How to Set and Stick to Your Goals for Good

how to set and stick to your goals for good

Do you stick to your goals?

Every January you mentally set goals, each birthday you make wishes and in spring you plant seeds. But within a few weeks, to do lists have been given up, candles on cakes have fallen short of expectations and plants won’t sprout. Would you let your car park you into the wayside?

A one way road with two lanes, on the right side you are relaxing in your convertible. You look at yourself in the rear view mirror and wink at passion and mission sat in the backseat. You drive slowly with confidence towards a predestined destination, the view is appeasing and you sing your optimism. Suddenly, a lesson is thrown at you…

Impatiently, a driver with a loose seat belt races beside you. His bow throws a lazy arrow in your tyre, flattened, you keep moving. Another arrow drains the fuel into red, on reserve, you carry on. Then a banner is waved at you, it reads: “Give up, you won’t stick to it’’. You ignore and shout but neither works against the klaxons following you. This is it, your goal seeking excursion comes to a halt. Exhausted you stop, open the door and step out of the car, to make a stand. But the archer has disappeared and is nowhere to be seen.

As you sit back in, a button is pushed by your subconscious, your seat ejects you, head first through the roof. You let your car park you into the wayside.


Why has the subconscious blocked you from reaching your dream?
Now on foot you sweat and the goal is miles away. It all started well but now it seems to end, against your will. A lightning strike, grace has fallen to refresh the clarity in your consciousness. As clear as water, you see the saboteur part of yourself who just wanted to be acknowledged. You discover that the archer is your own shadow.

As long as you are in denial about the unflattering dark side of your being, the same old patterns will keep manifesting without your awareness. These dismissed emotions find an outlet through your thoughts which in turn, become your actions. To be in charge of your actions and to not go back to old negative patterns, you have to be in charge of your subconscious mind.

The subconscious is home to the saboteur, the self beliefs that hold you back, the dark secrets that you repress, and it also houses the best of you. To transit from self sabotage to self realization, you need to enter that home and tap into its productive energy. The next time you come up with an idea, take the time to train your saboteur to become your collaborator; this is done by planning how you are going to attain your objective.


No map, no destination, going nowhere! Apply yourself to planning. Whether a short term task like cleaning the house or a long term activity like getting in shape, goal setting maps your life. It isn’t ideal to lay out a step by step plan for achieving something if you aren’t clear on what that thing is, or when you have reached it. No matter what the target is and how long it will take to be reached, a clear cut definition of the goal and a plan for how it will be achieved, are necessary.


Define and set the goal.

Keep the end goal in mind and ask yourself: is it attainable? How am I going to achieve it? Be specific and realistic. Don’t decide to buy a musical instrument, decide exactly what type of instrument and how you are going to learn to play. Deciding to learn Tango in six months is doable, deciding to teach Tango on Dancing with the Stars by next weekend, isn’t.

To avoid getting overwhelmed, adopt an organized and systematic approach to planning. For example, get out a piece of paper and list the major steps required to achieve your goal. Then break those major steps into smaller steps and continue the process until each step is a small and simple task that is easy to accomplish.


When sticking to your goals for good gets tough, the key is to hang on to an emotion tied up to an outcome:

Think about all your achievements in life. Think about how long you already spent on trying, giving up would send it all to waste. Think about the haters and enemies that want to see you defeated. Think about your close alliances, the facilitators and the helpful who paved the way for you to succeed.

Be grateful to the signs of progress, in life there is a sacred thing, called divine timing. Be cheerful for each little step forward, even if some of you would rather live in fantasyland, even if the hype sentence that states that everything is possible, is true. It is also true that your body stands, on two feet, posed on reality. That means, you need a practical plan in place, with deadlines to hold yourself accountable of your progress.


To set and stick to your goals for good, your conscious and subconscious have to work in sync, as is the harmonious union of mind and spirit in love.