Venus Conjunct Sun Transit

Self Care and Venusian Artistic Expression

venus conjunct sun transit astrology aspect money love romance info self development
VENUS: Money, Love and Romance

When transiting Venus conjunct your natal sun, you are charming and radiate beauty so you attract beautiful people and things. It is a good time for pampering yourself with soothing self care. You may go to a styling salon, scheduling time into a healing center or peacefully enjoy the simple pleasure of a luxurious bubble bath.

Now that fun enters your heart to offer clues about what could bring you lasting happiness, take the time to indulge yourself in what you love to do, reawaken the spark of joy within you by allowing your true self to express itself in works of art. This can be a powerful time to develop your ability for creating harmony with sounds, textures or forms.

Sunny Financial Success

venus conjunct sun transit astrology aspect money love romance infoselfdevelopment
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Transit Venus Conjunct Sun, is an opportune time to boost your appearance and to get new clothes or jewelry because you identify yourself with everything that is glamorous. As Venus rules love and money, unusual financial success may come to you. Although you are likely to feel lazy, maybe you’ll meet people that offer you some financial benefit. Venus/Sun can also manifest the success of a business venture where investments are paying off. It is an ideal time to ameliorate your relationships with your superiors as you are energetically aided to be popular and persuasive. So keep an eye in your environment for new offers and encounters that could support and enhance your work in the world.


Good preachers tell without reserve,
How much we creatures sin,
With winsome smiles and loving words
They strive each heart to win.
Yet they well know the Lord of Lords,
When honors are proclaimed,
Is he who has of money most,
No matter how obtained.
The truly good, with money scarce,
Are never in the van.
What think you, is the world quite fair
To truly honest man.
Old Abel was an honest man,
Yet, he was killed by Cain,
And Esau, he was honest, too,
But Jacob stole his reign.
Why! Esau might have stole the pot,
And also stole the herbs,
And made the pottage for himself
Without exchange of words.
But, no-just like these honest chaps
He paid for herbs and pan.
What think you, is the world quite fair,
To truly honest man?
The Nazarene-most noted case,
So honest and so good,
To him, what did our humane world,
It piled his back with wood.
And yet the cry is “Follow Him.”
While honest, faithful hearts
Obey the cry, and they like him
Are slaughtered in the marts.
Yea, sacrificed to worldly greed,
Led like the precious lamb,
What think you, is the world quite fair,
To truly honest man.
Poor Galileo, Socrates,
And other honest men,
Who spake the truth, for sake of truth,
What did the world to them,
No glory in their life on earth,
But persecution-pain-
Just ostracized and crucified
To further mammon’s gain.
This world should speedily be changed
To Revelation’s plan,
Or soon ’twill be no proper place
For any honest man.

C. H. Webber.

Love in the Stars: Venus Conjunct Sun – Video

Piscean Love Relationships

Venus conjunct Sun transit is an excellent time for giving and receiving love and affection within relationships. A new romance may begin at this time or a sweetheart could declare their infatuation for you. During this aspect if you feel your needs are unfulfilled within relationships, it is a good time to discuss them now that your awareness is heightened about what is or isn’t working for you. Overall, your attractive energy and increased personal beauty could magnetically attract others to you, so surround yourself with people as much as possible to maximize the effect of this venusian mesmerizing spell.

Libra Like Social Gatherings

Venus transiting your Sun can entice you to host a party, to spend some fun time socializing with friends and to have pleasant social gatherings with gracious people at amusement parks and concerts. You probably feel like escaping your normal routine. It’s a great idea to go to an art gallery, a museum, a theater or to visit a beautiful place.

***Astrology is not as simple as A + B = C. It is always with reference to the natal chart, and depending on your age, there will be a huge difference in the way you cope with a planetary event or a transit. Think of a transit or natal chart aspect as an archetypal passage, and try to intuit for yourself how this is influencing you.

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