The Uninspiring Words That Prevent You From Succeeding

the uninspiring words that prevent you from succeeding
Have you said uninspiring words to yourself?

Your ability to create a happy life depends on how you talk to yourself. It’s your inner voice that creates your reality and makes success possible as well as providing focused direction to your life.

Words are powerful; they can create and they can destroy. Even small words whispered under your breath, can just as easily damage you as they can motivate you. Ask yourself the following:

  • What words do I choose?
  • Do they inspire me or stress me out?
  • Do they create happiness or put me down?
  • Do I make positive or negative statements?

Today, I challenge you to choose your words wisely. It is time to stop saying…

“My goals and dreams can wait.” 

To accomplish great things, we must not only dream but also act, not only believe, but also plan. Be courageous and light the fire in you to pursue your dreams, and don’t forget to share your enthusiasm with those around you!

“I don’t have a choice.”

Look in the mirror and tell yourself: “I have a choice and I am here today because of the choices I’ve made in my life.”

“They are probably right, I am wrong.”

Do not let others convince your heart of what is good for you. Your heart already knows. Listen to it. Do not let anyone take over the power of your inner voice.

What is good for you may be bad for others, and vice versa and the truth is that the world is not really as it is, but as we see it. And we all see it differently. Therefore, do not be afraid of following your own path instead of following the herd. When you choose to be true to yourself some people may blame or strongly dislike you for the freedom that you create in your life. If you encounter these people, ignore them and keep moving forward.

“This is a disaster! “

The worst obstacle in life is a bad attitude. Remember, it is not what happens to you, but the way you react to what happens to you that matters. Do not allow the small daily dramas discourage you. Smile, even when you feel that the world is collapsing, smiling does not always mean that you are happy, sometimes it simply means that you are strong.

Similarly, do not let the negative opinions of others discourage you. Through your life, you will meet two kinds of people: those who drain your energy and try to belittle your dreams, and those who give you the energy to pursue your dreams. Ignore the first and cherish the latter. The people who doubt you, judge you or disrespect you are not worth your time or your attention.

“I hate you.”

When we hold on to feelings of hatred, it will end up getting the best of us. All the people and things that you hate occupy a permanent space in your head and in your heart. Therefore, if you want to eliminate something or someone in your mind, do not hate. Instead, distance yourself and don’t look back.

In the long term, revenge does not help you heal. Sometimes, it’s not about forgiving people because they deserve it, but because they need it as much as we need it and because we cannot move forward without forgiveness. Forgiving, is finding the peace within.

“I cannot.”

Yes you can! Stop thinking of what could have been. You can feel discouraged. You can feel angry. You can feel too old. You can be sick. You can be divorced. You can be unemployed. You can be in financial difficulty. You can be … but you are alive. Your journey is far from being completed.

No need to think about what might have happened. Just because certain things didn’t work out as you expected, or do not occur as quickly as you thought they would, it’s not an excuse to give up on yourself. Time goes by one way or another. Do what you need to do, so that you can look back one day and say: “I have given the best of me to my life.”

“I missed my chance.”

In this world crazy nothing is permanent, not even your errors, your failures or your problems. So, live consciously in the moment and enjoy your life as it is taking place. You may not be exactly where you intend to go, but you are exactly where you should be to make the best step forward.

Strength is not only in the ability to keep going, but also the ability to start over when it is needed. It is never too late to become what you could have been. Continue to learn, to adapt and to develop yourself. You may not be where you wished to be yet, but you are closer than you were yesterday.

“Whatever… it is not important…”

A large part of the misery in the world comes from confusion, perplexity, and the unspoken words. Many times in life, we regret the things we said without thinking. But we regret even more the words we didn’t expressed.

Express yourself. Don’t hide your thoughts and feelings, especially when you can make a difference. Be brave. Say what must be said. When you do not communicate effectively with those around you, there are a lot of important things that are not said and a lot of intense emotions which are not felt, there is no greater sadness than to bury the words that you never had the courage to say.

Your turn…

What do you want to add to this list? What is it that you should stop saying if you want to increase your potential for happiness and success? Be brave enough to listen to your heart, bold enough to use your voice, and strong enough to live the life you always imagined.

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