Venus Square Uranus Aspect: Feelings of Romantic Electricity and Excitement

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An Aspect of Venus Square Uranus

Venus Square Uranus: Social Sparkle and The fun of Magic Moments

Are you wondering why you had so many breakups, so much inconsistency in what you like and dislike, and too many bizarre attractions that didn’t last long or worse.. lead nowhere? If you have this aspect, this could explain why.

Well, Venus is the planet representing your taste; it’s what pleases your senses. Venus rules over the things that you value in life. And Uranus is a planet that embraces change, innovation and a wide range of weird things. So when Venus and Uranus aspect each other in your birth chart or by transit, then you definitely value (Venus) the unusual things (Uranus) of life. Put it simply, if your Venus is square Uranus, you’re the avant garde.

You value unusual people, which is entertaining and exciting. However if this quirky way of relating to people is taken too far, you could become emotionally distant, and then your relationships could end up in chaos, or last only for a short distance under a bizarre state of affairs, which this aspect can lead to.

Venus Square Uranus in The Natal Chart: The Magic of Love and Relationships

Venus – Uranus people are apt to be drawn to all sorts of relationships, not wanting to or not being able to keep up with traditional romance and friendships. How could this manifest?

When it comes to relationships, Venus square Uranus needs a lot of freedom and space. They are loved for the breath of fresh air that they bring to their relationships. And they fall in love in a heartbeat, yet (depending on the other aspects, signs and houses involved) there is an unconscious fear or a struggle to sustain a long term commitment and interest to someone.

Unless the person is conscious of their deep needs, relating can become a bit dysfunctional because they will either find emotionally unavailable partners who have emotional entanglements elsewhere upon which they project their own fears, or they will often break off their relationships for diverse reasons other than the real reason; the fear to lose their independence and a part of their personality by being absorbed by another person which could prevent them from exploring all their passions and other options.

“When you take risks you learn that there will be times when you succeed and there will be times when you fail, and both are equally important.” Ellen DeGeneres, who was born with Venus opposite Uranus.

That said, people with Venus Square Uranus aspect are genius at relating so some do get into relationships, and this looks like: Shocking marriages. Relationship breakthroughs. Strange, exciting and abrupt beginnings or endings of partnerships those infatuation was triggered by something cerebral. Artistic breakthroughs and eccentric sense of style. Sudden attraction without substance. Extreme differences of personality, status and lifestyle relationships. A rebirth of love and friendship. Attempts at polyamory: triangle situations and disruptive affairs. Liberation from beauty issues, aesthetic epiphanies and sudden awakenings to beauty. Cravings for social stimulation. Needing an outlet for their creativity energy. A flashing strike. Rebelling against narrow-mindedness; seeing everyone as a brother and sister, not wanting to discriminate against others for the labels that society slaps on them. Electric beauty. Breakthroughs through their sexuality. Social restlessness. On and off; feelings renewals and rebirths in relationships. A love of alone time. A unique way of dressing. An ability to shock and awe. Behaving in provocative ways. Making the bizarre beautiful. A love of astrology. Being on the cutting edge of style. Personal magnetism. Unusual style. Ground-breaking music and art.

They’ve learned how shaking things up with erratic storms attracts others. And if they are not astrologers, they might fall in love with one and then learn that everything they thought they knew about relationships is false. They don’t mind because for them there is pleasure to be found in daring to be different, offbeat, original… It’s highly appealing to have a wild love life filled with uncertainties!

Venus – Uranus are sincere in their unwillingness to follow social conventions. They’re not interested to fit in or change to become popular, they see that type of social game as phony. So instead of playing, they rebel against it because they would rather be honest and authentic than act to be well liked.

“You can’t control what people say about you and what they think about you. You can’t plan for bad luck. You can only work your hardest and do your best and tell the truth. In the end, it’s the effort that matters. The rest is beyond your control.” Maria Sharapova, who was born with Venus square Uranus.

Venus Square Uranus Aspect – Love and Relationships Advice:

  • Everyone has a tendency to flirt so don’t make anything more out of an encounter than what it really is.
  • Have patience. 
  • Expect strange, sudden behavior from yourself or your partner.
  • Spontaneity in creating odd pairings is intriguing so relax… no reason to try making sense of natural attractions as long as the chemistry is electric and you don’t feel smothered, you’re in for an unforgettable ride called love at first sight that will last until you drive each other crazy.
  • It’s the norm to have same sex relationships or open relationships, or to at least be accepting of them.
  • Relinquish the need for control and just let it happen.
  • Expect to be attracted to people outside of your usual social sphere.
  • Everything is about to change, stay unafraid.
  • Except for the unexpected, it could be a universal romance made in the stars.

Even if Uranus’ mental energies find it difficult to be intimate on the physical level of Venus. When the planet of love (Venus) meets with the planet of sudden realization (Uranus), there is an instant attraction. Wherever it’s short lived, on and off or hot and cold, the mental connection feels like a god sent friendship that suddenly turns your life upside down and ignites in you a desire to be free.

If you have Venus – Uranus in your chart and struggle with finding the right relationship for you, ask yourself: what is most important for you?

Is it to keep your freedom?

Is it having an open relationship?

Is it being able to disappear in your own “safety room” where you can retreat every now and then? Whatever it is… Set clear boundaries in your relationships as this will help you find someone you can stay a long term with while remaining true to yourself. There can be a weird vibe to your personality that is subconsciously seeking someone to be comfortable enough to share intimate moments with.

So stay hopeful for long lasting love, as when Venus – Uranus folks grow older, their love rebelliousness becomes more balanced with shared goals and friendship; a relationship that involves all kinds of new discoveries.

“Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams. If you’re wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn’t love you anymore.” Lady Gaga, was born with Venus trine Uranus.

Happy Surprises for You: The Uranian Life of The Party with Beautiful Venusian Energies in Your Natal Chart

As a truly satisfied Venus square Uranus person, you disregard what others think, what you think about is what you care about. Because if they love you, those you care about will see and value your unique qualities that strangers dismiss as shortcomings. You are thrilling and unconventional. Even if in relationships you appear confusing and distant, you change the people you meet in an unforgettable way.

A Venus – Uranus person’s life is a work of art in a constant state of evolution, and they want their love life to be as authentic as they are, so if you are in a relationship with them, consider yourself lucky! And if you’re looking for someone open minded, accepting and non-judgemental with a bubbly and effervescent style, give a chance to a Venus – Uranus person. They will light a spark in your heart with a bright smile and while it might not last forever it will be a fun invitation coming from a vivacious nature on an exciting adventure.

Famous People with Venus Square Uranus in Their Natal Chart:

Toni Morrison 0°06, Shui-bian Chen 0°08, Daniel Gooch 0°11, Michael Avenatti 0°12, Jason Connery 0°12, Tony Blair 0°15, David Hilbert 0°17, Denise Richards 0°17, Barbara Hershey 0°22, Joseph Fiennes 0°23, David Gest 0°29, Dorothy Dandridge 0°29, Joseph McCarthy 0°32, Al-Biruni 0°36, Ronald Lee Warmoth 0°36, Angelina Jolie 0°38, Jacques Coutela 0°38, Tracy Caulkins 0°42, Kitty Kelley 0°43, George Patton 0°47, Yannick Noah 0°48, Jean-Claude Van Damme 0°49, George Blake 0°50, Georges Braque 0°50, Carl Lewis 0°51, Holly Marie Combs 0°54, Althea Flynt 0°54, Prince 0°55, Bernardo Provenzano 0°57, Emmett Till 0°57, Manly P. Hall 0°58, Princess Diana of Wales 1°03, John Frawley 1°13, Ethan Coen 1°22, Russell Brand 1°24, Alice Cooper 1°26, Henry Ford 1°26, David Letterman 1°26, John DeLorean 1°27, Brody Jenner 1°34, Gene Simmons 1°38, Pope Francis I 1°40, Elvis Presley 1°51.

Venus Square Uranus Transits Upcoming Dates:

2 August 2024 (Venus at 26’53 Leo/ Uranus at 26’53 Taurus)

28 December 2024 (Venus at 23’44 Aquarius / Uranus (R) at 23’44 Taurus)

20 September 2025 (Venus at 1’23 Virgo / Uranus (R) at 1’23 Gemini)

8 February 2026 (Venus at 27’26 Aquarius / Uranus at 27’26 Taurus)

13 July 2026 (Venus at 4’18 Virgo / Uranus at 4’18 Gemini)

28 March 2027 (Venus at 2’40 Pisces / Uranus at 2’40 Gemini)

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