Why Perfectionism Kills Your Productivity

Why Perfectionism Kills Your Productivity-bird-pig-water
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Perfectionism Kills Productivity

Wouldn’t it be nice if everything was perfectly falling into place just the way we love it to be? When the perfect time finally comes, let’s arrange a flawless workday in an uncluttered and organized space where we’ll have our lunch break feeling great. Then slowly, while we digest, why not wait for the perfect mood and calmness to return before attempting to get anything accomplished?
That’s’ right in our mind, we’ve now set up the perfect script of how absolutely superb doing a million tasks will be once the magic happens. Sometimes all stars align for a while, briefly, or unexpectedly. But in general best be glad by knowing our best has been done and surrender the rest as it can take forever before perfection shows up and magic often comes while you work not before you start. So don’t get stuck in perfect preparation that takes as much time as simply getting on with the task and improvise as you go along, otherwise not much gets done. Of course settling for less than high standards is great but overshooting the mark makes you regress, and not progress faster to the last page of your goals agenda. Although planning ahead and caring about details is necessary, no need to nit pick on how it will be done until the perfect everything is ready. Anyway, no matter how perfect we think the plan is, there will be unexpected twists and turns will have to be taken later on. So start executing the task with realistic and feasible standards, this way you’ll avoid letting yourself down when perfection doesn’t come around.
Needless to say, always do your best. Yet, obsessing with minute details before acting on an idea will kill it, plus you won’t get any chance to give it life unless you act on it while it’s still breathing.

Quote: “Perfectionism sucks the air out of your uniqueness and leaves you empty, away from who you could become.” Darryl Stewart Wellness

Waiting for too long for perfection leads to procrastination;
In most cases when the work is put off to later… if we were real with ourselves, we would admit that’s it’s because we don’t want to it now, and blaming imperfects plans as the reason why nothing gets accomplished is an excuse to excuse ourselves guilt free to our harassing subconscious mind who likes to remind us of the truth about our procrastinating state.

You Hear It,”
No later isn’t more productive a time than now. No not everything needs to be perfect at the right time in the cosiest environment, in friendly company. Who is perfect? What is perfect? When will it ever be perfect? Isn’t an imperfect thing better than nothing?’’

You Reply This,”
I’m not a procrastinator, I’m too stressed to do it now because my skill hasn’t been perfected yet. I’m too stressed to do anything, so first let me spend hours brainstorming and listings of to-do lists and categorizing to better achieve my ideal desire. I’ll start when I’m ready.’’

Quote: “You are magnificent beyond measure, perfect in your imperfections, and wonderfully made.” Abiola Abrams

Well, the issue is – ready. Who is ready everyday? Who wants to do it everyday? No one feels like it all the time. Sometimes some get depressed, heartbreaks, headaches, noisy neighbors, road works outside, barking dogs and screaming babies and so on… So best think that – ready means whenever you order yourself to do something you do it in all conditions, cross that task off your agenda! Do it, no excuses. Otherwise it drags one down to walk around for hours or days with a cloud over one’s head that repeats how much there still is undone and it bites at our self confidence bit by bit to feel so weak as to have given up on our own order to ourselves. Then that’s when bitterness shows its head, as we see others’ successes and motivation which reminds us how much we procrastinate, but how much they are luckier than us because they must have got a perfect plan to have done so much that we didn’t even start.

Quote: “When you’re ready, nothing can stop you. If something’s stopping you, you’re not ready.” Drew Gerald

In such a self loathing mindset of envy and pathetic laziness, perhaps we should keep in mind that those who are ahead of us, started first and most of all, they started… they jumped into the unknown with imperfect plans and improvised along the way, now they’re nearing perfection. But whoever hasn’t even started is nearing nothing else than a life spent waiting for the perfect idea, the faultless plan and the unconditional love story that does not exist.

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In conclusion, have the courage to get whatever you are working on out there for others to see. And most importantly, for your own pleasure. Why cares whether it’s liked or loved, pretty or original or funny and scary; small meaningful acts walk all over large quantities of crap.

Forget Perfectionism:
You care about the small details but not everyone else does.

Procrastination Hides in Perfectionism:
Once you have a clear intent, don’t wait for a perfect idea to show up or you’ll wait for better forever. Who wants to do anything when the goal is perfectionism?

Manageable Goal:
Cut down your goal.
Break big goals down into smaller ones.

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