Relocation – Moving Away to Start a New Life

People are always on the go. Across the world, people pick up stakes and relocate about once every five years. These moves are often job-related.

Those whose companies have transferred their positions to a distant city may have no other choice. Others will relocate voluntarily in search of a better situation.

Often, though, the reason for moving is purely emotional. Some are attempting to come to grips with divorce or the death of a loved one. In this type of situation, moving away from painful memories will frequently provide sufferers with the space they need to heal.

Others who have undergone abuse or victimization may be physically afraid to remain in a place where they no longer feel safe. Regardless of the provocation, the experience of life in a new location can facilitate a break from the past.

Until recently, many referred to such moves as lifestyle changes. Today, however, those who are aware of its known benefits call it by a more appropriate name: relocation therapy. In this view, moving away has nothing to do with running away from problems. It is, instead, more of a solution that allows a person to close the door on a painful period and embark on a new life adventure.

Many people hesitate to make such a move, questioning whether it could possibly make a difference. If that’s what you’ve been telling yourself, consider the possibilities:

– Relocation therapy can put you back in charge of your destiny. The feeling of power that comes from taking control of your life can be an invaluable aid to mental health.

– Relocation therapy can provide a sense of redemption. A person who feels responsible for a failed relationship or other life situation can suffer a serious loss of self-esteem. Relocation affords a second chance to achieve success and banish the cycle of failure.

– Relocation therapy can leave you with a much-needed sense of relief. It won’t change the past, but it can renew your enthusiasm, making you see that life is worth living after all.

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Any new city or home will offer an array of opportunities that invigorate and inspire you. Whether you prefer to go slowly or jump in with both feet, it’s important to take that first step. Nobody deserves to live in misery, and everyone is worthy of a second chance. Relocation therapy can chase away those mental goblins and make life good again.

Astrology Houses and Their Significance.

Each house of your birth chart signifies specific aspects of your life which are as follow:

The universe is now what it was and ever shall be: one reality.

1st House:

The first house is called Ascendant. This house signifies life, longevity, self, one’s innate nature and appearance. Body, appearance, personality, character, temperament, intellect, fortune, honor, dignity. Vitality, sorrows, gains and profits to younger brothers and his friends. It governs the face and head (cranium and forehead) and brain, hair, pituitary glands.
The first house represents health, happiness, prosperity, general disposition in life, reputation and status, desires and their fulfillment. And the body parts – complexion.

For example, weakness of the first house and/or afflictions to the first house or its lord result in a sickly constitution, causing vulnerability to headache, mental tension, wounds, scars, erratic activity of endocrine glands, derangement, brain fever, stupidity, nose bleeding. A strong Sun and Mars, as significators for vitality and energy respectively, help as a protective cover.

The first house is the house of the body.
The first house will have subtle indications of our birth, but most importantly, the Lord of the First House tells the most. Where the Lord of the 1st House is found, there are the desires of this lifetime. The Lord of the 1st house tells what we want this time. It is the house of the tyranny of desires, the wants and battles of possessions of I, Me, Mine. The 1st house is always a significator of Ego.

2nd House:

This house indicates inflow of finances, bank position, early age, speech, servants and friends. Worldly possessions, mother and grandfather. It also denotes family, livelihood, nourishment, male child, understanding with family members, inheritance, law suits, throat, self earned wealth, loss or damage, family, nail, mouth, tongue, nose, teeth, ambition, food, imagination, power of observation, jewelry, loss by cheating, violence between partners, and domestic comforts.
Weakness of the 2nd house and/or afflictions to the 2nd house or its lord cause vulnerability to eyes, cervical, throat, teeth, gums, disorders of speech, poor digestion, and conditions mainly developing out of a frail venous system. However, if Mercury is strong as a significator of speech, it serves as a protective cover.
The Second House is the second great goal of life.
(There are four essential goals to aim for in human life; Righteousness, economic prosperity, Desired Pleasures, and Liberating Release from the cycles of birth, death, birth, and again…)

2nd house also signifies professional position, spouse, second marriage, continuance of married life, possession of precious stones and metals, vision and the body parts – face, facial bones, and its organs (eyes, especially the right one), upper neck and its bones, gullet, larynx, cerebellum, trachea, tonsils.
In astrology, the second house is the foundation of our wealth, that is: our skills, training, education, money in cash, earning capacity, financial status, fortune, prosperity, movable properties, material possessions, but also our spiritual wealth.

Role of the Third House

Represents cousins, neighbors, younger brothers and sisters and their relations.
3rd House signifies intelligence, taste for writing – editing books, reporting to newspapers, communications, publication and marketing, initiation into spiritual techniques. Signing contracts and documents, education up to Higher Secondary level. Clothes, ornaments, short journeys, sports. Body parts are arms, hands, right ear, lower neck, shoulders, and collar bones, thyroid gland, respiratory and nervous systems. Firmness, physical strength, initiative, entrepreneurial nature, the power of understanding (learning).
This is a versatile house which gives the role of leader and consultant those disappointments and setbacks can be met by self discipline.
In this astrological house, we face stress and challenges, and we learn to utilize our inner resources to deal with the ups and downs of life. The Third House is the treasury of inner qualities, especially our courage.

4th House: (IC)

The fourth house is the house of emotions and home ruled by the Moon who is the presiding deity of the mind, and of how we feel in our relations and about our actions.
The home environment, the Mother, relatives, the wife, the mother-in-law, the home goddess. The inner temple, the sanctum sanctorum, the Mother Goddess, Mother Mary, Mother Earth. The Divine Feminine. The embodiment of the Feminine partner. Domestic surroundings, mental peace and happiness. Land, house, immovable properties, real estate, wells and tanks, assets, education, hereditary tendencies, later portion of life, hidden treasure, private love affairs, ornaments, clothes, happiness, upbringing, private affairs, agriculture land and its produce. Body parts are the rib cage, heart, breasts, chest, lung, stomach.
The fourth house is an anchor sheet of life for the native because the fourth house has dynamic configurations. When strong it gives long lived parents. Its lord is considered the most benefic planet and the house is considered as the most benefic house.
4th House: Represents basic education, domestic peace, mind, spiritual life, confidence, righteous conduct, comforts, luxuries, country of birth, marital harmony, vehicles and comforts in life.

5th House:

Organizational ability, proficiency in games, success in competition, luck, intellectual and mental talents, resources and merits we bring into life, future, fame, pleasures, love affairs, amusements, speculative gains from investments, soul, position in life, emotional happiness, discernment and discrimination, artistic talent, memory, creative intelligence. Heart and back, belly, pregnancy, liver. Social life, amulets, mantras, devotion, fall from position, education, learning, training, knowledge, wisdom, romance, love, lover, shaping the mind. Traditionally The Fifth House is regarded as the house of children.

6th House

The Sixth House is responsible for health, service, the daily routine, servants, aunt or uncle, giving a help hand, pet animals, food, subordinates, tenants, wellness, opponents, fears, doubts, weaknesses, financial position, dealing with the daily grind, employees, protection against losses through theft, cheating and fire, confrontation, litigation, misunderstandings. 6th House body parts are waist, navel, lower abdomen, kidney, intestinal function, anus and uterus.

The sixth house is a malefic house filled with our bad habits, sins, vices, enemies in our minds (from past faults) and personal enemies. Here we are confronted with miseries, disease, injuries, surgery, operation, debts, disputes, mistresses, obstacles in life, competition, mental worries, ill fame, crisis and theft. An afflicted 6th house or its lord causes vulnerability to poisoning, appendicitis, constipation, psychiatric problems, nervous breakdown and exhaustion.

The positive side of the sixth house is that with spiritual effort, perseverance, patience and purity, it can become a miracle house of graceful selfless service when negative and positive flow in sync. Hence, it is the house of healing where we go to meet ourselves in the depths of assisting those who suffer exactly what we suffer in life.

Seventh House (Descendant)

The seventh house rules our relationships in the world. And the people we engage with in our personal, professional, recreational and spiritual spheres. It is a place of duty where we fulfil the soul’s engagement to complete contracts with the people in our life.

7th House:
Long term relationships, conjugal life, married life, marriage, divorce, love, desires, passion, fertility, body private parts, life and business partners, litigations, recovery, legal ties, contracts, pleasures, comforts and reputation in foreign countries, trade, travel, home abroad, expansion, moral conduct, spiritual group activities, serving and responding to needs in our community, vitality, outgoing nature, journey, influence in foreign land and fame, relations between public and self, success in love affairs, open enemies, spouse personality, wife and husband relationship matters, adultery, partnerships, conjugal happiness is viewed from the 7th house.

8th House

The eighth house represents research, interest in mystical sciences, occult, inner and outer transformations, longevity, inheritance, kind of death, sexual and excretory organs, will and testament, insurances, easy gains, marital-tie, vulnerability, fear, accidents, past and future events, divine live interventions, unconscious messages (dreams), extramarital life, criminality, obstructions, litigation, bankruptcy, theft, diseases, gaining wealth through unfair means, losses, misfortunes, disgrace, dowry of wife, imprisonment, disappointments, obstacles, unearned wealth, legacy, pension and gratuity, robbery, worries and privations, delay, deep, dark, drugs, battles, enemies, mental pain, gain from in-laws, playing mind games, power struggles, other people’s resources, the death of the ego has it opens the door leading down into our unconscious darkness in order to find our shadow selves.
Eighth House. The eighth house has hidden labyrinths, depths and secrets. It is the seeking of the meeting with the dark night of the soul, the place for discovering sacred and occult knowledge, the engagement with the divine within and the final frontier.

9th House

Ninth House is the house of morals, ethics, philosophy and sacred scripture study.
9th House representing keywords: religion, luck, fortune, sudden and unexpected gains, publicity, advertising, higher studies, teachers and mentors, learning foreign languages, writing books, character, grand parents, grandson, devotion towards elders and God, dreams, education, wife’s younger brother, brother’s wife, visit to holy places, communication with spirits, father, spiritual learning and initiations, intuition, charity, virtue, duty, destiny based on past lives and consequent happiness, meditation, foreign travel, long journeys of short duration, life in foreign lands, education abroad, grace, pilgrimages, law, medicine, remedies. Hips, thighs. Faith, initiations, blessings, mantras, wisdom, prosperity, powers of foresight, religious institutions, Heaven sent help. Jove Jupiter.

10th House: (MC/Midheaven)

This important house indicates father, career, vocation, profession, power, position, authority, promotion, livelihood, fame, public esteem, status, honor, character, activities outside the house, pleasures, trade, command, occupation, living abroad, ambition, happiness from male child, adopted son, debts, karma, employers, relationship between self and superiors, success in business, promotion, favor and recognition from government, worldly activities and moral responsibilities. Body parts are hairs, knees, bones, joints and back.
X House – Here others observe our personal qualities, our resources, our good conduct and what our public character thinks, says and does. The Tenth House is the house of integrity in thought, word and action.

“When the time for reincarnation comes, and the presence of the Permanent Atom renders possible the fertilisation of the ovum from which the new body is to grow, its keynote sounds out, and
is one of the forces which guide the ethereal builder to choose
the material suitable for his work, for he can use none that cannot
be to some extent attuned to the permanent atom. But it is only
one of the forces; the karma of past lives, mental, emotional, and
in relation to others, demands materials capable of the most varied expressions;
out of that karma the Lords of Karma have chosen
such as is congruous, and this congruous mass of karma determines
the material group, overriding the permanent atom, and out of that
group are chosen by the ethereal builder such materials as can
vibrate in harmony with the permanent atom, or in discords not
disruptive in their violence.
According to this temperament will be the time of the birth of the body; it must be born
into the world at a time when the physical planetary influences are
suitable, and it thus is born under its astrological ‘star.’ It is not
the star that imposes the temperament, but the temperament that
fixes the epoch of birth under that star. Herein lies the explanation
of the correspondences between Star-Angels and characters, and the
usefulness for educational purposes of a skilfully and carefully drawn
horoscope as a guide to the personal temperament of a child.” Annie Besant, A Study in Consciousness.

10th house: is what we aspire to, success in the outer world, being on top in our career, it’s our highest aspirations, the best with can do with our life in this incarnation.

Eleventh House

The 11th House accounts for fluctuating money gains, friends and love affairs, acquaintances, social success, to attend workshops, self reflection on our reactions and interactions with others, community prayers, going on spiritual group retreats, emotional attachments, club or group activities, wealth, profit, income, prosperity, elder brothers and sisters and relations with them, advisers, favorites, recovery of illness, expectation, son’s wife, success in undertakings. Body parts; ankles, left ear and left arm legs. Fulfillment of hopes and wishes, aspirations and desires.

Role of the Twelfth House

XII House signifies:
Subconscious mind,
Marriage, self punishment,
A tricky house, to surrender,
Self sabotage, hidden enemies,
Expenses, debts, paying fines, lawsuits,
Punishment, confinement, imprisonments,
Exile, seclusion, life is an inside job,
Karma, going astray, hiding stuff from the world,
An adulterous relationship, illegitimate conjugal relations,
Living far away from one’s hometown, living in foreign lands,
Bed pleasures, enjoying luxuries, work related to water resorts,
The prison of tyrannical egos, isolation, away from civilized society,
Sacrifice, suffering or service, charity donations, obstructions in life,
Termination of employment, end of life, long journeys, enlightenment,
A recluse, monastery, feet, sleeping comforts, sleeping style, healing,
Loss of spouse, losses, separation from family, sorrows, lost goods, Deprivation, endings,
Working behind the scenes, secret works, military quarters, work in a hospital, asylum,
Transcendence, addictions, meditation, hospitalization, going within, the Astral plane, withdrawal. 6th house ruler in the 12th house; brings unmanageable debts and health problems.

Significations of Planets:

Sun – Father, influence, energy, soul, ego
Moon – Mother, mind
Mars – Brothers, courage
Mercury – Profession, speech, education
Jupiter – Prosperity, children, wealth, wisdom. Jupiter is the nourisher and preserver of all forms.
Venus – Pleasures, marriage, material comforts
Saturn – Longevity, sorrows, delays. Saturn in the 12th house can indicate persistent feelings of guilt without being able to articulate or solve it.
Rahu – Maternal relations
Ketu – Paternal relations

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