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Love hurts but the soul needs amorous sadness. High on love the time froze, “I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times, in life after life, in age after age forever.” Rabindranath Tagore.


Image of a lost love, a love of self, a love of life, begins to invade my mind and a voice asks me to take note. I ask myself: what image would I hold on to? Holding on to love? Holding on to hate? Do I have enough time left to wait? Do we need to show more love or less smiles, or concern for one another?

Growing up, too much confusion. Life isn’t fun when you’re lonely and when you are not alone. Reflect upon this: why seek the truth, is there a time to speak the truth, has time built its own and have you built your own, have we built each other’s lies? The time to use our will up the mighty hill has arrived! No time to divide. It’s time to subtract, why want to add and multiply? It’s time to make the choice, to listen to your inner voice. Today deception ramps, it won’t let the mysterious challenge or the fantasized reality that’s here to stay as an entertaining manipulation, attack the mind with evil suggestions.

What is the ending of the wicked game that dips humanity into so much dirt? Is the devil dressed to kill? The laughing nations addicted to simulated thrills that maintain fraudulent systems as if it was their true sustainer are obsessed at finding why they are not knowing. They seek protection, perfection and divine reflection. Sekhmet should be our chopping sword and Moloch the one we adore. Study, contemplate things; watching people leave to go around many rounds until lost they must found a devil’s way to their desires. No matter how much rivers you cry, a lie don’t want to die.

Finding Clarity: A Journey Through Transit Saturn Trine Mercury – Video


Feel indignant, you have the right to feel upset. Denigrated, hated for your power; Astrology Art. A conjunction begins a cycle of new ideas and creations. It happens when two planets are side by side, almost touching each other. A sextile is excitement. A trine is harmony. A square, an angle, a friction for growth and a problem to work out, you’re juggling to balance two agitated energies that aren’t getting along. An opposition maximizes your odds by balancing your opposite energies. It creatively bring two halves together to make a whole. Convert energy over the breath.

Spiritual perspective and physical perspective create a holistic view. In your natal chart, each planet is an energy that you can convert to serve you, so that during antipathic people’s challenges against your ideal and your identity, the planets will push you to work through confrontation or further down your fall. Positive changes within transform external life. A Virgo wisdom. Taurus second house values money. Capricorn is about power, public and ambition, an administrator. Sagittarius optimism, expansion, abundance, Jupiter the great beneficent. Neptune deception. Pisces believes. Inventive Aquarius knows. Mars, aggressive active energy is the physical self’s punch in life fighting ongoing battles. The Saturn energy is Seth in ourselves as materialism, number four. The eleventh house is validation, friends and gains; an empty house means you didn’t get much of it. A planet or more in one house is accessible energies for you. Transiting planets land you a hand to accomplish more and grow into something, by contrast, natal planets placements are your natural talents. And many planets in any one house makes you a specialist in this area.

Saturn Maturity:
Saturn gets his maturity at age 36. This is the most significant year of your life. This year you will be experiencing your third Jupiter return, your second Rahu/Ketu return and the maturity of Saturn together. This is the year when you finally grow up.
At age 36 Saturn is at peak, as powerful as it can be. How this experience plays out in our lives depends on our will (Mars). If we are strong we get rewarded; weakness has no place in Saturn’s place.

From Ptolemy we learn that Saturn is most remote both from the Sun’s heat and from the earth’s vapors. Saturn is more effective in the production of cold than of dryness. And like the rest of the planets, he obtains his energy from the positions which he holds with regard to the Sun and Moon.

Note: Saturn + Pluto + Jupiter on Galactic Center = vengeance, depression, punishment, and people standing up against those who use others.

Rahu in the 1st:
A false self, confused about who they are, will pretend to be a certain someone, pretend to be what somebody wants them to be; they are not being their true self because they don’t know what that true self is.

Deities and gods are energies used as symbols to define energies characteristics and principles in order for us to understand the vast cosmos via tales. The balance of physical and spiritual, of internal and external. Masculine elements, logic and reason, fire, sun, the prince of power, desires and passion. Air is mental, spirit, the mind and how we think. The intuitive feminine earth and water deals with your emotions. Nature speaks through feelings and is connected to the hidden aspect of things. Who wants to know everybody’s perspective? A purification phase is a painful process. Coincidental or divine order?

Exposing festering impurity. The power of healing through the psyche is the raven bird. Is balance key? If you do retaliate, that’s all the punishment someone’s gonna get but if you let spirit do it, it will done in a worthier manner. Transformation is to redeem values and regeneration is for evolution; the death of the old for the rebirth of the new at a higher level. Eight, Scorpio, and Leo, Aquarius, Taurus; the four fixed signs. Physical = individual. Spirit = collective. Water and fire, physical. Air and earth, spiritual. All four elements’ energies used together are activated. Everyone talks half truths and half bullshit so one must tune into inner guidance and common sense.

Sun sign, what do you choose to focus on? Does your birth chart demonstrate the right path for you to walk in this life? Moon sign, how am I emotionally? How I feel about things? Rising sign, what are my actions, what do I do? Mercury, how do I think? Venus, how do I love? Aries, fire energy, warrior and new beginnings. Pluto intensity, to tear down, to rebuild. The wounded healer Chiron is the ancient wound. The royal family: Queen – mother, water soul, moon, hidden, universe. Prince – son, fire, sun, Horus, light, passion. King – father, earth, spirit, polarity, south, Osiris, Saturn, the mind, how we think. Princess – daughter, earth, security, being secure in the value of how we feel, air, balance, the stars, inspired.

A material planet, the exalted moon in Taurus is good for finance. Waxing moon = start new things that will grow until full moon related to the sign of the moon. First quarter phase = constructive tension, changes, synchronicities show you how to make your plan more concrete. Sun opposite moon is in the sky; Full moon = emotional, secrets get revealed, clarity, ah ha moments, illuminations and visible results, mental activity, cumulation – things materialize. Waning moon = moon gets smaller, invisible, before the new moon energy recharges Moon can’t be seen, passivity, body massage, inner world, avoiding new beginnings, resting. An eclipse is a new or full moon on steroids, since the included lunar nodes increase the already intense energy.


What we lose when animals go extinct in the psyche
Tortoise Chelonoidis Denticulata is disappearing… #Jungle #Animals #Cannibals

In a zoo of mad people, where no one knows if they are dead or alive, they insert animals into inhumane machines. Are comfort and health natural states? Where is the nature goddess of wealth that heals the when something in the air doesn’t feel right? A mask for anger, intensified fear gets called terror. A mask for rage. There are silent weapons for quiet wars, like a conspiracy keeping a sleepwalking world sick, they’ll shoot you with a donut, a computer, a cell phone or with edgy situations. Once we know we’re under permanent attack, provisions for protection can be taken. Earth, heart. Bab, circle. El, divine. Two words for a good psychic shield, to clear negativity away – Uma Te Au, Hu.

What’s Lost When Animals Go Extinct?
What’s lost when an animal goes extinct? #Jungle
One way to think of a species, be it of ape or of ant, is as an answer to a puzzle: how to live on planet Earth. A species’ genome is a sort of manual; when the species perishes, that manual is lost. We are, in this sense, plundering a library—the library of life. Instead of the Anthropocene, Wilson has dubbed the era we are entering the Eremozoic—the age of loneliness.
Precisely because extinction takes place so frequently now, it’s possible to become inured to it. This desensitizing is what makes Sartore’s images so crucial: They show us just how remarkable each species is that’s being lost.
We live in an extraordinary time. Perhaps by recognizing this, we can begin to imagine creating a different one—one that preserves, as much as is still possible, the wonderful diversity of life. Continue reading >>


Self Divination, a pendulum, stones, symbolism.

“With the use of ceremony and ritual, we are engaging with, playing with, the symbols and poetry of a primitive consciousness, bypassing the question-and-answer discourse of our rational minds. There are no hard-and-fast rules. Our only obligation is to be fully present… to free ourselves to whatever we experience.” Alberto Villoldo


Spirit, energy. Money, energy. Currency is energy, it’s a current, like electrical current. Converting spiritual energy; currency, energy, inner chi, breath, life.

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Book recommendation: Psychic Protection by John-Roger. In this book, John-Roger describes some of the invisible levels: the power of thoughts, the unconscious, elemental energies, and magic. More important, he discusses how to protect yourself against the negativity that can be a part of those levels. As you practice the simple techniques in this book, you can create a greater sense of well-being in and around you. “When seen from the higher consciousness of pure Spirit, it becomes very easy to discern reality from illusion. The occult is not to be feared. It cannot harm you or hurt you if you understand what it is, how to recognize it, and how to protect yourself from its negative effects.” Blessings to You!

Book recommendation: Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul – Volume 1 by Jeffrey Wolf Green. If you have ever asked “Why am I here?” or “What are my lessons?” this book will help you to objectively learn the answers from an astrological point of view. Green shows you how the planet Pluto relates to the evolutionary and karmic lessons in this life and how past lives can be understood through the position of Pluto in your chart.

Book recommendation: Pluto. The Soul’s Evolution Through Relationships Volume 2 by Jeffrey Wolf Green. Combining spirituality and astrology, discover how past lives can enhance or hinder your relationships today, when you read Pluto Volume II by Jeffrey Wolf Green.
For richer or poorer, in sickness or in health, you and your partners will meet again and again, over many lifetimes, until you work out the kinks. There’s just no way to skirt the issue—your soul needs relationships to evolve.
This is the law of relationships and, in Pluto Volume II, author Jeffrey Wolf Green clearly illustrates the evolutionary and karmic progression of two people throughout many lifetimes. By incorporating past-life dynamics with modern astrology, Green has created a powerful new paradigm—evolutionary astrology.
The focus of Pluto Volume II is relationships. It covers:
-The nature of relationships
-Social, cultural, parental, and religious imprinting
-Relationship types
-Relationship needs
-The nature and function of Venus and Mars
-The Composite Chart and Pluto
Green has spent 20 years as a professional astrologer who has counseled 16,000 clients. He has lectured throughout Europe, the United States, Canada, and Israel. In Pluto Volume II, Green elucidates his theory that once you understand your past life dynamics, symbolized by Pluto in your chart, you will be able to focus on key astrological principles and methods that propel you forward. In short, Pluto is the key to your personal evolution. In Pluto Volume II, Green shows how moving ahead will help improve all of your relationships.
If you’re tired of making the same mistakes again and again, isn’t it time you resolve to evolve?

Fate Lead to Your Heart’s Desire Be Grateful for Universal Protection


Wounded Psyche Secrets: The brain resembles a snail in knotted light? Is the mind made of planets? Does the light that reaches our eyes carry downloadable information and influencing energy? Sound has shape and color. Shapes have sound. Color has certain sounds. Sound has meaning and thoughts have sound. Is the universe ringing like a crystal glass? Self answer – sometimes you lose taste and interest for what you always wanted. Have the courage to see the truth. Have the courage to see with self mastery. Life says: Do what I’ve told you and remember what I’ve shown you. I have trained you to deal with this moment, it’s only when you lash out, that you give your power away: The lashing out alone seven steps: listening, thinking, breathing, waiting, emotional processing, oral self expression, action and conversation analysis.


“If you want to understand the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla Quote.

Holographic universe. Is death nothing more than the shifting of a person’s consciousness from one level of the hologram of reality to another? Lucid dreams are visits to parallel realities or other dimensional levels of existence. During vivid dreams the dreamer becomes aware of dreaming. Synchronicities are unusual coincidences that are too psychologically meaningful to be the result of chance alone. Are we in a dream, in our own reality, in a hologram? Imagine, behind your back the world is always an ambiguous flowing quantum soup but whenever you turn around and try to see the soup, your glance instantly freezes it and turns it back into ordinary reality. Like Midas, who never knew the caress of a human hand or the feel of silk because everything he touched turned to gold. Humans can never experience the true texture of quantum reality because everything we touch turns to matter.

Despite the apparent separateness of things, everything is an extension of everything else blended into each other. You are the same thing as your hand, as the animal resting at your feet and the light streaming from the lamp beside you. One thing, unbroken. One enormous something that has extended its unaccountable arms into all the apparent restless oceans, atoms, objects and twinkling cosmos stars. Is the brain a hologram enfolded in a holographic universe? Do our brains construct our image of a world out there – of space and time? Things can be part of an undivided whole and still possess their own unique qualities, so it doesn’t mean that the universe is a giant undifferentiated mass. If we are not looking at the hologram, are we part of the hologram?

Everyone Can Create Their Own Luck
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