How to Get Motivated to Change Your Life

Get motivated to change your life

Get Motivated

What is a motive? Do you have problems setting goals and sticking to them?

If you struggle with motivation, it’s probably because your motive isn’t connected with what your heart desires. A motive is a meaningful reason to achieve your goal, it’s the determination to go in a particular direction and stick to it. It’s a desire turned into the will to take action.


In order to be motivated, you must firstly have a motive and then take a constructive action towards it. Motivation comes from within you, it’s something that you inspire yourself using your emotions and visualization.

“Wanting something is not enough. You must hunger for it. Your motivation must be absolutely compelling in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way.” Les Brown


Face your emotions and avoid procrastination. When you can’t get anything done unless you have deadlines crushing down on you, and from one day to the next you delay action as you are unable to get yourself started with anything. This implies that you are simply not connected to a goal, and there is a disconnect between your emotions and actions. Emotion is the source of motivation, it is the energy needed to become and stay motivated.

Many people struggle to connect with their emotions because it can make them feel vulnerable, however our emotions are the engine for growth and the driving force for change. Motivation is within you, tune in your emotions to get motivated! Once you feel a connection to something that really matters to you, the drive to get you where you want to go is created, and the path to change your life opens.


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