiff by giving you goose bumps that irritate, scapegoaters go around repeating how they’ve been wronged by you, for you should have warned them against the past residing in their scarred psyche; a past full of hurtful thoughts wishing to avenge by releasing their filthy grease on you.

But why if one didn’t like being persecuted nor finds joy in being tortured or excluded, why then would one want to ruthlessly contemplate inflicting these atrocities onto others? As a way to halt an ignorant hate from travelling round and round, one must understand, how what goes around, will come back around… Scapegoaters seem to think… in pieces; arms, legs, eyes and beating hearts should be cut then wrapped up in boxes, one box per person, one box for each of the billion worldly people, each its own box, each put back into its original category; the one they are supposed to belong to in function of how humorous, how unrealistic or how deluded each person is?

And how humorous, unrealistic and deluded that idea is? No doubt it’s a heartlessly dumb concept of wanting to obsess over separating and classifying people by multifaceted colors, ambiguous sexual preferences, fluctuating feelings and putting homemade secret vices into strict confined boxes.

Are forests, beaches and grains of sand clearly defined from seas? Are algae not allowed to mate with fish? Can’t birds repose on horses backs, can’t tigers play with lions? Can’t scapegoaters bring themselves back from a narrow minded vision about the world and the people in it, rather than simply acknowledging what they selfishly wish to see? In the far – far fast past, many died so rainbows could be colorful and not just plain and dry. Some died for reds, other were hung for yellows and every morning the sky is blue because nature allows for it to be so, and so it is… So unless you think yourself above the laws of nature, why don’t you just let things be? Be in harmony with what is, natural, like love and sharing for survival; the contrast and odd, and the weird too is natural. Unless you think yourself stronger than the storms and smarter than the sun, unless – leave nature’s creations alone. No matter how bad, ugly or uncomfortable, everything like everyone has something to teach you. Otherwise, how are rainbows to be cut in pieces – should a hacksaw be used to differentiate the rainbow’s green color from the red? And as the veins get sliced apart, do you think the rainbow’s colors will bleed, weep or both? Such questions are nonsense since in nature’s jungles and mountain tops there are no barriers or borders, nor genders exactly defined and strictly separated.

Scapegoaters close their eyes on what they disagree with as a means to stay ignorant and impose their deficiencies onto others. While rejecting proofs and facts, they childishly block their ears with middle fingers so as not to hear any opposite points of views, completely dismissing natural laws such as past actions, thoughts, feelings and deeds so that sooner or later come to manifest into physical matter and as magical consequences. So when you repeatedly find yourself shuddering in low vibe environments that resemble your roots, and even after moving classrooms, changing jobs or rearranging your home, the intolerably old bullying dynamic reappears, how do you escape and avoid being a scapegoaters target?

It’s important to journey away from *it, although no matter how many miles away you travel, *it will still identify you as the problem of situations in which you took no part. Indeed *it will find some twisted way to paint you as the source of its incompetencies, unbelievable, but from character assassins doing so while the target is absent to defend itself, *it is predictable. From scapegoaters accusing you as an event ruiner for being too emotional while repetitively self destructing even when you’re not around; *it’s to be expected. So don’t be too hard on yourself about *it nor for walking away, as even if you stay, for *it you still won’t be good enough anyway, as *it is used to think you as the root of all worldly problems. ***it = stupidity?

Quote: ‘There is nothing more terrifying than stupidity. Werner Herzog’

Once designated as a goat… Bullies targets aren’t weak, this is a myth. Isn’t weakness a lack of confidence, a deep seated sense of worthlessness, of shame, of something that needs to be dealt with from the inside out? Naturally passive, socially anxious or shy individuals are targeted for rigid beatings at the hands of ignorant pride. The strongest of all: scapegoats don’t fight back. Instead they demonstrate extreme self control and mastery rather than lowering themselves to the unproductive but trouble-making level of their bullies. Most scapegoats’ real crime is a martyr complex and an honesty at all costs which must be tempered with common sense. So no, regardless of one’s specific background, the bottom line is, no target deserves abuse. That said, aware or unaware, many are in scapegoat relationships. It’s very common. Cycles of violence and patterns of shame are hard to break until a bad situation prevails at awakening the courage you need to change thingsWhat can you do to stop it?

  • Fight not with fists but fight with mind as in your confidence. You are standing up wisely for your integrity and truth about your particular case.
  • A lot of inner work and determination is involved in working in harmony with others, especially to let office politics, idle gossip or opinions fall away. Some have assumed the identity of a hero that rescues you and who takes care of you, so much so that when you succeed by your own means, they’ll freak and flip out before having to congratulate or worse: to admit they were wrong. But to appease their egos they’ll insist at saying, “…what you’re saying about us isn’t true, you spread false gossip, no one believes your lies, why don’t you tell us the truth like you are the one who is not fine, incapable, a crooked person who can’t live on your own. We always have to worry about you, to pray for you, to save your life, we do for you, we did all these things but you…ungrateful.”

That’s when you’ll persist in believing, “Their lying words aren’t true. The gossip doesn’t touch me, I see through lies and I’m fine. Capable and righteous, I can live on my own, you don’t have to save me nor worry, I can do all these things for myself.” And then from a lower consciousness state that is theirs, one where they don’t know yet that when one tries to hurt another, one hurts no one else but themselves. From there, they’ll try to break you only to make you stronger. Each time they attempt to kill you, they’ll see you resurrect in their worst nightmares, where your head won’t stop showing up on their TV screen even after the remote control shot it down. Like an old dream that won’t go away until understood, it wants to be. So acknowledge it and let it be.

  • Even if yes indeed you do wish for it, there is no need to get even when dealing with unconsciousness, and no need for revenge in general. As a human you want to get even, you want to get back at people and that feeling can be obsessive, very strong and important to a wounded ego. However, you should rather sit tight and wait with your anger on a leash since injustice has already been dealt with by higher forces, and it’s effects will be discharged in divine due time and as fairly as per nature’s laws.
  • When those who scapegoated you for things beyond your control invested in your failure and in throwing their dirty laundry on you, close the dumping ground. No one can hang their shit on you, you’re no one’s bitch. No sick person can use you as a well being feelings generator. No amount of blackmailing or dangerous manipulating can stop a grown person from grasping at freedom and running away from the torture of the seriously damaged trying to hold you back. Watch out, for their venom is thick and it stains your life until it falls apart. A deeply impregnated killer’s mark won’t easily go away. Still wash it, wash it away.

Like most people; most friends and family members would rather see you going all into dead dust in their place than see you succeed better than them. Harsh but true. As a means to cover over their own dirt, they prefer to see you broken in your worst day than reaching higher than them. Harsh but true. Thus, after all went to hell, after arguing stopped, after the rose tinted glasses were dropped, after the drama unfolded and all retreated; Don’t go right back. Build yourself up, live your life, heal your persecuted victim mindset.

  • Not alone, you are one of many feeling this way and it’s not your fault. Search for fellow scapegoats illuminating explanations until your speculations are validated and your suspicions become obvious facts. It helps to see your own suffering reflected in or contrasted by others experiences. So get moral support, get natural treatment or get into a community to again feel a sense of belonging. Loneliness walks hand in hand with scapegoats but if you switch your perspective you’ll see, all the others around you, holding the same lonely hand as you. And just like that, magically, you will have each other to hold onto.
  • Avoid the negativity of complaining energy vampires, these folks drain you by bringing their issues up to you in hope that you’ll fight on their behalf. So realise that it’s important to pick your battles carefully since for their own good, some are better left to fight for themselves. To do so, drop the rule enforcer role and consider if you really want to die spending your energy on this hill. Is it worth it, is it really affecting you? Are you being impulsive and what’s your motive for helping, your real intention? Where is this leading you to?

So you see, if unhappy, scapegoats might need to change whom they associate with. Like moving job, a living situation, a place on the map or a relationship; changing, transforming or simply leaving matters but remember how carrying people’s emotional garbage around draws negativity to you. So stop.

  • The way to love yourself is to know yourself. You can know and elevate yourself using imagination, visualization, astrology charts and all the tools you have in built within that you once knew but have since forgotten. No more waiting for somebody else to come along to show you the way. Do it for you. Be your own savior. Now! Leave the martyrdom thing by the wayside and blaze your own trail.

Where your soul is, right in your pineal gland, is the sun which represents wonderful things like light, truth and health. And when the sun shines on trees, bugs, people (even if only a handful accept his information), all can receive his knowledge. Similarly, nature is always there for you. What you do with her is up to you.

  • Pause, get serious and focus toward taking giant or even baby steps away from begging and whatever steps you can toward self sufficiency. The justice that you seek won’t be served from people who constrain you nor from crazies wearing insane badges with psychopathic issues of their own. The respectful with official badges are on the hunt looking for prey, mentally haunting gibberish, weak and docile prey; the easiest to catch.

Stop being prey that triggers hunters by projecting their energetic weaknesses out instead of strength, there is nothing to be afraid of. If being righteous means offering others what you want for yourself, why some work at sabotaging the other person’s job to get ahead? And why not work on mass therapy to heal years of psychological trauma staring in our faces instead? Money isn’t going to fix what’s wrong with you at the root. And remember pain is temporary but giving up lasts forever.

  • Have you been spending hours stuck in traffic? Why don’t you check your pulse? See you’re breathing, you’re alive but are you feeling, are you living? Right now, do you recognize what’s happening on your planet… to yourself? No? Oh, oh, oh, oh! Stop driving. If yes then, learn the lessons in front of you otherwise to stitch you up, life’s consequences will ensure for the same challenges to keep coming back under different hats, until you master them.

Every time someone gets killed, no one does anything about it. Aloof, not making any changing moves, complacent, not doing any internal work, we vent our frustration by hash-tagging a problem externally without seeing us as a part of it. And all over the planet we film whilst some scream out for justice. But amidst conflicts escalating it’s always your time for inner peace; the solution is you.

The dead aren’t coming back to save you in a city near you nor to save you from the work that you must do for you so be a self savior. Start with you, let your light radiate love out into the world. Juvenile wars only resolve a quickly needed egoistic fix and the brightest lights shine in the darkest places.

Strategic planning and diplomatic collaborating involve the mind and heart owning their voice to voice their opinions of reason. Unlike the scared punks in coward’s wars, real warriors know this; if you’re not right within, you can’t rightly fight anything outward. No one deserves to be exterminated. All of nature’s babies have the right to exist and each a duty to grow in their own unique way.

In our hypocritical world, there is a long history of groups facing discrimination and there always is a newest one under the menace to at its turn, be ostracized. Groups of people trying to contribute to our respective societies in the way they’ve been taught is best and in whatever ways that they can. Unfortunately, people who don’t understand that we are diverse and not standing in stone would rather find then blame scapegoats for our systems failures than begin to have a progressive human conversation.

Scapegoating, blaming, shaming; don’t fall for such cheap diversions. Don’t let fools fool you by keeping your focus away from the horrific failures of humanity. Don’t let fools fool you from coming home to reason, truth and compassion. Don’t let the fools scapegoat you to pay for their errors or they’ll expose and accuse you for their self created scandals. Contrastly, not fighting one another, the wise are responsibly willing to scrutinize and to blow the whistle on themselves. Like scapegoats, the wise have been there, done that and carried on to try new things that many won’t accomplish and others can’t find the willful passion to finish. So scapegoats pat yourselves on the back about your hard won wisdom and earned strength not hindered by fear, hence you can complete things others only dream to start. Why downgrade yourself to the point of allowing third parties to use you as a scapegoat while conveniently forgetting their participation in their own deceiving operations? And why downgrade yourself at all, when each implicated party is responsible for their own misdeeds? Why don’t you instead reject without regret anyone who wishes to stamp on your name? Why don’t you change yourself so dramatically so that your greatness ripples over the world and can no longer be ignored?

Well fitting in an unimaginable sweet freedom, scapegoats aren’t trapped from nine to five until they die and that’s worth celebrating and enjoying, and not worrying about. For in the end, you decide, your chosen god decides, the sky, the universe, the birds decide but none of those scapegoating parasites have the right to decide who you are for you. And if no one is lending you a hand, who cares. Stand in your power, light your own bulb and hold your own hand. Fear not, for the forces behind you are stronger than the fools trying to block the route ahead of you.

It’s no use worrying about time but have a few tricks up your sleeve to enable you to turn at sharp corners and cut through the iced silence of disbelief, after the verdict has been given about the sadness of human evil; when the scapegoats who escaped self sacrificed via banishment will transform the hope of healing each painful memory into a pleasurable experience.

As apocalypses, Noah’s Arks and world ends, the truth is freeing. So see rejection as enlightening, for the truth frees and gives birth to a strong foresight emerging when faced by adversity and injustices; like people wanting you to do well but not better than them. And that is especially true if according to some imaginary criteria of reference their ignorance has classified you as inferior. And if such instances were to occur, the haters may plot for your drowning or your downfall, true, energy suckers don’t stock inspiration, but they do sweat their fears on you. Even though when we hurt another we hurt ourselves, no one wants to be an easy target for hungry treacherous sharks out there waiting for a sore doormat bite.

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Scapegoating Azazel is guardian of goats: Azazel is known as the “scapegoat. Azazel is also identified with the serpent which tempted Eve. His form is described as a dragon with “hands and feet like a man’s, on his back six wings on the right and six on the left.” (23:7) Asa’el educates humankind of heavenly secrets.

So take note. The least innocent of all, often are those displaying the most innocence and since luck can’t be bought to decipher real from fake, the best insurance for life’s wild oceans predators is to know that at all times we have love on top of our head. By blindly following and complying with scapegoaters rules, one’s power is given away but when one decides to stand in – his – truth no one can control or hurt  – her. No one can decide who you, she and him, are, but you.

Debate against authenticity or try to re-invent it, the fact is that nature created a diversity of subjects and the tragedy around the word artificial is that when faced to it, the pain one feels is real because love doesn’t choose one people over another. Love believes in honest history and in ending cycles of murders for us to peacefully walk. Nature does the odds even without a gun; In the intense eyes of those living in cities of intense intensities, see how out of whack the nonfunctional joblessness are. Isn’t it judging to hate half the world who ain’t like you a waste of time and energy? It’s an amazing time to be alive where the world can tune into the same situations as our attention is focused onto the same places via technologies where we communicate knowledge and share ideas. So why don’t we learn to grow our souls by adventuring into the unknown and harmonizing our differences? For comfort on bad nights spent in poisoned pastures or when roads run straight for hours in piles of cutting dreadful weight, know that – when you align your dreams to the values and beliefs of your soul, universal energies work with you to turn your fantasies into reality.

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