Positive Affirmations, Success, Purpose and Destiny


What’s the secret of success?

Underground, there is a town. Jessie lives there. Its inhabitants can’t see the sky, can’t see above their head but they don’t know it. In fact, they live in their head but they don’t know it. There are streets littered with posters of terror to mask the fact that the world is vast.

There are people carrying banners about excursions to the hope bandwagon for those in need of a morality lift. The shop windows are covered in ego boosting words and the newspapers have chosen soul-crushing messages with syllabic rhythms knocking to enter people’s thoughts, and the big screens are dressed as entertainment to show hypnotic lies to their eyes.

All these images and statements mixed up in people’s minds translate into conversations. Their topics of interest are limited, narrow-minded but they don’t know it. They have never seen the blue sky, they don’t know it exists. Like zombies, they walk, thinking they are alive. Not aware that death surrounds them, that delusion dances behind them. A shadow agitates their reflex, unaware they stagnate with their feet stuck into the mud.

In this squared town, all people wear glasses, no not sunglasses. For them, they would have to know that there is a sun, a brilliant light. The glasses are dark shaded, integrated inside the head and shredded in between the eyes. No one knows about this veil, this illusion that confuses the meaning of their beliefs, their perception of colors, the sound of truths and the size of space.

It is contagious. Generations after generations catch the black underground mood that spreads. Through their glasses, they watch an identical reality play out without knowing who they are, where they are and why… That’s why the popular vision, the leading opinion are unquestioned answers.


Underground, the town has no colors and faces are sick and pale. But Jessie’s immune system is blessed. Jessie collects leaves in various shades of grey. She juxtaposes the leaves and they form a grey rainbow. She poses to admire the clearer colors in this palette filled with a range of darkness.

Rumors cast Jessie out. She’s classed as a weirdo because she talks of fairies and she’s seen as an adult mind in a grown up child body, one who can’t stand authority. Reserved, Jessie holds a secret instinct, it is the meaning of her life; a destiny she must find before her life is extinguished. Even though she is clueless, she has faith in fate and hers isn’t here.

Jessie has a fairy for imaginary friend. And at night the fairy seems real when she paints pictures in thunderstorms. At the use of her wand, she expands the world and she shapes the edges with sparkling colors, Jessie’s vision opens and together they visit infinite galaxies.

Of all the inhabitants to chose from, the fairy chose to awaken Jessie to her purpose over the others because Jessie is open minded enough to believe the fairy’s motto: “In life everything counts, everything has meaning as you see what you believe”. Smart Jessie put her own stamp on this exhilarating information as she classified it: Positive affirmations.

Just like Peter Pan did, Jessie begged the fairy to teach her how to fly. The fairy insisted that to travel to successful places, the departure must first come from the mind. After being shown what is out there waiting for her, Jessie must be creative in order to reach her highest potential with help from shared ‘Positive Affirmations’ knowledge. The fairy didn’t serve Jessie’s wish on a platter but she left her with the tool of imagination.

At work, Jessie recites colors and whilst writing them down, she feels their energy. She closes her eyes to see colors moving back and forth to form shapes as she paints her dreams in grey abstract images, over her glasses in between her eyes. In her imagination, the yellow, orange and green are real. In her fantasies, wishes and dreams, are not downgraded, the way they are in reality.

At the shopping mall, walking close to other people rattles her soul. So to not get sucked in by the looks of despair on the grim faces that surrounds her, Jessie runs everywhere she goes. To block out sounds from the town’s loudspeakers booming out dark age speeches, she wears ear plugs. And to fall asleep, she recorded her voice on a homemade audio tape. She listens to the story on the silk bedsheets that she imagines are soft against her skin. As she flaps her fairy wings, she feels light and unattached, free to express her real self.

Awakened, Jessie’s new found positive energy and high vibration state of mind has to stay intact. On the bathroom mirror she wrote: “I am beautiful”. On the fridge she sticks a note that states: “I am successful, in this moment I have all I need, in this instant I am happy.” Daily, she reads a list of self loving words written with care and optimism.

Jessie transformed into a positive affirmation mind muscle. She is stronger than the town’s subliminal messages created by empty brains injecting steroid and silicone into the bones of the zombies; the sleepwalking robots swarming into a giant underground wound. Those hanging on to dead bodies until they are taken down into the grave with them and then hanging on to skeletons who scare the hell out of them as they undress in their closet.


Weeks later, like everyone else, Jessie went to her cubicle at the factory where the machines sweat oil to avoid rusting their body parts. Just like when they are parked at home, in steel boxes, the oil makes life flow smoothly and helps to fire the engine of their routines. It generates the energy that a life behind glasses requires.

Usually, Jessie’s curiosity has a habit of instigating trouble but today it will catapult her out of it. As she ran down to the canteen to be first to see what kind of oiled lunch is served, the power in charge is watching at the lens of a camera. He is mad at Jessie. This woman won’t stand in line, she won’t wait to be called upon and instead she asks questions. She won’t queue for her turn, instead she grabs the things she desires and dares to climbs the barriers as if her sixth sense is telling her that there is treasure behind their gates.

The overbearing ego of the power in charge is oppressed by this feminine wildness, he is confronted by a nature which according to one of the oppressing laws, should be suppressed. He throws a steak knife at the rebelling animal like an arrow thrown at a dartboard; unlike cupid’s love directed at a soul. This chilling act has happened before. In this town underground, inserting sharp objects and subjects into people’s heads makes daily news headlines and these primitive shocking acts and reactions unsurprising. They are a common occurrence and pass as the norm. The intolerance is tolerated and the misunderstandings accepted, without explanation and with a smokescreen for an answer.


The purpose & destiny
The aspiring journalist among the spectators are filming the scene unfold on their smartphones in hope of becoming the next trending transmitters of an entertaining soap opera episode. The spotlight is on… Jessie falls head first, the blade planted through her black glasses, the somber vision’s veil is lifted.

The tight coerced corset on her chest broke. It unzipped itself to let the heart beat, to let the lungs breathe. The blow of fated destiny – forehead damage releases the grace that was captured behind the eyes, as are the hidden pink piglets around their mother’s legs, waiting for the sun to burn all, overcrowded and locked cages.

Furious. She sees how in the underground town, subliminal messages are hidden in every direction. Convinced, the brainwashing is going on and this magical tool is being used for the worst outcome – a black and grey reality.

Jessie realizes the power of the positive affirmations that provoked the change. The blessing in disguise that came dressed as a mental shock thrown by a raging diminished power. From this experience, she learned that there are blessings in our deceptions, hurts and rivals. Coincidences do not exist without purpose and meaning, and the signs that lead, for the ones who seek them and ask for them, to find and understand them.


In the end, Jessie proved her sanity to herself. She isn’t crazy. There are colors in every corner she looks because she trusts in something more. She positively affirmed until the mind recorded her new belief about colors, about love and a place where people care for one another without discrimination and manipulation for selfish purposes that stir up tragedy.

Following the guidance of positive affirmations, Jessie succeeded in reaching the destined path and her mind flew her overground, across the shining orange and yellow town. There, the green space is shared amongst heartwarming people, they cherish their ground with the warmness of their souls. She made it into the town overground, into the dreams showed to her by the fairy. Grateful, she understands the wisdom in the fairy’s motto: “In life everything counts, everything has meaning as you see what you believe”.

Still to this day, Jessie is devoted to living with purpose. Frequently she comes back down underground and draws images for dreamers who believe in something more than the depressing usage of subliminal messages. Jessie hints about the secret of positive affirmations to those who want to change their life and she finds pleasure in taking them to the colorful overground town.


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