Personal Inventory – 12 Questions to Ask Yourself to Be Successful in Life

Self Inventory Questions to Ask Yourself to Be Successful in Life
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Self Inventory

It’s important to find out if you have been spending your energy and efforts in the areas of your life where you can make a positive difference.

Asking Questions

Here is a list of questions which are useful as a way of progressing your self development: 1. Have I been persistent in reaching the goals I wanted to achieve this month or year to date? If yes, how can I double or triple my goals?

2. Have I done my best and applied 100% of my capabilities to achieving my goals or are there things I can improve on?

3. Have I been an optimist and maintained a positive state of mind at all times, if not what or who is it that pushes my buttons?

4. Did I practice the art of procrastination?! Have I wasted energy and lost concentration to the point that my performance decreased? If yes what aspects of my performance need attention?

5. What strengths and weaknesses have I worked on and where can I see measurable results? If none, why?

6. Have I let my fears and doubts hold me back instead of taking bold decisions and moving towards my goals confidently?

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7. Have I done my best to be compassionate and see other people points of view resulting in more peaceful relationships or have I blamed others for negative relationships and not taken responsibility for them?

8. Have I ditched at least a bad habit or taken on a new one? If it’s the later, what am I going to do to about it?

9. Am I fulfilled by my work? If not, what is it that makes me feel alive and what is stopping me from doing it?

10. Where am I, where do I want to be and how am I going to get there?

11. What am I doing that works well in my life right now and what is not helping me work toward my goals?

12. What lessons have I learned that will expand my learning and help me to grow?

Sure you can come up with a few more questions of your own, but these ones should be a good start to get you thinking and reflecting. Are you willing to ask yourself these tough questions?

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