Eshu Virgo Element and Planet – Are You Holding A Spiritual Puzzle Piece?

Anubis Jackal Spirit Guide


Powerful spirits acknowledge the human intent and the present earthy energies, not the devil’s idea. Honoring the different aspects of nature, an emotional and spiritual experience to the material, connecting with Orishas; the pantheon of deities in their basic essence; energies; elemental personifications of the creative force. Oshun, represents the rivers, Yoruba, sensuality, love, money, death, conception, fertility. Are you walking in your prosperity? Creativity and life start with the fish symbol. Beginnings, endings, rebirth for the number nine. Lightning and strategy, thunder and fire for diplomatic warrior Shango, whose honored and respected brother, the fearless Ogun, would cut your head off and then watch it rolling in your blood.

Anubis the dog head, deals with the incarnate. He reigns over the realm of the soul, sleep, dreams and darker rooms like wombs. To find light, you have to embrace darker mysteries. There are different levels to this life and every time you go to another level, you meet a new devil. Pisces Anubis is a mystic, a gatekeeper who teaches you how to walk through hidden gates in secret waters. Anubis teaches you how to make it through the mysteries of life. Gates are like decisions and doors towards the direction of your choosing or further away from it. And that is what life, what finding yourself is about. Can you find yourself in perfection? Did you come here to get lost and find yourself again? Coming here to embrace our dark aspects, to adventure out into the physical jungle, into the mind wilderness so that we can find a way back home or find out that all along this is where you belong.

Esu, Elegbara, Virgo. Before you wreck yourself, Eshu comes to stir things up for you to check yourself. He’s the activating force that causes things to happen in the underworld. If someone tries to use you via negativity or with toxic magic such as manipulating your free will against your will, Eshu will inflict on your enemies what they want to give you ten fold. As the guardian of doors, Eshu shakes things up to safeguard free will. Misunderstood, he sits at the crossroads (there, leave him offerings, coconut, cigars, hard candy and dark rum.) and offers you choices and possibilities. He’s a tempter, a naughty challenger and a disguised artist who, at times, causes you to make a fool of yourself. Eshu childlike nature enjoys getting even with people as much as having fun at practical jokes with good food and socializing, sensuality communicating dressed in dancing brightly colored costumes at entertaining theaters, travels and such unconfined environments. Busy, Eshu doesn’t like boredom, being on time or sticking to diets. Whilst generous to the honorable and respectful, if he wants to, he can unleash all types of ills on his haters too. To him, who holds the power of balance in his hands, don’t ask without giving something, you’ve got to break bread with his dualistic energy and purpose. Eshu equals justice, so working with him is a give and take relationship where sacrifice has to come from the heart; an emotional connection that comes from your core, to whom you offer your time and caring intent, in reciprocity. Shapeshifting to deliver his divine messages to orishas, to humans and to different types of beings, like the Greek Hermes, Eshu is a trickster, a messenger, a balance in between skies and men, and a teacher causing you to look at yourself, thus, no sacrifice, ritual or request of any kind goes forward without Eshu’s spiritual force because he’s the gatekeeper keeper of – Ashe; creative power, speech energy, to make things happen. The Eye of Horus, Nekhbet and the Ankh. Protection to Isis, “May the blood of Auset, and the powers of Auset, and the enchantments of Auset be powers to protect this mighty one and to guard her from him that would do unto her anything which she Abominateth.” Ashe, Ashe. Eshu number three in color black is the magician. To go forward with a ritual, create sacred space, north, an altar then recognize and arrange in your own unique fashion the symbols at work in your consciousness, cogitate first, action second, surrender third. If we all live in an electromagnetic field, imagine yourself moving energy and easily traversing the landscape. Children naturally do rituals as part of their play, celebrating in the rain, orchestrating themselves with the energies in force now. Add music, movements and harmonious arrangements that work in harmony with the cycles of moons and seasons.

Intuition connects us to what; what will overpower evil and good, what will conquer optimism over negativity, when will love hint the way out of fear? Is vibrating on the high frequency of love a fantasy? From inside yourself get your life’s needs met by becoming an alchemist, transmuting negative energy, envy, jealousy, sadness and so on into feelings that fit you. We live in this third dimensional realm of polarity, where is the forth outside of it? Outside of right and wrong, up and down, good and bad and so on… What’s this moment’s need? How do we acquire it?

In skulls and bones, our ancestors had gifts and so do we. At this time, hear their signal for us to step up or down. Positioned in the right type of attitude, call upon their surviving intelligence, emotions and actions to inform and assist you. Under the earth, a body lays in a coffin, but that person’s consciousness still exists as a capsule of energies in the atmosphere. A spiritual group cracked a candle to ancestors, in the soul realm, Akashic Records to access ancient memory, they communicated with nature and respected it as some worship their own form of creator. Evolving, the group members continuously aligned with whatever energy helped them get what’s best in life. None said that life was easy, none said life was hard, they just said that life was it.


Nemesis is reciprocity, retribution. Titan, occultum. The sphinx is the key to the universe. One moment you feel good, the next you feel down, love is a form of madness; a chaotic insanity, and chaos has one rule: things must change. In love? My condolences, you’re going to suffer then slowly die. Soda people killed by toxic dehydration, moderation matters. Does programming your subconscious mind to believe that certain foods are bad actually make them bad? You want truths? The comic book store is full of knowledge, unlike in some begging upbeat ceremonies where moral codes and behavioral modifications are sprinkled with dashes of mysticism thrown in to appear divine; such herd gathering has little to do with the manipulating forces and laws of the earth; which require more work than sitting down and simply hoping. Isn’t true spirituality about tracking the unseen realm and manipulating its forces to bring results in the physical form? The dream realm, the healing realm, the sleep realm. As above so below, as within so without, as on top so up under. Out of misunderstanding, the original meaning of something too often is tagged as evil, bad, taboo, forbidden, or superstitious like – damn – is the sole original curse word when aimed at a specific target. One land mass, one people, not having experienced mysteries or heard of the vast amount of information and advanced technology that was left behind by the Moors, it isn’t surprising, since we know only a fragment of ourselves. Ignore or refute the things you know, however when you don’t, dismissing a messenger who irritates your boundaries as a crazy person making stuff up, sounds nice but a bit naive. And how are you sure to know everything? Your desires sent you into eternal damnation in the deepest regions of your fears, to the third dimensional loony bin in which we live. Are you aware of all that exists?


If there is one, can you handle the truth? And why should you? Maybe it doesn’t matter. Rethink what you think you know. People don’t even want to go out for food anymore. Let’s call a takeaway or pay at the self service till to avoid eye contact. The food is unfit to eat, the air is unfit to breathe, people and everything everywhere are going crazy. Hell on Earth is a feeling that you see, and your eyes, hypnotised find it hard to get out… this isn’t it, this isn’t all there is. How much time is spent looking after the body, and how much is spent looking after hows and whys?


Who said that we should eat what we eat? Dr Sebi: alkaline, electric food, good health, the human organism is an electric organism that produces electricity, processed acidic food attacks our cells, balance and happiness.


Like spiritual warfare, the combination of ignorance plus arrogance is dangerous since such behavior hurts oneself and others. You do not have to get triggered or respond to everything but rather than reacting impulsively, you have the freedom to internally focus and then choose in between a stick or a carrot. If thrown under a bridge or attacked by a wicked animal, you must be able to exert self control to control, divert, neutralize and bind the energetic threats or liberate yourself and run. Endlessly giving up something good to get something better. Is the enemy in flesh and blood. Is your true enemy a single person on this earth. Are the real enemies principalities in higher places or non corporeal entities in higher realms who use human bodies as marionettes, the strings dividing and drowning in delusion. Is fear the real enemy or is it doubt? What is important to remember? What is the reason why one should respond to all situations with love? A soldier for the kingdom of righteousness was bitten by a vampire. How is it that we allow the things we birthed to control us? Is there an order of justice in the universe or does everything come from us and thus we govern everything within the earth? Who can we trust about what’s going on? Is there anyone out there that knows? I know from within.

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Kali Yuga, a prediction or a tale? In Kali Yuga, the duration of life, cleanliness, forgiveness, truthfulness, mercy, body strength and memory will all decrease by the force of time. And harassed by excessive taxes and famine, people’s last resort will be eating leaves, fruits, roots, flowers, human flesh, wild honey and seeds. Completely ruined and struck by drought, low rainfall and shortage of water, people will be thirsty and suffer affliction from rain, snow, cold, wind and heat. Then, they will be further tormented by quarrels, hunger, disease and severe anxiety. In Kali Yuga, human beings will be hostile to one another even over a few coins. Their business success will depend on deceit. Their maximum duration of life won’t exceed fifty years. Superficial attraction will be the cause of couples living together, and a woman will be considered a learned scholar just for being very clever at juggling words. In addition, law and justice will be applied on the basis of one’s power only and wealth alone will be considered the sign of a man’s good birth, decency and fine qualities. With a filled belly and hypocrisy accepted as a virtue, in Kali Yuga, the goal of life will become beauty, especially the beauty of one’s hairstyle. And thieves will dominate cities where political leaders virtually consume their citizens. Where the preachers will be devotees of their genitals, where when the cow stops giving milk it is killed, abandoned… until the world is completely perverted… Who knows what lies ahead. Strategizing?


Is it possible that trendy things are watered down and lose their essence? Have we prepared for this, is there balance and purpose in turmoils? Who is to fix everybody else’s problems when most are already fully booked at exploring who they are? All automatons have at least one shocking and perpetual urgency to attend to, with the mind influenced through a picture worth a thousand words, your role is a piece of the puzzle and not to fix the entire puzzle.

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