What Does The Age of Aquarius Mean?

The Great Sphinx

When does the Age of Aquarius start?

According to ancient spiritual sources and esoteric science, every two thousand years a new constellation in the universe starts affecting evolution on Earth and time moves us backwards through the astrological signs into a new age. Mankind’s written history can be detected from the Age of Leo and each age has it’s own theme.

  • Age Of Aquarius (2000 A.D. to 4000 A.D.)
  • Age Of Pisces (1 A.D. to 2000 A.D.)
  • Age Of Aries (2000 B.C. to 1 B.C.)
  • Age Of Taurus (4000 B.C. to 2000 B.C.)
  • Age Of Gemini (6000 B.C. to 4000 B.C.)
  • Age Of Cancer (8000 B.C. to 6000 B.C.)
  • Age Of Leo (10,000 B.C. to 8000 B.C.)

The theme for the age of Aquarius is brotherhood.

Most estimates agree that the Aquarian Age started in the year 2000 – it is gradually starting and will come in full power within the next 2000 years. Since the effects of any astrological event extend before and after its actual occurrence and the sky isn’t divided up by boundary lines with exact dates, any transition is a process.

That’s why announcing the exact time would be amateurish because switches within ages don’t happen exactly the way a light switch is turned on and off. Also, the old age usually continues parallel for most of the new one, consequently as the light of Pisces is dimming down, the light of Aquarius is brightening up. What matters is what the Age of Aquarius promises for Earth.

Why should you care? The powerful changes and effects of the Age of Aquarius are already palpable in our world through shift in moods, actions and intentions, as we are increasingly triggered into the strengthening frequency and the brightening light of Aquarius. Everyone on the planet is already energetically changing, feels the urge to change or is at least witnessing other people changes.

These changes are about tuning with our spiritual selves in preparation for the New Age and looking within for answers instead of seeking outward relief from accumulating money and possessions. And humanity, kindness, truth and spirituality will be valued over, using and ignoring people for selfish and greedy self serving purposes.

Major developments in areas ruled by the sign of Aquarius will also be noticed such as social justice, equality, telepathy and clairvoyance. Inexhaustible sources of free energy, interconnected networks and our direct connection with the universe will flourish. Reason, science and technology will give us the freedom and opportunity to develop our true individuality and talents.

Alternative medicine, astrology, tarot and other mystical methods of self-help and understanding which were previously considered eccentric or weird, are now becoming commonplace.

Lifestyle choices like vegetarianism, yoga and meditation are increasingly being adopted by people who would have shunned them ten years ago.

“In this time Piscean values are giving way to Aquarian values. The difference between the two is very simple. Piscean values work from the ego, creating boundaries. Aquarian values have no boundaries; they are Infinite. Aquarian consciousness takes you inside your soul, so that you can relate to the soul in all.” Yogi Bhajan

How will it change things on Earth?

Aquarius is a fixed Air sign of the zodiac. Its planetary rulers are Saturn and Uranus. This means that the high and low octaves characterized by these two planets give us a hint about the energetic climate of the Age of Aquarius – what clothes to pack and who to ditch.

In this new age, love and friendship based on ego, possessing, conveniences, personal agendas and ulterior motives will disappear. Instead, relationships based on understanding, mutual vision, collaboration and fraternity will form.

In this new age, the divide and rule tactics imposed by governments and authority won’t work anymore as people’s eyes will increasingly see through BS situations and people. While the corrupt foundations of society crumble, we’ll break free of centuries of destructive doctrines and absurdly false ideas. Barriers to education and medicine will improve in conjunction with our capacity to love and be loved. Wars – will become extinct eventually but it might take a few more hundred years for idiocy to extinct itself, completely.

The Age of Aquarius has the potential for world peace. For everything to become unified and for all our differences and dualities to mix together until they are inseparable, while at the same time each of us remaining a distinct and unique soul.

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Update 2019: Astrology, Natal Chart, Planets:

A Hint of Destiny

The Life Path in Your Astrological Natal Chart Report

A birth chart provides a comprehensive view of the gifted personality you share with the world and outlines the varied directions available to you in this life. This report shows your outlook on life, your natural skills and highlights your qualities. In brief, each planet reveals a hint of your destiny so don’t wait any longer, find out…

What is Your Astrological Natal Profile? You need to know how extraordinary and completely unique your being really is. Your personal natal chart is an amazing tool revealing your uniqueness, your greatness and your strengths. It offers valuable information that has the power to unlock your true self mysteries. By reading and analyzing your astrological natal profile, you will find out more about your destiny since you now possess real knowledge of the personality traits that nature has blessed you with. You’ll also better understand the roads leading up towards your special life path, plus, how to master and satisfy your inner needs, wants and desires?

An Astrological Natal Chart, (also called a Natal Birth Chart) is created from the powerful calculation of the planets positions in the heavens at the exact time of your birth. Mathematically, the odds of two natal charts being exactly identical is very rare. This fact proves how exceptional your uniqueness is. The way to interpret an astrological chart isn’t black-and-white; it is interpreted in many different ways because each person in the world is at – a specific level of evolution which has its own perception of what reality is.

Natal Charts Basics: On your birthday, each planet was positioned in a specific house and sign. Astrologers mix all planet’s zodiac signs and houses meanings, to determine weaknesses, obstacles, luck and talents unique to you. In addition, an in-depth set of concepts named ‘Aspects’ is used to explore the vibrating relationship existing in between the planets and their respective energies in your chart. (How the planets will manifest their energies depends on the Signs and Houses in which they fall, and their respective aspects.) After you understand the chart in general with clarity, feel free to explore the lifelong study of Astrology further, who knows, it might even become your new hobby! In the meantime, here is a beginner set of fundamentals to help you understand your personal profile chart:

The Planets. Like all sentient beings living here on the physical Earthy realm created by The One Universal Mind; each planet has a vibrational frequency unique to itself that represents the primal impulses driving our souls, egos to act. Accordingly, the individual energy of your chart was shaped by the location of where planets were located at birth. Now let’s see a preview of the planets included in this natal chart report:

Your Sun. Sun signifies achievements, life force, father, talents, creativity, authority, what you want to be; who you truly are? How your soul inspires others? Sun gifts health, courage and fortune. It reflects your personality and its methods of spontaneous self expression in this lifetime. Also look at the sunlight in your chart to grasp your style, your physical body life energies, as well as your egoistic conscious will and destiny. The Sun shows you where to find your life purpose, natural youth and childlike joy.

Your Moon. How do you emotionally adjust to change? How do you express and deal with your emotions? How do you nurture, how do you instinctively react to protect yourself and others? The Moon represents our moods, home, mind, emotional insecurities, popularity, Mother, childbirth, habits, travels, fertility, family, memory, growth, self care, past situations, childhood. How to fulfill your innermost desires? Connected to the unconscious, the Moon is profoundly mysterious. To emotionally develop yourself and to feel emotionally safe, what do you need? What causes you to withdraw? Why are you dissatisfied?

Airy Mercury represents all forms of communication; speech, logic, intellect, writing, conscious thought. It’s associated with learning, processing, storing and exchanging information. Curiosity and how decisions are made is also seen through Mercury.

Venus – Goddess of Love, Artistic Taste and Talents. The Love energy of Venus expands way beyond romanticism and physical attraction. It includes all kinds of love, like self love, passion, self worth, sensual pleasures. What we value most? Anything that makes happiness. Social situations and expectations are also reflected here.

A Wild Mars Attack! As the planet of willpower, ambition, self assertion, sexual nature and war, competitive Mars ignites the aggressive fires of fierceness in you. It drives your gut to pursue cravings. It shows how you go about conquering or acquiring more of… and the actions your animal instinct takes to do so. Mars also reflects what makes you angry, how you express impulsion, impatience, rashness or enthusiasm, where your business sense is applied. The ruler of Aries signifies what stimulates your physical energy and how that active energy is consumed.

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Joyous Jupiter. Is in search for opportunities, wisdom and a higher purpose. Jupiter is blown up by blind optimism in massive quantities! This large planet symbolizes overindulgence, expansion, sense of humor, benevolence, blessings & luck, research, learning and publishing. Jupiter represents physical, mental and spiritual growth. Of Majestic Abundance and insights into the knowledge of spirituality, religion and philosophy. It is also the planet that craves envisioning a life path and to happily go after it with the ability to tolerate the frustrations and restrictions popping up along the way.

Stern Saturn. Since it is the planet of responsibility, authority and maturity, the energy of Saturn is controlling. – The karmic disciplinarian forces egos to go through long and dreadful life tests that will lead to tangible achievements after continued efforts have been made to establish the stable structures of a plan into reality.

– To rely on your own resources through hard work.

– Needing social approval.

– Displaying the weaknesses that need to be strengthened in order to build long term successes and spiritually evolve, is of the domain of Saturn; Time, fear, contraction, concentration, duty, separation, boundaries, and much more.

Quirky Uranus talks too fast?! Astrologically, the energies of Uranus are electrically eccentric, the high voltages sent by this planet of rebellion, call for liberation and innovation. Uranus energies want you to break free from limitation and conformity in favor of originality and spontaneity. Due to this progressive and dynamic energy, Uranus is linked to how you naturally handle your reactions under the spark of sudden erratic life events. Will you listen to the intuitive flash of ingenuity those idealism asks for a break of the patterns that no longer serve your evolution? With enlightening Uranus pushing you to think outside the box and to act out of the norm, shaping your character by progressing in the midst of unexpected events is your destiny. So don’t worry about what the physical world expects of you, Uranus wants to rebel against outdated traditions and to invent futuristic technologies instead. Why don’t you refuse to blend in and celebrate irresponsibility for a change? The novelty and discovery of informative mind downloads demanding further investigation is exactly what your friend Uranus has in store for you.

Sea Neptune? The emotional waters of Neptune are complex to interpret as this mysterious planet exhibit confusing vibes. Neptune rules Pisces, spiritual dreams and all subtle things. On the up side, Neptune is linked with inspiration, intuition, psychic and artistic sensitivity, poetry, compassion, and unconscious mind parts; The capability to imagine an ideal world colored by fantasy, to rise above ego demands. Other manifestations of Neptune are a bit more tricky, these are disillusionment, childlike hopes and naivety, guilt, deceit; all sorts of addictions causing an avoidance of the reality that is pushed away while Neptunian types float ungrounded in the physical realm of life. Neptune is our inner world, our connection to our soul and spirit.

Pluto’s sense of mission is emotionally driven. It is compulsive, it is destructive. And it’s regenerating after death and rebirth has been experienced via shadow work’s dark transformative energies. Referred to as Evolution, Pluto challenges you to face your ego and to let go of the old version of yourself. After purging and renewal, Pluto desires to powerfully pierce through the deeper layers of experience in search of universal truths. Pluto also relates with taboos, control issues, resentment, enforced change, power plays, obsession, fear of loss, the underworld, and strong passions.

The Age of Aquarius
Them and The Age of Aquarius
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