How to Be Happy: 99 Simple Ways to Feel Happiness

How to Be Happy: 99 Simple Ways to Feel Happiness
What’s making you happy right now?

Everyone wants to feel happy. It is a precious commodity, constantly craved and in high demand, it’s a great feeling and one we should aspire to experience as much as possible.

During those times when your favorite happiness reserve ran out of happy thoughts and your mood is in need of vitamin H; here is a list of ways to feel happiness instantly. Consume at least one daily without moderation.

  1. Listen to the birds sing
  2. Smile at a stranger in the street
  3. Smell the morning breeze
  4. Watch the night sunset
  5. Sing in the shower
  6. Smile at yourself
  7. On your journeys, observe the beautiful, funny, interesting little things
  8. Admire and be inspired by a flower, a ray of sunshine or a child’s laughter
  9. Eat slowly and enjoy the taste of your food
  10. Seek physical contact with those you love
  11. Encourage and praise yourself
  12. Make a compliment, say kind words to others
  13. Listen the sound of the wind or waves
  14. Make a journey on foot
  15. Express, share your amazement, enthusiasm, spontaneity
  16. Allow yourself to be optimistic
  17. Schedule something fun and impulsive
  18. Breath in a flower’s fragrance
  19. Slow down and look around you
  20. Feel the sun on your face
  21. Get outside for two minutes and take the time to breath deeply
  22. Celebrate an accomplishment
  23. Look at the face of a close one as if it was the first time
  24. Give pleasure, be attentive to the need of someone else
  25. Accept a compliment
  26. Rejoice at the qualities of your relatives
  27. Walk barefoot in nature and feel the soil under your feet
  28. Lie down on the grass, sand, or on a bench and contemplate the sky
  29. Take a stroll at night
  30. Make love
  31. Go on a picnic
  32. Change one of your habits
  33. Stretch like a cat
  34. Eat breakfast in bed
  35. Sleep in clean sheets
  36. Watch the snow fall
  37. Smell freshly cut grass
  38. Listen to nature
  39. Recognize your good qualities
  40. Browse through an old album photo
  41. Give someone a hug
  42. Jump and splash in a puddle
  43. Laugh
  44. Savor the smell of coffee or grilled toast in the morning
  45. Feel the first cold of autumn
  46. Feel the first goodies of spring
  47. Listen to the rain fall
  48. Sit a moment in the sun
  49. Collect shells, mushrooms and wild flowers
  50. Watch the stars
  51. Feel the wind in your hair
  52. Observe a newborn baby
  53. Listen to the city’s silence before daybreak
  54. Kiss someone you love
  55. Give directions to someone in the street
  56. Sing in your car
  57. Absorb the smell of earth after a rainy day
  58. Watch the light play with your environment
  59. Let an elderly person pass in front of you at the supermarket
  60. Hold the door to the person behind you
  61. Feel the storm’s vibrations
  62. Enjoy a completed job
  63. Daydream
  64. Watch an airplane in the sky and imagine its destination
  65. Be pleased to see happy people
  66. Eat a homemade healthy meal
  67. Do something differently
  68. Remember what you love of the people that you love
  69. Call a (not-just-on-social-media) friend
  70. Re-visit a place that you liked
  71. Encourage and congratulate someone
  72. Rejoice at autumn’s colors
  73. Say a kind word to a bus driver, a train controller or a shop cashier
  74. Get rid of unnecessary old items
  75. Remove your shoes when you come in from work
  76. Listen to your favorite song
  77. Share the space under your umbrella
  78. Dance, even on your own at home
  79. Read a good book
  80. Make and contemplate the fire
  81. Try something new
  82. Make a positive assessment at the end of the day
  83. Get excited about Friday night
  84. Think of the challenges you overcame and congratulate yourself
  85. Go over the good shared memories
  86. Cuddle your pet
  87. Plan on saving money now to treat yourself later on
  88. Dress a nice table for dinner
  89. Dip your feet in a river
  90. Enjoy the first sip of tea or coffee in the morning
  91. Taste the breeze of summer
  92. Share an emotion
  93. Sit back and let go of the need to be in control
  94. Open the window and feel the breeze
  95. Take a nap
  96. Exercise and nurture your body
  97. Decide to be happy
  98. Meditate
  99. Thank the universe for supporting you.

What can you add to this list of ways to be happy?

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