Self Reminders for When You Feel Like Giving Up

Feeling like giving up?


For many of us, there comes a time in our lives when everything starts to look bleak and pointless and even the smallest of actions hold no significance.

During these dark days, which always defy logic, we feel like giving up and the temptation to do this becomes all the more intense. But, giving up is never the answer.

Whenever you feel like throwing in the towel, here are a few things to remind yourself of and things you can do to change your mindset:

Accept change. Change is an inevitable and natural part of life. That’s why learning to let go of the past and looking forwards is a much better way to spend your energy than resisting change. Accept that you no longer look like your twenty year old self and remember you can still connect to your youthful glow and carefree spirit by loving your natural self, whatever age you are.

Keep busy. If you’re busy, you’ll never have time to over think things and sabotage your thoughts. Focusing on a goal or work will keep you productive and give you a sense of purpose. A sense of purpose in life, however great or small, will drive you to keep going.

Failure is not permanent. Mistakes are part of growth and self discovery. Mistakes made you and broke you then they brought you into the present but you are not your mistakes. Just because you have failed at something right now, does not mean that you won’t succeed at it in the future. That’s the beauty of fate and free will. Nothing, not even failure, is written in stone. Learn from your mistakes and move on.

Don’t let other people’s opinions affect you. Honesty can come across as brutal but it’s delusional to aspire to please everyone and be all things to all people. Worrying about the opinions of those who don’t love you and seeking the approval from people for whom you will never be good enough, only brings stress and sadness. Instead, opt for the feedback of someone who appreciates and stands by you, even when you are at fault. And remember most people’s opinions are insignificant and don’t matter one bit! Only consider the feelings of people in your life who really matter.

It’s okay to cry. Don’t be afraid to let your frustrations and emotions out in order to make yourself feel better. Crying is purging old dark holes and the worn soul and is a natural and necessary part of being human. If you feel like crying, just go with it.

Life is too short to be unhappy. We are only given one chance at living, so why waste it dwelling on all the things we don’t like and remaining in a constant state of unhappiness? Try to smile and be happy and live in the moment as often as possible. Travel into your memory archives only briefly to find at least one instance when a nightmare day ended up in a dream come true.

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Look around, it’s beautiful. The smallest of joy can be found in the natural living things that surround you. The next time you feel defeated, as soon as you sense Sneaky Fear stealing your motivation and positive energy, just take a moment to inhale the breeze or merge with sunsets and their beauty.

The fight is not over yet. There is no bar to measure success and no rules about how to achieve it. Remember, it is not over until you give up, you are the one who is in control. You are still alive and therefore your meeting with great opportunities is still ahead of you. Life is never a straight line so go with the flow and don’t be too hard on yourself.

Know that you are loved. Don’t hesitate to lean on the people who care about you when you are feeling down and like giving up. Companionship is a great healer and can also be found in animals, in fact many people consider their dog to be their best friend.

Let your faith be bigger than your doubts. Keep reminding yourself that you’ve made it this far and you’ll go even further because life has a plan for you. Every single person on this planet has a purpose to follow and so do you. You are just as important as the rest of us. When life’s messes are complicated and overwhelming, a little faith in the universe goes a long way.

Nobody is perfect. To be humane is to have flaws. Else, you’d be whole and called God. You are not expected to excel at everything, participating is what matters most. Being present.

Self Reminders for When You Feel Like Giving Up

What is Persistence?

Persistence: firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.

Persistence is a trait that is a ‘must’ if you want to achieve your goals in life.
Fortunately, persistence can be developed, and it can become a way of life once you begin to practice and understand its importance to the achievement of your goals.

Why Do You Need to Be Persistent?
Even when you’re getting little to no results and you feel like you’re wasting your time, you need to continue.
You have no choice.
To achieve your goals in life, you have to persist, because if you don’t, you Will Not achieve your goal.
Persistence needs to become inevitable the minute you commit to a goal. No matter how long it takes to achieve your goal, once you achieve your goal, it will all be worth it.

Persistence Self Reminders for When You Feel Like Giving Up
How to Persist? Make small efforts each day. Be patient with the process. Focus on the path, not the destination.
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