Venus Square or Opposite Saturn Transit

Venus Square or Opposite Saturn astro Transit infoselfdevelopment
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When Venus is in a square or opposition aspect to Saturn, challenges arise in the individual’s love life, possibly stemming from harmful past acts in life. Affection turns into struggles, and relationships become burdened with excessive duty, sacrifice, and hardship. Coldness or a lack of parental warmth may lead the person to believe they are unlovable, fostering a sense of scarcity in approaching love.

Pessimism permeates their views on beauty, sex appeal, and the ability to attract a suitable significant other. It becomes crucial for the person to prioritize self love and self worth. Tendencies towards selfishness, greed, and an intense focus on personal security may inadvertently drive their partner away due to inner doubts and insecurities. Repression, shyness, or inhibition in the midst of intimate experiences may result in a lack of stimulation, excitement, and pleasure for their lover.

Venus Square Saturn – A Fascinating Transit – Video

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“Astrology is like a weather report; it tells you what conditions you’re likely to face in the future. If the weatherman says it’s probably going to rain, you bring an umbrella. If you follow that advice, you won’t get wet.” Lee Lehman.

Astrological Tension: Navigating Venus Square or Opposite Saturn

A shift towards cultivating a sense of abundance, fostering more fun, pleasure, and enjoyment is necessary. Health-wise, vulnerabilities may manifest in the genitals, reproductive system, and throat. Despite being a dedicated worker and a perfectionist in their craft, the individual harbors a fear of criticism and rejection, potentially leading to feelings of depression and loneliness. A belief in discipline and austerity dominates their approach to love matters, necessitating the development of more flexible and optimistic emotional responses.

The individual may lean towards choosing an older, authoritarian-type partner, potentially leading to difficulties with the mother, especially if the fourth house is afflicted. While not immediately apparent, an underlying fear of true intimacy may drive attraction towards married or unavailable individuals. Financial challenges may surface, and the success and happiness of the spouse may face obstacles.

Concerns of fairness persist in line with all Venus aspects, highlighting the importance of justice in their relationships. The person experiences deep pain, easily hurt feelings, and may hold grudges, often experiencing sadness. Love relationships are seen as karmic, prompting consideration of therapy or counseling for self development to break the cycle of victimization in their interactions.

Astrology Quote

“Astrology is just a finger pointing at reality.” Steven Forrest.

Venus square or opposite Saturn transits keywords: Relationship Tensions, Emotional Constraints, Challenges in Love, Fear of Rejection, Temporary Insecurity, Financial Strain in Relationships, Artistic Frustrations, Delay in Relationship Progress, Coldness or Distance, Unmet Emotional Needs, Issues with Commitment, Practical vs. Emotional Conflict, Temporary Financial Setbacks, Impediments to Creative Expression, Stress in Aesthetic Pursuits, Need for Clear Communication, Balancing Freedom and Responsibility, Overcoming Relationship Challenges, Learning Patience in Love, Building Emotional Resilience.

***Astrology is not as simple as A + B = C. It is always with reference to the natal chart, and depending on your age, there will be a huge difference in the way you cope with a planetary event or a transit. Think of a transit or natal chart aspect as an archetypal passage, and try to intuit for yourself how this is influencing you.

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