Are You Sabotaging Your Own Life?

are you self sabotaging your own life

If self sabotaging was a crime then who wouldn’t be guilty of it? You might be reading those words in stupor indeed, the shock makes you think: “Not Guilty.” Because you plan in advance, prepare all details and then always give the best of you, thus self sabotage issues have nothing to do with you. Well, it’s time to refresh outdated memories.

Self Sabotaging Excuses

Have you ever set up a new workout routine and give up after a few days or weeks? Yes but, let’s guess, it wasn’t your fault – after all there are only twenty four hours in a day. There is only one route to work, the one where you get stuck and stressed in the traffic. All you have time left for in your life is to sleep and continue to follow your draining, automated routine; one that doesn’t leave much breathing space to learn a more about organisation.

For instance, think of when you planned to save up time to help achieve a goal close to your heart and then blew it all on a sport game. Yes that’s right, you’ve heard many self help experts advising you to live in the now so the best thing you could do is to take everything literally and buy this new outfit to boost yourself for a couple of day or so, rather than going on the holiday you have dreamed of for years, rather than creating a lifelong experience, or crossing that worthy goal off your bucket list.

Has there been a time in your life when you have wished to be more educated as you were unable to get a better life? In truth, it happens to most of us. But some people, instead of sitting and procrastinating in between the latest soap opera and the trendiest celebrity magazine, are attending a part time course to get qualified for that next job.

These were just few examples but, now you get the hint of what it means to be guilty of self sabotage. This is an invaluable realization because when the opportunity to pursue a more fulfilling lifestyle presents itself to you, you will ask yourself, ‘Do I have the courage to go for it or will I be making excuses instead?’

Identifying Self Sabotaging Behavior

Self sabotage is the desire to pursue an adventurous dream from the safety of your sofa. It’s the need to make changes to your life without moving away from your comfort zone, and it’s the illusion of taking forward action while standing still or worse, moving backwards.

Self sabotage feels like an unconscious, yet powerful force holding you back. As if you were swimming up a river against the current; as if you were a mouse running around in circles, in the middle of a square box. You are seeking to exit the endless rolling wheel but you are unable to jump off of it; captive of your own mind.

The force, the magnetic pull, the invisible and controlling energy are – your fears. The fear of failure, convincing you to not even try. The fear that you will mess up in the end. These fears are like whispers in your ear – why would you take such a risk only to fall flat on your face. Isn’t it better to be safe and unhappy in a familiar but unrewarding place, than to try and fail at something that requires a bit of effort and courage that could make you happy?

Are You Sabotaging Your Own Life?

Once you acknowledge your fears as the underlying cause of your self sabotaging behavior, facing and eliminating them should be your next steps. Why wait? Just do the work, save the funds, complete the fitness diet, enroll at the evening course, organize your time and sit down to meditate – even when you don’t feel like doing any of it.

Reclaim your power by facing your fears head on. Show yourself and the world that you have stopped being afraid and your fears will cease to play its tricks on you. Fear is deeply rooted but it is still Your mind, and because it’s yours, you control it, through the words you say, the thoughts you think and the beliefs you hold. Fear will die the same way it was created in the first place; by you handling it.

That’s why it’s important to be conscious of how you speak to yourself and to make changes wherever necessary. For example, If you catch yourself thinking “I can’t do it”, repeat “yes, I can do it!” three times out loud. The louder your inner voice is, the stronger your self beliefs will be. Fear is not going to hang around too long, trying to sabotage those who hold themselves in high esteem since it’s so much easier to manipulate the most insecure among us.

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Adjust your way of thinking, alter your perspective on life and your actions will start changing sooner than you think. So that fear can transform into strength, and self sabotaging can shift instead to self realization.There is no point in looking for external people and situations to blame for lack of progress or to resent the world for your disappointments. The reality is, you hold the power to metamorphose your life in your heart & hands. You can sabotage your fears or self sabotage your own life, it’s your choice, only you can will your life to change, no one else will do it for you; people are busy, people don’t care or they don’t know any better than you about what’s best for you. That’s right, take control over your fear and cultivate happiness according to your own values and beliefs.

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