Exploring the Effects of Mercury-Venus Transits Meeting

Unravel Your Fate: Astrological Transiting Aspects

Discover how Mercury's transits influence Venus and relationships. Gain valuable astrological insights for personal growth.
Mercury Meets Venus in Transit

Navigate the celestial roadmap of your life journey. Learn how astrological transiting aspects influence your path: Always remember, there’s no absolute classification of aspects as inherently good or bad. It all pivots on your response to these cosmic alignments within your birth chart and how they resonate with your inner self and the world around you. A Square or an Opposition might just reveal hidden blessings, while a seemingly favorable Sextile or Trine could harbor unforeseen challenges.

Consider aspects as a spectrum of difficulty, ranging from arduous to effortless, or rigid to flexible. Adversity has the potential to fortify one’s character, equipping them with resilience and adaptability to navigate life’s twists and turns. Conversely, a perpetual state of ease may breed complacency, rendering an individual ill-prepared for the inevitable hurdles of existence. Remember, excessive comfort can sow the seeds of downfall.

*** Venus and Mercury never travel far from the Sun and each other, these two will typically be either in the same sign, or a sign right next to it.

Mercury and Venus Conjunction – Let’s See The Effects of Their Meeting! – Video

“The most powerful forces of nature are the unseen forces.” Philosophy of Personal Influence.

Explore the celestial forces at play in your life. Empower yourself to navigate life’s twists and turns.

Key Major Aspects:

Facilitative Aspects: 

Conjunction (depending on the planetary influence). A Conjunction is not technically considered an aspect, although it’s commonly referred to as such. When two planets occupy the exact same degree and minute of a sign, they are said to be in conjunction. Consequently, they cannot be in aspect to each other at that moment. The nature of this conjunction is determined by the relationship between the planets involved – whether they are friends or enemies to each other.

Trine: A Trine Aspect occurs when two planets are 120 degrees apart from each other. For instance, if Mars is positioned at 1 degree of Leo, and the Sun at 1 degree of Aries, they are said to be in Trine aspect. This aspect symbolizes perfect love and friendship, indicating a harmonious and supportive connection between the planetary energies.

Sextile: A Sextile Aspect is when two planets are 2 signs, or 60 degrees distant, as Jupiter in 15 degrees of Sagittarius, and Saturn in 15 degrees of Libra : here Jupiter is in a Sextile aspect to Saturn; this is an aspect of friendship, or an opportunity.

Challenging Aspects: 

Conjunction (depending on the planetary influence).

Opposition: The Opposition occurs when two planets are diametrically opposite each other, precisely 180 degrees apart, or one half of the circle. This aspect represents perfect enmity, suggesting a dynamic of tension or conflict between the planetary influences.

Square: A Square aspect occurs when two planets are 90 degrees apart from each other. For example, if Mars is positioned at 25 degrees of Cancer, and Saturn at 25 degrees of Libra, Mars and Saturn are said to be in square aspect. Traditionally, this aspect is considered one of enmity by astrologers. Individuals represented by planets in square aspect may experience conflict or disagreement in their lives, but there is also potential for reconciliation and resolution. 

Understanding the dynamics of Planets Transits is vital for self awareness and self development in astrology, as it highlights the nuances of planetary alignments and their effects on our relationships and lives circumstances. By discerning the nature of conjunctions and other aspects, you can gain deeper insight into your own astrological chart and navigate your personal growth journey with greater clarity and self awareness.

*** Mercury conjunct Venus aspect can bless the birth chart owner with a beautiful speaking voice, however, it does not necessarily grant singing ability as that depends on the house placement and the sign hosting this conjunction, (and other aspects, etc…).

Aspect Orbs 

Aspect Orbs refer to the allowable range of degrees within which a transit is considered to be strongly felt. Typically, transits are most potent when they are applying to exact within a 3 degree orb. This means that as a transit planet moves closer to the exact degree of another planet in the natal chart, its influence becomes more pronounced.

Additionally, transits can still have an impact when they are within 1 degree from exact to separating. Even after the transit planet has passed the exact degree of the natal planet, its influence can still be felt as it moves away from that point.

Understanding aspect orbs is essential in astrology for accurately interpreting the timing and intensity of transits. By paying attention to the degrees involved and the orbs allowed, you can gain deeper insights into the timing of significant events and influences in your life.

 “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Shakespeare.

Unraveling the Effects of Mercury Transiting Venus

Mercury Conjunct Venus Transit

Mercury Conjunct Venus things to improve and to watch out for:

  • Because Venus is patient and sensual, communicating assertively, efficiently and decisively, might not come easily and naturally, so this could take more focus, work and practice.
  • Improve the intellect’s speed and decisiveness by practicing crosswords, chess, or joining debates.
  • Depending on the situation, others may take your sweetness for being a pushover. Find the sweet spot between kind and diplomatic communication, and get your point across strongly and decisively.
  • Steer clear of repressing or watering down your thoughts and opinions to maintain peace.
  • Avoid relying solely on charm and sweet talk to escape challenging situations.

During the Mercury conjunct Venus transit, you’re likely to find joy in embarking on short trips to reconnect with friends. It’s an opportune moment to catch up on correspondence, making it an excellent time for letter writing or email exchanges. This transit also favors transactions conducted through mail, making it a favorable period for buying and selling via postal services.

Expect to receive numerous invitations and opportunities to socialize during this time, as your charm and sociability are heightened. Communication flows effortlessly, both in writing and speech, allowing you to express yourself with eloquence and grace. You may find yourself enjoying a delightful trip accompanied by younger women or people, enhancing your overall experience.

Additionally, be on the lookout for a significant message, particularly from a young woman or a close friend, as it may contain valuable information or insights. Embrace the energy of this transit to foster connections, engage in enriching experiences, and enhance your communication skills.

People with Mercury conjunct Venus in their birth chart have ability to communicate with love and compassion in a beautiful manner, they’re capable of expressing things in a sensitive and engaging manner, and because of their exceptional verbal skills, they are excellent at motivational speaking.

*** Mercury conjunct Venus; Venusian Words:
Beautiful writing, gorgeous speech, a beautiful, calming and charming sweet voice. As Venus relates to femininity, your voice could be high-pitched, feminine. You speak in a polite way.
You are pleasant and find socializing easy. You are intelligent, street smart and book smart. You could be great at Maths, and into Accounting and Finance.
You can excel at public speaking, art, poetry and writing; at anything that combines Venusian love and beauty with Mercurial communication and speech.

Mercury Trine Venus Transit

You may find pleasure in attending social activities. Work conditions are expected to be more enjoyable, contributing to a positive environment. Communication with younger individuals may flow more effortlessly, stimulating easier interactions. Consider planning enjoyable short trips with relatives, a young woman or friends. Look forward to receiving letters, phone calls, or messages from loved ones, as they may contain news or sentiments that bring you great pleasure.

Mercury Sextile Venus Transit

Make the most of the Mercury Sextile Venus transit by indulging in a short business trip or a pleasurable holiday. This planetary alignment offers favorable conditions for communication, particularly with younger individuals like young women, and fosters enjoyable interactions with friends. Additionally, be on the lookout for potential financial gains or business opportunities during this period, as well as the chance to exhibit sound judgment in luxury purchases.

Mercury Opposition Venus Transit

During the Mercury Opposition Venus transit, it is advisable to refrain from engaging in public speaking engagements and to exercise caution in written correspondence. Consider postponing decisions regarding romantic matters, as challenges are likely to dissipate over time. Attend social functions with awareness of potential disappointments and be prepared for unexpected encounters with young individuals.

Mercury Square Venus Transit

During the Mercury Square Venus Transit, it’s wise to honor commitments only if you’re confident in fulfilling them. Your social engagements might leave you feeling disappointed. Avoid spreading gossip or making harsh remarks about others. Beware of selfish tendencies during this period. You may receive communication that temporarily upsets you, though it’s likely nothing too serious. Various minor irritations may disturb your peace of mind. However, this aspect may offer opportunities for fruitful communication with authority figures.

Transit of Mercury in the Houses

Mercury in the 1st House: 

In astrology, the placement of Mercury in the 1st House holds significant influence over an individual’s characteristics and inclinations. Mercury’s presence here bestows noble thoughts, a penchant for innovation, and an eloquent manner of expression. Those with this placement tend to possess a deep appreciation for the arts and sciences, embodying a spirit of intellectual curiosity and creativity.

Furthermore, individuals with Mercury in the 1st House often find themselves drawn to self improvement endeavors. They may actively seek ways to enhance their public image and cultivate a more appealing persona. This pursuit of self betterment may lead them to explore various programs aimed at self development.

Amidst this journey of self discovery, there arises a heightened interest in new ideas and their transformative potential. Here, the individual becomes captivated by the prospect of change and innovation, eagerly embracing new ideas and perspectives. This intellectual stimulation fuels their desire for growth and advancement.

Additionally, the influence of Mercury in the 1st House may manifest in a newfound passion for literature and literary pursuits. Whether through writing or voracious reading, they immerse themselves in the world of words, finding comfort and inspiration within the pages of books.

However, it is essential for individuals with this placement to exercise caution in their communication. Mercury’s influence can sometimes result in impulsiveness or a tendency to speak without forethought. This propensity for sharp and witty speech may lead to inadvertent misunderstandings or conflicts if not tempered with mindfulness.

Moreover, during this period, individuals may find themselves particularly sensitive to minor irritations and frustrations. It’s crucial to guard against allowing these small disturbances to escalate into significant sources of distress. Practicing patience and maintaining emotional equilibrium will be key to navigating through such challenges successfully.

In essence, the presence of Mercury in the 1st House imbues individuals with a unique blend of intellectual prowess, communicative flair, and a drive for self development. By harnessing these qualities effectively, one can chart a course towards a more refined sense of self.

Mercury in the 2nd House: 

The placement of Mercury in the 2nd House in astrology signifies a potential for financial gain through pursuits related to arts, sciences, literature, and writing. Individuals with this placement may find avenues for profit through creative endeavors, such as writing books or engaging in artistic pursuits.

Moreover, during this period, there may be opportunities to improve one’s financial situation through short trips or travel. By adventuring outside of familiar surroundings, individuals may see things from another perspective or make new connections that lead to increased prosperity. However, it’s essential to approach interactions with associates and friends with empathy and courtesy, as hasty speech or rash promises could inadvertently result in financial losses.

Therefore, individuals with Mercury in the 2nd House are advised to combine their intellectual pursuits with practicality and tact in their communication. By leveraging their creative talents and maintaining diplomatic relationships, they can navigate financial endeavors with greater success and avoid potential pitfalls.

Mercury in the 3rd House: 

Individuals with Mercury positioned in the 3rd House in astrology exhibit traits characteristic of a mathematician and scholar. They are endowed with intellect and quick wit, often embarking on swift and prosperous journeys both physically and intellectually. This placement provides a keen interest in learning and exploration, leading to frequent changes and travels.

During this period, the individual’s mind is preoccupied with the pursuit of knowledge and the urge to communicate. They may receive messages or communications from relatives, further stimulating their intellectual curiosity. The inclination to write is particularly strong, prompting them to engage in literary pursuits and possibly even consider signing contracts related to their creative activities.

However, despite their agile intellect, individuals with Mercury in the 3rd House may experience periods of restlessness and overactivity of the mind. This can lead to difficulties in maintaining concentration, making it challenging to engage in structured activities such as taking classes.

Nevertheless, the influence of Mercury in the 3rd House blesses individuals with a resourceful and inventive spirit. They are adept at finding solutions to problems and possess a natural affinity for craftsmanship. Additionally, they are characterized by their moral integrity and honesty and in their actions and interactions.

Overall, those with Mercury in the 3rd House navigate through life as scholars and adventurers, driven by a thirst for knowledge and a passion for discovery. Despite occasional challenges with focus and restlessness, they excel in intellectual pursuits and contribute to society through their innovative ideas and ethical conduct.

Mercury in the 4th House: 

When Mercury is positioned in the 4th House in astrology, there’s a suggestion of the potential for acquiring an inheritance through deceit or cunning. This placement hints at complex family dynamics and financial dealings that may not always align with ethical principles.

Simultaneously, individuals with this placement may find themselves deeply involved in plans concerning their home. They might be engrossed in matters of real estate or home-related contracts, potentially prompted by communication from one of their parents. This period could also see the arrival of a relative, possibly sparking changes in their professional or business plans.

Despite the allure of potential inheritance gains, it’s essential for individuals to approach matters regarding their home and family with integrity and transparency. While this may be an opportune time for signing contracts or making real estate decisions, it’s crucial to ensure that these actions are conducted ethically and with the long-term interests of all involved parties in mind.

Therefore, individuals with Mercury in the 4th House must navigate through this period with a balanced approach, honoring familial connections while upholding moral principles. By fostering open communication and making decisions based on fairness and honesty, they can navigate through potential challenges and changes in both their personal and professional lives with grace and integrity.

Mercury in the 5th House: 

When Mercury occupies the 5th House in astrology, it often signifies the presence of ingenious children in one’s life. This placement suggests a special affinity for creativity and intellectual pursuits, particularly in the realm of youth and education.

Simultaneously, individuals with Mercury in the 5th House may find themselves drawn to new hobbies and interests, seeking opportunities for speculation, investment, or even indulging in recreational activities such as gambling or attending sport races. Amidst these pursuits, there’s a discerning urge to evaluate the reliability and dependability of friends, perhaps seeking out those who share similar interests or values.

Moreover, there’s a keen interest in children’s educational programs and sports, reflecting a desire to nurture and support young minds. This inclination towards youth extends to a deep interest in communicating with loved ones, strengthening meaningful connections and bonds that enrich both parties’ lives.

Therefore, individuals with Mercury in the 5th House possess a unique blend of creativity, curiosity, and a nurturing spirit. Whether engaging in leisure activities, evaluating friendships, or advocating for children’s development, they approach life with enthusiasm and a genuine desire to explore new horizons.

Mercury in the 6th House: 

When Mercury occupies the 6th House in astrology, it can indicate potential challenges and opportunities related to work, health, and daily routines. This placement may bring to light issues such as crooked behavior among employees, or concerns regarding diseases affecting the head and breath.

Simultaneously, individuals with Mercury in the 6th House may find themselves grappling with work-related concerns. They might experience a sense of being overburdened with their current job or feeling dissatisfied to the point of seeking new employment opportunities. Amidst this professional introspection, there’s a recognition of the importance of maintaining one’s health, prompting them to consider dietary adjustments or schedule a check-up with a doctor.

Furthermore, individuals may feel compelled to make changes in their living situation, perhaps seeking out a new apartment that accommodates their desire to keep a small pet. This desire for a harmonious living environment reflects a broader theme of seeking balance and stability amidst life’s challenges and transitions.

Therefore, individuals with Mercury in the 6th House navigate through a complex interplay of work, health, and daily routines. While they may encounter challenges such as untrustworthy daily staff or companions, or health concerns, they also possess the resilience and adaptability to seek solutions and make necessary adjustments in pursuit of a fulfilling and balanced life.

Mercury in the 7th House: 

When Mercury resides in the 7th House in astrology, it brings forth a complex blend of influences, ranging from the potential for stirring up quarrels and legal disputes to the presence of a discreet and diplomatic spouse.

Simultaneously, individuals with Mercury positioned in the 7th House may find themselves at a crossroads in their personal and professional relationships. This period presents an opportune time for signing contracts or embarking on entrepreneurial ventures, with the potential for success in business affairs.

However, amidst these opportunities, there’s a possibility of encountering challenges related to health and public interactions. Individuals may find themselves scheduling appointments with healthcare practitioners, or unexpectedly giving speeches at public events. Additionally, there may be a need to navigate interpersonal conflicts, as indicated by the likelihood of short trips to visit friends and dealing with adversaries more than usual.

In essence, individuals with Mercury in the 7th House may possess the ability to forge successful partnerships and navigate legal matters with tact and diplomacy, and they have to remain vigilant in managing conflicts and maintaining balance in their personal and professional relationships. Through strategic decision-making and effective communication, they can harness the potential of this placement to cultivate harmonious partnerships and navigate through life’s complexities with resilience.

Mercury in the 8th House:

When Mercury resides in the 8th House in astrology, it often heralds opportunities for individuals to experience an increase in their property through legacies and wills. This placement suggests a potential for financial gains and inheritances that contribute to the accumulation of wealth.

Simultaneously, individuals with Mercury positioned in the 8th House may find themselves involved in matters of financial management and planning, particularly in relation to their partners. This period presents an opportune time to assist one’s partner with financial difficulties, demonstrating support and solidarity in navigating shared financial responsibilities.

Moreover, there’s a practical urge to review and update insurance policies to ensure adequate coverage for oneself and loved ones. This includes addressing any outstanding tax issues, ensuring compliance with financial regulations, and safeguarding against potential liabilities.

However, amidst these practical considerations, individuals may also find themselves drawn towards exploring secrets, unspoken subjects and hidden things such as death, sex, irrational fears and insecurities, drugs, traumas, magick and occultism.

While they may experience increases in property through inheritances, or receive communications regarding unexpected financial windfalls, they must remain vigilant in managing financial matters and addressing potential risks with prudence and foresight.

Mercury in the 9th House:

Mercury’s placement in the 9th House of astrology signifies a multifaceted individual with remarkable talents and intellectual prowess. This positioning bestows upon individuals an unparalleled artistic ability, coupled with a profound understanding of both mainstream and esoteric sciences. They possess a unique aptitude for uncovering innovative inventions that push the boundaries of human knowledge and creativity.

Furthermore, individuals with Mercury in the 9th House may find themselves on the receiving end of communication from distant acquaintances, perhaps in the form of letters or phone calls. This contact may spark plans for future travel or educational pursuits, as they seek to broaden their horizons and expand their understanding of the world.

Moreover, this period may also see authors and writers eagerly awaiting news from their publishers, signaling a time of creative collaboration and potential opportunities for literary goals. Additionally, individuals may find themselves immersed in legal matters, whether through involvement with legal documents, consultation with lawyers, or even appearing before a judge.

In essence, individuals with Mercury in the 9th House embody a unique blend of artistic brilliance, intellectual curiosity, and a thirst for knowledge. As they navigate through life’s adventures, they draw upon their diverse talents and expansive intellect to explore new horizons, forge meaningful connections, and leave a lasting impact on the world around them.

Mercury in the 10th House:

When Mercury occupies the 10th House in astrology, it often signifies opportunities for advancement and recognition in one’s career. This placement suggests the potential for serving as a secretary to influential individuals.

Simultaneously, individuals with Mercury positioned in the 10th House may find themselves immersed in a variety of activities and engagements. They may receive communication from distant contacts, prompting thoughts of future travel or educational pursuits.

In summary, individuals with Mercury in the 10th House navigate through a period marked by career advancement and diverse engagements. While they may experience opportunities for receiving a promotion or an influential role, they must also manage various responsibilities and interactions with tact.

Mercury in the 11th House:

When Mercury resides in the 11th House in astrology, it often signals associations with friends who may be inconsistent in their loyalty or reliability.

However, individuals with Mercury positioned in the 11th House may also find themselves surrounded by friends who share a common interest in enhancing their intellectual abilities, particularly in scientific pursuits.

Moreover, this period may bring opportunities for recognition and accolades from clubs or societies, rewarding outstanding achievements.

Additionally, individuals may feel inclined to extend their support to younger individuals, whether through mentorship or assistance.

Furthermore, there may be a slight increase in income or the possibility of receiving a minor promotion at work, indicating potential improvements in career prospects. Overall, individuals with Mercury in the 11th House navigate through a social landscape characterized by both the unpredictability of friendships and the potential for intellectual growth, recognition, and modest advancements in their professional lives.

Mercury in the 12th House:

Mercury in 12th – If Mercury is strong, hidden enemies will be of little effect. However; if Mercury is weak, afflicted or in bad dignity, secret enemies can be sly, untrustworthy, slandering, and quick to attack.

Also, this period presents an auspicious moment to engage in a research project. Visiting a library to gather information is advisable. Additionally, consider paying a visit to a young friend in the hospital, offering support and companionship during their time of need. It’s essential to refrain from excessive daydreaming and instead prioritize realism and practicality in all financial matters. Strategic thinking and long-term planning are key for securing a stable and prosperous future.

“There is no fatal necessity in the stars,” Lord Bacon.

Navigating Mercury-Venus Transits in Astrology

Transit of Venus in the Houses: 

Venus in the 1st House: 

Venus positioned in the 1st House gives good health. During this period, individuals may experience a sense of optimism, pleasure, and cheerfulness. They tend to exhibit pleasant and tactful behavior, effortlessly expressing love and affection towards others. However, there may be a tendency to perceive the world with overly optimistic views.

Venus in the 2nd House: 

In the 2nd house, the position of Venus suggests the possibility of experiencing some minor financial gains. During this period, you might feel inclined to indulge in excessive spending on a lavish and extravagant wardrobe. Additionally, there is a chance of receiving a gift or bonus from your employer. It is also possible to benefit from interactions with women or the general public. However, it is important to be cautious as an increased craving for sweets could negatively impact your health during this time.

Venus in the 3rd House: 

Having Venus in the 3rd house signifies that you will enjoy a harmonious relationship with your family and relatives. Your current state of mind is more serene, positive, and calm. There is a possibility of embarking on enjoyable short trips. Additionally, you might receive a message or communication that brings you joy. During this period, you may feel a sense of accomplishment and find inspiration in poetry.

Venus in the 4th House: 

Having Venus in the fourth house brings about happiness. This is the perfect opportunity to freshen up your living space with a new coat of paint and some redecorating. It’s also a favorable time to host parties or organize social gatherings in the comfort of your own home. Consider exploring the possibility of buying a new house or selling your current one for a profit during this period. Your focus will mainly revolve around your home and family, as they become the center of your attention.

Venus in the 5th House: 

The placement of Venus in the 5th house may bring about the possibility of embarking on a new romantic relationship or experiencing heightened feelings of romance. Your interest may also be into activities involving children’s recreation and entertainment. This period could present a favorable opportunity for engaging in speculation or taking calculated risks. With parties occupying your thoughts, you might find yourself immersed in a social whirlwind. This could also be an ideal time to channel your creative ideas into the form of poetry, allowing your artistic side to flourish.

Venus in the 6th House: 

Having Venus in the 6th house can bring about a surge of creativity in your work environment. Your interactions with colleagues and associates are likely to be harmonious and positive during this time. It’s possible that you will develop a deep passion for your job and feel completely enamored by it. However, be cautious as there is a tendency to indulge excessively in decadent foods and sweets, which could lead to significant health issues.

Venus in the 7th House: 

The placement of Venus in the 7th house indicates an early marriage or potential advantages through establishing a business partnership. This period presents a favorable opportunity to host and spend quality time with a close friend or significant other.

Venus in the 8th House: 

During this phase, your focus may shift towards attaining financial stability with a heightened interest in the matter. It is possible that your partner might experience some financial gains as well. This period presents an opportune moment to initiate a savings account, as well as consider investing in an insurance policy. Such a decision could yield significant profits in the future. Additionally, there is a chance that you might receive a refund from the government due to overpayment of income taxes.

Venus in the 9th House: 

Venus positioned in the 9th house brings about a sense of admiration and respect. You might receive news from your sister who resides far away from you. This is a favorable period for writers to submit their manuscripts to publishers. You may find yourself developing an interest in art or music. Engaging in the reading of captivating books can bring you joy at this moment. It is possible that you will contemplate taking a pleasurable journey to a distant location.

Venus in the 10th House: 

Having Venus in the 10th house signifies a successful public image. The social connections you establish during this period will prove advantageous in the future. You will have the ability to effectively communicate with your employers. This is an opportune time to make valuable social connections, as people are highly receptive to you and your ideas.

Venus in the 11th House: 

Placement of Venus in the 11th house signifies the possibility of being granted membership in a club, society, or organization for which you have applied. Attending social events may introduce you to a diverse group of progressive and artistic individuals, as well as supportive friends. Your boss will acknowledge and reward your accomplishments accordingly. Additionally, this placement suggests a potential increase in income from your chosen profession or business venture.

Venus in the 12th House: 

Having Venus in the 12th house can spark a strong desire within you to engage in volunteer work or assist those who are less fortunate. It is possible that during this period, you may uncover the existence of a secret admirer. Alternatively, you might find yourself entangled in a clandestine love affair. You may find solace and fulfillment in spending lots of time alone. This planetary placement has the potential to aid you in triumphing over hidden adversaries.

Venus and Mercury Transits Keywords

Keywords for Venus:

TV and film industry, admiration, domestic upsets, jewelry, precious stones, luxury or luxurious articles, affection, unfaithfulness, artistic projects, young women, popularity, lazy, politeness, attractiveness, glamor, rude, emotions, over indulgences, loss of money, social affairs, selfishness, dealing in luxurious items, actors and actresses, music, careless, attachments of all kinds, wife, spouse, sexual matters, vehicles, arts, singing, money, seduction, unpopular, financial advisor, ugly, happiness, cats, broken promises, children, clothes, disappointments, beauty, compromises, places of entertainment, upset emotions, life saving drugs, dancing, diplomacy, engagements, faithfulness, favors, female relatives, tribe, sweethearts, trouble with females, gifts, drama, textiles, perfumes, business connected with females, music, hotel, easily hurt feelings, romances.

Keywords for Mercury:

Emails, cell phones, tablet computers, booking flights, reserving hotels, travel, vehicles, business and transactions on cryptocurrency exchanges, commerce, a messenger, our mind; how we think, write, communicate. News, skin, writing, structural designing, astrology, exchange of letters, study, small business deals, making speeches, speech, arguments, poor concentration, sales and commissions, nervous system, minor officials, messengers, advertisers, publishers, books, stationary, publishing, mathematics, petty worries, teachers, students, banking, lawyers, lies, late for appointments, maternal uncles, young people, communication, young men, intellect, short trips, dealers, sarcastic speech, heavy reading habit, speed, misunderstandings, reading, transportation, education, impulsive speaking, contracts, to learn easily, gossip, intense mental activity, finance.

*** Astrology is not as simple as A + B = C. It is always with reference to the natal chart, and depending on your age, there will be a huge difference in the way you cope with a planetary event or a transit. Think of a transit or natal chart aspect as an archetypal passage, and try to intuit for yourself how this is influencing you.

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