Moon Conjunct Mars Transit

Martian Emotional Courage and Instinctive Reactions

Moon conjunct Mars info astro Transit astrology aspect acting on feelings info self development
Moon conjunct Mars: Acting on feelings and intuition. Fluctuating action.

Moon conjunct Mars transit gives you the emotional courage and enthusiasm to initiate an action that will bring you closer to your heart’s desire for movement and for pursuing passionate experiences. You are quick to follow your instinctive reactions and to take the lead to achieve your ambitious goals for which you’re willing to put tremendous effort in order to feel the thrill of the risk required to evade any oppressive or limiting circumstances.

Now you are feeling energized and decisive enough to severe yourself from an irritating situation. Whenever a threat shows its head, you can forcefully stand up for yourself and your family. Unless you have control over your rational mind, you will fight for a home, a cause or a person you care for because your emotions are strongly triggered and difficult to suppress.

When the transiting Moon conjunct your natal Mars, there is a tendency to become overprotective and irrationally moody. Best to isolate yourself, go for a walk and wait until the end of this transit before you make any rash decisions that you probably will regret.

At this time you or the people around you are likely to feel frustrated, angry, impulsive and impatient because there is an unpleasant duty or some dreaded situation that must be taken care of. Unless you have an ambition to channel this surplus of assertive energy and willpower into a creative, productive and harmonious direction, beware of the dangers of aggressive instincts combined with rash actions which can lead to accidents, cuts or burns. This transit can turn into a blessing when it is used to overcome a fear or a weakness to undertake something adventurous or physically challenging to do.

Moon Conjunct Natal Mars transit usually brings discord in relationships, as it becomes difficult to avoid succumbing to knee jerk reactions and to maintain an objective perspective. Be mindful that your powerful emotions and subconscious reactions could get involved in rescuing a person that would be better off left alone. Instead call on your wisdom, keep your cool and review the logical facts and the bigger picture of what’s going on within and around you. Know that the haste to jump into self sabotaging confrontations will quickly pass, so stay clear of any interactions with others that provoke you into becoming hot-headed.

During this transit, a good outlet for this conflicting energy is to get busy around the home or to engage in competitive sports and physical activities like adventuring in nature and puzzling mental efforts such as writing. Remember that if it feels unpleasant, you can break out of your daily routine and cool down by contacting someone you love, and also obtain great self development rewards by hanging onto logic and rationality.

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