You Are Doing Better Than You Think

You Are Doing Better Than You Think A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles
Love in Water: A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.

There are days where everything goes wrong and even the smallest of things like dropping a pencil makes you want to breakdown. There are nights when nothing on the horizon seems aligned with your vision of how life should be. Those are times when you spend hours watching pedestrians stride confidently in the direction their lives are taking them. Then you ask yourself, how they manage to walk in straight line while you feel dizzy from zigzagging all over the place. The truth is, life comes with its fair share of problems. It isn’t linear and if it was made of happiness only, it wouldn’t be balanced. The curve-balls are what makes life a learning adventure and how we manage to face its waves is what really counts. When anxiety arrives, you have to convince your chattering mind that you are doing way better than you have ever done. Tell your thoughts that you know fully your blessings and that for this reason, giving up on life is never an option.

You know, History has shown that nothing lasts forever. No matter how much self doubt you have within, trust that similarly to your pleasurable moments, the challenging ones will come to end. In time, each of your injuries will heal with understanding and you will survive and be stronger for them.

Change. Flexibility of the static will always exist. Therefore, adapting to changes will always win over fear and over the complaining through which pain and misery insert themselves, digging deeply until the uninvited changes become overwhelming.

Besides, you have faith that changes will lead to the path fate expects you to take in this lifetime. The unexpected needs to scare you, in order to bring about the beauty and possibility of a positive ending.

Failure. You have tried the new and failed to make it mature, however, what matters is that you persisted rather than letting a debacle put a halt on your journey towards your destiny.

Yourself. Before making decisions about life altering choices, questioning your motives will show that you are considering every option to avoid driving your years into a pool of wrinkled outcomes. As we grow up, self doubt is a healthy sign of being conscious about the risks of later regrets vs the possibilities of long term successes. Once you acknowledge the difference between you and the person you were a year ago, there is no denying you are doing better than you think. You have learned in your own way that an insurmountable problem can be faced with your eyes closed, deep breaths and the inner knowing that tells you – “this too shall pass.”


You are alive with a life path to follow and a destiny to fulfill.

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You have skills and desires. You have the energy and the passion to do certain things, whether it be working out or volunteering, and you enjoy it. Sometimes, even insignificant things like a red balloon or a smile from a random stranger make you feel happy.

You have friends. At least one person misses you and looks forward to your next visit or call. You have someone close with whom to reminisce about the ‘good old days.’ People worry about the quantity of their acquaintances but eventually tend to realize, the number of members in your tribe has no bearing on how much intimacy, acceptance, sense of belonging, or happiness you feel. At the end of the day, to be known and loved by a few people, is what we are all craving for.

So celebrate the little things. It’s easy to take the mundane – fresh air, relationships, Sunlight, chocolates and pets for granted. Nonetheless, these are enjoyable and priceless reminders of how much abundance and strength you carry within. Consider all these with you in times of self loathing.

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