Bravery: A Courageous Fighter and What She Said

Fighting Fake News Bravery Courageous Fighter Bravery A Courageous Fighter and What She Said
Fighting Fake News

Isn’t a fun mental fight better than a primitive physical fight? Isn’t a fair fight better than a fake fight? In the bloody jungle where only the fittest will survive, good luck to you and I. Who needs to take a spiritual bath? A nasty vibration makes us want to throw up. There are energetically clogged zombies who believe what they’ve just heard and haven’t even seen. There are adult minds who don’t mind indulging in whatever carrot lollipop is spoon fed to them. Who is selfish? Who is egotistical? Who is a wild? Some don’t like you but neither do you like yourself. At least your straightforwardness is commonly shared. Assuming you won’t be liked because you feel the same way towards others too. Are you betraying, overpowering, dismissing those who aim to do the same to you? Should you and why shouldn’t you? Inside, we are both the same. Insane human and sane inhumans, who sow prejudices on sleeves with the heart lost in unchecked erroneous facts. Because in war nobody cares who you are, only what you have and who you know. Only liking one’s own kind, who is that? Has the world, has life made you so or is it your nature? And what does nature think of you? And should you or why shouldn’t you?

Control Theories. Control Theory Everyone is motivated to break the law –So, the question is NOT: Why do we break rules? But, Why don’t we? Deviance result by Martha Nichols

Is there somebody that won’t leave you by yourself, who’s been through worse than you? Can you get somebody to love you right, for who you are, the way you are? For that don’t rely on, Tolerate, is a two faced word that lies to all except itself. Tolerate doesn’t tolerate anyone apart from itself, suppressing its values and beliefs to falsely be admired, Tolerate despises honesty and the reminders of the multiple masks it wears. Hating others outer packaging, thus, disinterested in seeing their innards any further. Tolerate is scared to die, it tries to live. It’s funny how everything changes. Once you get the things you wanted, they become cheap.

Bravery: A Courageous Fighter and What She Said

How to Fight Fair

Don’t beg for mercy, strive in torture. Why beg for mercy when you’re expected to strive while tortured? Waking up to road work hammers, in chisels and guns in there where no one is here for you but you. Waking up enjoying the unfair suffering is chaotic but what are zero senses of selves going to do about it? And some are ready to die; waiting for old age, they pray to go painlessly to sleep. And others wish to die having fun with the gods, the monsters (Monsters are people who have stopped pretending. We need to look at human behavior and ask ourselves? Are we beasts or are we human beings?), the angels; with whoever or whatever all the metaphorical entities living in the subconscious really are. Everybody struggles to one degree or another, yet after knee jerk reactions are complete, life’s difficulties are things we learn from. After a meeting with the willpower to face our fears, life can never be the same again. And after angering the pleasure of pain, who knows what turn life will take. Hence live here now and most of all, for yourself. Especially when it’s over before what’s doomed even started because a situation smells like it will lead to desperation; extreme times cause extreme actions. Consequently have the intuition to make decisions. We know what we know from the data that we’ve collected until this moment, so don’t fight your gut, just go with it or act aligned with the most high.

Five primary styles of conflict management Courageous Bravery
Five primary styles of conflict management by Lumen Learning

Higher, nature’s will over our souls is stronger than ours thus, shut your loud mouth a bit more, listen to the divine in all things, chill out and see! At time it’s okay to surrender a desire, to put a plan on hold for a second as a means to really hearing the voice within who smashes up your face from the inside out in aim to be heard out. Once you’ve listened, come out ready to go full speed instead of rushing ahead with illusions and delusions and, therefore, losing strength early on during your expedition. Laying low, reflecting on feelings, there are times to sit still by the mind until it guides you.

What is self control?

Bravery: A Courageous Fighter and What She Said

Until the time to push ahead and get the job done comes. Until emerging, incinerated to alive, stay nearby for some things will only be known once we die. So stop messing up my mind, some things can’t be fully understood alive. Such as why love is our best weapon and why apart from using privilege, fraud, force or subscribing to an eternal life in servitude to one who uses privileges, fraud or force, there aren’t many options to subscribe to? Still when life’s games are rigged, winning doesn’t matter. To participate at persisting is what matters, since everywhere where a game is rigged; the winners are losers.

How do you handle conflict Courageous Bravery
How do you handle conflict?

“All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near. Sun Tzu, The Art of War PDF.

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Mysterious Truths – Manipulation, Wise Lies and Life Drives
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