Increase Intelligence Naturally

how to increase intelligence naturally


If you think that there aren’t any ways to increase intelligence, think again. There are two kinds of intelligence; crystallized intelligence and fluid intelligence.

Researchers have described fluid intelligence as the general ability to solve new problems and recognize unfamiliar patterns. There are ways to increase fluid intelligence; improving cognitive function increases working memory and elevates the ability to solve problems.

Do New Things in New Ways

You can increase your intelligence by training you brain, as you would do to get your dream body. Most of us forget that the brain is also a muscle. So break out of the old routine and do new things to trigger dopamine that boosts brain performance. Challenging yourself prevents your brain from getting lazy because thinking creatively is more useful than memorizing facts you already know. So doing things the hard way exercises your brain.

Read more challenging books and minimize the amount of TV you watch because television doesn’t utilize your full mental capacity or allow it to recharge; especially brainwashing channels like mainstream media. Instead do cerebral games that use memory and logic; solve puzzles, crosswords, Sudoku, chess, or at least play challenging video games. Explore new cultures. Teach yourself a foreign language. Network and hang out with people and friends who know something you want to learn.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” Albert Einstein

Sleep and Rest

Studies have shown that the brain actively processes and stores your day memories while you sleep that’s why the brain needs to recharge. So good quality and proper duration sleep is crucial for proper brain functioning because when your brain is tired from lack of sleep, it is difficult to concentrate and reason logically. A lack of sleep can have a huge effect on your mental performance.

Physical Activity and Nutrition

There is evidence that a healthy lifestyle is vital to increasing intelligence and maintaining healthy brain function because similarly to other organs, the brain needs the right kinds of foods to develop and function properly. Performing physical cardiovascular exercises also increases brain function by releasing and boosting brain chemicals that can enhance your memory, concentration, energy and speed of thinking.

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Make Time for Reflection

It is not a good idea to saturate your brain with new knowledge without reflecting on what you have already learned. When it comes to a certain point and progress is nonexistent then it’s time for reflection, only then will real growth and positive breakthroughs happen.Even if it may be hard, giving a break to your brain and doing a different activity or even daydreaming for a while is the best way to improve creativity and increase intelligence.

Meditation to Boost Your Mind Powers?

Meditation develops consciousness which allow you to take in more information and see what you are learning from a different angle. This results in better ideas, higher focus, increased problem solving skills and greater spontaneous decision making. Realize the power of your mind, believe and work to make your dream come true.

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