How to Set and Stick to Your Goals for Good

Daily Life Tips – Create Great Habits

SCORE A GOAL. Hang on to the ball.

At the first day of every new year, at the first hour of every day, at the first second of every hour… You’re optimistically positive! The first second of this year is the one to stop overindulging in self defeating habits once and for all. Unfortunately, it takes only a few hours before you’ve given up on the tasks you had promised yourself to do.
Then it’s easy to be lured back in sins by old patterns. And before you know it, now you’re self intoxicated by your favorite evasive tactics, and you skip one more exercising session because all the cakes, you weren’t supposed to indulge in, are now keeping you down on your couch? Bloating, what to do about it?

Make a small effort to take the first step toward setting yourself in the right gear to at least achieve a tiny thing on a daily basis. This will ensure you always engender change by sticking to your goals, bit by bit for the long run… To ultimately create exceptional habits in your life, check out the following 3 tips:

1. Dissect your goals.

Sticking to goals is like change, it’s scary. And the bigger the step you aim to climb is, the harder creating new habits seems.
So to avoid early disappointment, best not to overstretch yourself at trying to reach unrealistic goals. Drop stubbornness, although you can throw a cigarette pack away and never smoke again, losing 200 pounds will take longer than a few seconds if you’re overweight, gaining 200 pounds will take longer than a few seconds if you’re underweight. Ditching many bad habits, throwing away many burdens or addictions or unconscious demons might well take longer than a few days to weeks to months.

The truth is sometimes change takes years, long years. Of frustration or drop self disillusionment, and start implementing change today in small ways, one part and after another part add another part. Break the goals down, break them in tiny chunks.

Go where you need to go, do what you need to do, say what you need to say and surrender the rest as now you know that according to your inner compass, you’ve done your best. And if you’re pessimistic about the outcome of your goal, take a rest to think positive thoughts. Sometimes the motivation comes when and where we expected it the least. So go around, walk the surroundings like a tourist, curiosity might entertain a new idea into your pessimism.

2. Keep the big picture in mind. See you’ve made progress!

Measuring your progress helps to deal with frustration when no instant results appear. No need to feel depressed about slow progress, be grateful for every little thing, be grateful while some are stagnating or retrograding, you are aiming in the right direction to keep the momentum toward your ultimate goal.
Only look back to remind yourself of where you are coming from in times of despair.
Remember that no matter the state of everything else, day after day, you devoted serious energy to finish your daily goal. See what difference you’ve made to your moral and the skills you’ve learned up to now, see how much you sacrificed. And ask yourself, is this pain really worth it? How much pleasure do you get from it? If for a drop of pleasure you spend a river of tears, do not wait for all to be done to celebrate; Do at least one thing every morning then congratulate yourself every night for you went through one more day.

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3. Visualize the rewards & Reward yourself

What picture? Are you still seeing the big picture in your mind? Do you remember why you started? When tiredness and such gloom states take over logic, feeling unmotivated happens because of a lack of joy that comes from being burned out at pushing cemented walls those feelings are disgusted by you. In such cases, do not purposely puncture egoistic animal souls. Ignore them instead.
Take control of yourself, when sticking to life becomes difficult and complicated, try visualizing whatever reward, success, victory or simply see already into whatever eternal peace means for you. Most importantly, stick to visualizing yourself feeling satisfied as the main task on your to do list has finally been done.

Although results are not always immediate and change can be overwhelmingly slow, gaining daily small rewards is motivating and keeps the journey interesting. Setting and sticking to get small daily goals for good, guarantees you a better future.
Reaching a goal is sometimes challenging, so wake up thinking of what rewards you are going to gift yourself after you’ve scored your daily goal. And after each little joy, reward yourself as a means to program your mind with the intention of reaching your long term goals.

For every daily progress you make towards anything that matters to your soul, proudly love yourself and appreciate the work you have created today. No matter how small, all that comes from your soul somehow, somewhere, it makes a huge difference to improve your life.

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