Clarity: 4 Simple Rules for Mind Sharpness

Clarity: 4 Simple Rules for Mind Sharpness

1 – Time is Cash; treat your time as a valuable resource. It’s right to be stingy with your time. Too often, failing to see time as a precious and non-renewable commodity, we insanely waste it. And even if how much time we have until our last breath is uncertain, it surely is limited. Will you get a life extension before your time runs out? Will we be able to buy more time when it’s too late? And why would you want to… Stay longer? Employ time correctly to amplify it and perhaps even try electromagnetic coils for your health, do whatever it takes, what matters is not to let time evaporate into a tenacious source of regret.

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2 – Consider this, creating memories out of life experiences provides longer lasting happiness than merely possessing things; we are the total sum of everyone we’ve met, of everything we’ve done, and the places we’ve seen.

3 – How to Quickly Screen Through Too Many Options? When confused; always choose the simplest explanation over the most complicated one. When in doubt; rely on your gut feeling and the atmospheric climate of immediate experience.

If later evidence comes to verify your choice as wrong, it’s okay to abandon it and move on towards another option. Then – screen, simplify, verify, repeat… In the end a solution is always found. So keep it simple, it keeps you out of trouble.

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4 – Upgrade Your Mindset.
Daydream grandiose goals that will have you inspired over a tremendous distance! The way you think is changeable, malleable, endlessly expendable. And for some it stretches with practice, like an elastic, your mind flexes into and achieves anything you order it to. Still, don’t set yourself up for disappointment or burn yourself out by aiming at delusions. Rather, humbly set yourself a task that is challenging but not too difficult to attain, cut a big chunk into smaller ones. As a result, you will incrementally increase your growth across time at a steadier pace, until the plan has been fully executed, day after day with plenty of breaks, apart from you, no one can stop you.

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