Manifesting Desires with Your Heart Energy

How to Manifest Your Heart Desires

What does your heart desire?
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Does manifesting work or is it a subject for the deluded?

Your own manifestation powers have to be tested… Especially since a friend of yours went skydiving and can’t stop bragging about it. You don’t have the guts for a skydiving session. You are not envious but irritated. To turn the irritation into an opportunity, you decide to manifest your arising desire, which is to join your friend in the air by the end of next week, never mind about your phobia of boarding a helicopter and your fear of flying.

You hoped for a miracle, why didn’t it happen? Well, it didn’t happen because the intention wasn’t heart centered – wanting something because someone else has it doesn’t come from the needs of the soul. Comparing comes from the wounded ego. The timing was rushed, a couple of weeks to beat fear and phobia is hard to believe for most. It would have been better to start by manifesting the courage to fly first and then dare to board a helicopter. Life is filled with infinite possibilities and nothing is impossible, when you believe.

To recover from the disappointment you up the ante and aim to manifest a dream within reach. It’s been a while since you have read gig listings, scanning the tour dates of your favorite rock band. At last, they are listed in an upcoming music festival. Then a coincidence, a radio postcode contest announces you as the festival ticket winner. An unconscious manifestation often seems to be a coincidence, a lucky event or a damn curse. But you’ve been blessed and went to the gig, then left; a short lived satisfaction.

You thought the rock vibe would stay forever flowing in your veins, so why didn’t it? Even if the intention came from your heart chakra, its vision wasn’t specific enough to satisfy you. To manifest, your heart energy and mind’s vision need to be aligned towards the same goal. Your heart cried out to be a rock star while your mind was simply pleased to see one. Allowed to charm, deception sat as part of the crowd, craving to be on stage faced by it, anguishing to be a member of the band.

It’s not your type to give up after two attempts… You didn’t wake up yet resembling Mick Jagger so you booked a lifetime of teeth guitar lessons to strike the chord the way Jimi Hendrix did. But you don’t waste time, you are an avid walker and an experienced sprinter who keeps moving forward. Like Aladdin on his flying carpet, at the speed of light, you command the Genie in the bottle for your last wish – to win the annual local marathon for charity and for your own publicity.

On the day you least expected it, you’ve won! The right to show your hissing teeth on a newspaper cover under the title: ‘The hero believes in fairytales’. The manifestation worked with a Genie for coach and a match between your intention and your heart’s desire. You believed it was possible to achieve, that’s why you visualized it in detail. Instead of thinking of the lack of past victories, you convinced yourself it was only a matter of time until winning came to manifest and the dream took form from a vision to a reality. Proud, you hold the round crystal trophy, as a receipt for the recipe of manifestation…

The intention – Although many of you claim to know what you want, most of you will not have a fixed definition of what that ‘want’ is. To create a vision of what you desire in life, hold the intention alive in your mind in the same way as you focus on your worries. Thoughts are constantly there, if you let the unconscious babysit them, they’ll grow up like lost teenagers. They’ll manifest all over the place; the best outcomes, the worst experiences, the people they need and their unwanted gifts. Then, they’ll take what’s given to them for granted, become bored with it, and let it rust into dust. Not knowing what they really desired in the first place because they were only brave enough to seek a substitute for their authentic dream.

To make your fantasies come true, your intention has to be right. In your heart you have to know what it is you wish, to experience, embody, receive or possess. You have to be able to see, hear and feel your desire as if it was real. Play it in your mind eye and one day you’ll see it with your eyes open.

Believing – Emotions and thoughts are energies. You send them out and they come back to you. Believing that your thoughts create your reality is the basis of the manifesting process. If you are a skeptic, it’s best to start by doing some research to understand this topic until you genuinely believe in it. It’s called your heart’s desire and your heart knows when you lie to it. So, don’t go trying to manifest a dinosaur appearing in your living room, unless you believe dinosaurs exist.

Believing is possessing, believing is to surrender to your inner knowing and to breath life with the nasals full of the smell of what you wish for. So that the vibration of your energy field aligns to the one that matches your desire, reducing the separation between your intention and your desire until they become one. Then, imagination forms into reality. It’s similar to tuning into a radio station. The closer you approach it, the louder you can hear it. This allows your vision to manifest because you become compatible with your desire and are, therefore, receptive to it.

Let’s say you plan to buy a new house: search for furniture – find some to use and some for display. Start inquiring about insurance prices, purchase paint colors samples and a door alarm and an alarm clock… Act like the mortgage will last as long as your past life baggage and the move in date and the debt are set.

Trust and Let Go – Once your intention is clear in your mind and you believe in the manifesting process, trusting it’s working and letting go of control is crucial. That means acting as if you already have manifested your desire and not over thinking or obsessing about the lack of it. Focusing for too long on what you want is focusing on what you don’t have, resulting in manifesting more of what you don’t want. Statements and questions such as: ‘I do not have this, how will it come?, when do I get it?’, are negative and pessimistic thoughts that bring your energy vibration down. They drain your hope by separating you even further from the higher energy of your vision and desire. When you start letting go of self-sabotaging affirmations and stop ‘wanting and lacking’ things, your real desires will come to you. In the meantime, forget about seeing is believing and trust that believing is seeing.

To manifest your desires, realize how much power the heart holds… It’s a motor stored within, a pushing energy behind the stagnating wheel, the motivation maintaining the moves from standing still and the reason a right foot has found to not fall on the ground while the left is tearing you down.

The heart contains the accumulation of your sorrows and the totality of your life experiences, re-birthed, stirred, spiced and served up for supper in the cold night of winter for you to warm the chills of doubt that crawl on the back of your broken neck. The feast can be slow to undo hurt but never it defaults to help you recover. You can count on it, dip deeper in it and work with it to manifest at will instead of waiting for the heart to heal.

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To activate the manifestation process, express your gratefulness for all the blessings you have received. Practice visualization at night before you fall asleep and during the day. Take some time out of a claustrophobic environment to be acknowledged by the universe. Then imagine yourself, travelling to a wonderful place, feeling the excitement of deserving abundance and watching yourself happy as your heart desire has manifested.

Then, come back to earth and let the memories of your mind travel re-energize and uplift you. Create the space for personal demands to enter your life and send worldwide wishes to bless us all, and you shall receive abundance in return.

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