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Venus Conjunct Saturn Transit

When Venus is conjunct Saturn, individuals tend to approach matters of love with an excess of caution. They may exhibit qualities of inhibition, shyness, or repression, often finding themselves constantly compromising for their partners. Unbalanced relationships are a common theme, as they choose partners who struggle to fulfill their emotional needs and desires. This inclination …

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Venus Trine or Sextile Saturn Transits

When Venus forms a trine or sextile aspect with Saturn, the individual emerges as an outstanding marriage partner. Demonstrating loyalty, responsibility, and trustworthiness, they embody qualities of good breeding, discipline, and patience. Security, boundaries and compromise characterize their approach to relationships. Prioritizing their love connection, they dedicate themselves to preserving the sweetness and success of …

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About Saturn Conjunct Mercury, Saturn Square Mercury, Saturn Opposition Mercury, Saturn Trine Mercury, Saturn Sextile Mercury Keywords. About the astro transits in between Saturn and Mercury, Conjunction, Square, Opposition, Trine, Sextile Keywords. A period of serious thinking. The Role of Transiting Saturn to Mercury in Astrology infoselfdevelopment

The Role of Transiting Saturn to Mercury in Astrology

Saturn Conjunct Mercury This transit period brings with it a tendency towards heavy, serious, and even pessimistic thinking. Interactions with others may be more meaningful, though also more difficult. This can lead to a necessary goodbye and endings. Life is now taken much more seriously than before, but there is a risk of losing perspective. …

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