Destined New Life – Think Extremely Well of Yourself

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Destiny – Think Extremely Well of Yourself

Remember the burping nursery? You are as good as you think so see new sceneries or soon visit loopy cemeteries. Go under the shade of an old tree, in open fields near silent woods, form new surroundings. Get back into real tropical or homemade salt baths, sip sunlight cocktails made of natural skies, and if you are rapaciously saving resources for the zombies days ahead, no problemo, just bring your garden plastic jacuzzi with you.

For there, in arctic fresh air or under a living room fan near a freezer door left open, you are cooler than you’ve ever been. Chill, grab a cup of ice cubes, or walk on icebergs rather than barefooted on fire. And whoever does not want to fly away with you, leave them at the airport, for you are bolder than you think in your bikini. You are not the shape of your abdominals but the beliefs whispering in your mind, and the totality of your imagination, so go somewhere new. Instantly think extremely well of yourself.

Reignite the fire of your soul by getting back on track under natural sunshine or by carrying your tanning sunbed with you. Then, do not build castles in the sand or palaces in mud, build mansion houses filled with joyous thoughts that create new ideas instead.
Dead monotony kills the brain and originality revives it.
Beware of boredom in routines, it kills the spirit.
Liberate your thoughts from fears, prejudices and limitations;
Dressed or undressed, talk well of what you do, talk well of what you have. Be proud of yourself for each sunrise is a fresh world, an occasion to plan a pleasure trip or a reason to move on invincibly towards acting with firmness of purpose for you are greater than you think.

Rusted yet renewed every tenacious morning, each day begins another life. Persistently and indefinitely, souls live for eternity. Here, where suspicious thoughts turning trustworthy friends into foes are intertwined with a strangling fate that strives to metamorphose betrayals into allies; the final choice is always yours. Here, if you’re drowning in an unbearable situation, you must pull yourself out somehow. Try, feel extreme harmony so your soul, body and mind cannot decay. Think love and childlike joy! Let your will decide to seek freedom rather than dusting over what has long become an ugly useless thing draining you of everything for nothing in return. Why so serious? Start thunders of laughters; inject fun into daily activities until the emotional floodgates lift to let tears water your smothered heart. Are problems thoughts made? If yes, then feel free to presently fill your mind with golden thoughts, and you will have different life circumstances; a brighter future.

Past has passed, the deeper you’ve sunk, the higher you’ll bounce back. But where will you land? On Tropical Wonder Island with clowns massaging your ego, or in a Grim Sharks Circus those farce freezes the bones of the skeleton at the core of your soul? Finger pointing at outer conditions for one’s inner tumult does not result in self empowerment, it’s rather pathetically weak, nearing egocentric and too self centered to talk about others, in brief, it’s austere.

Best adding fun into daily thinking; humor forgives, seriousness kills. Nonetheless, no longer human beings, we are doing, doing, doing… we are becoming human machines stress-fully telling everybody how busy we are, telling everybody how lost we are. However we don’t have time to ponder on the source of our existential stress because without stress we wouldn’t have any energy to spend on exercising at shopping faster. And if some minds open too much, their brains might fall out. That’s why to Hypochondriacs, to think appears dangerous, as The Loss Of Brains is the only illness they haven’t yet been diagnosed with. Plus these neurotics have already heard confusing advice about their migraines, “If you must pick between two evils, choose the one you already know or pick the one you’ve just met.” ???
Don’t worry about answering, it doesn’t matter who knocks. Although it could be lady luck, not the devil. Stressed ears are too fatigued to inquire, thus best complain about the noise and go back to coconut popcorn binging while watching opportunity knocking on TV screens.

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Yet, underneath the masquerade, everyone secretly wishes, to simply stop, being concerned with nonsense. In truth, since all living things need to feed on an energy, everyone needs something from life; everyone wants (to feed off) your life. The issue is feeling like life owes someone something… is persevering at stubbornly waiting a lifetime for outer validation rather than simply working towards thinking well of themselves by themselves. No wonder, to the pessimists, it seems impossible to comeback from such a desperate state as they’ve never been anywhere with optimism. Unlock new gateways to extraordinary wellness and vitality.

Yet, underneath the masquerade, everyone covertly spends on immortality’s aloe vera creams that regenerate youth stem cells or on protein milkshakes without milk to rescue cows breasts. One remarkable way or another, you want to feel amazing and high spirited. Be brilliant all day long because your thoughts, language and emotions create the world you see. So what is it you see? Who is snapchatting? Is she still playstationing, dark netting or whatsapping while he’s nude webcamming and chat boxing? And are they over stimulated by texting and browsing or by uploading to later delete the photoshopped avatars? Overloaded nights.
Afterwards don’t forget to light a meditation candle.
Once the wax is settled reconnect with reality: Actively swipe your mind’s dust with new thoughts, come back home to wisdom and stay in touch with common sense. Moreover, retrieve the rare treasures of happiness for each day is a new thought and each thought is a new life.

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