Why and How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others?

Why and How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Are you comparing yourself to others?

According to many studies, people compare themselves to others to feel better about themselves.

However, comparing yourself to others can have a negative impact on your life and mindset. With the increase in social media, you have got access to continuous material for unnecessary comparisons. In fact, your attempts to keep up with others can move beyond your neighborhood and the Internet. Here are some reasons why you should stop comparing yourself to others:

It’s damaging to your sense of self. Many researches have proven that comparing can breed some feelings of low self confidence, envy and depression. Moreover, it can also compromise your ability to trust other people. You may even try downward comparison. This means comparing yourself with others who are less fortunate. Although it can provide you with better self esteem, even downward comparison comes at a price.

Downward comparison requires you to seek pleasure in other people’s misfortunes and failures. This may lead to giving more importance to jealousy over connections and mean competitiveness over collaboration. When comparing causes you to devalue other people or yourself, it’s important to conduct a reality check.

Information may be inaccurate. Acknowledge the fact that most people overestimate the presence of happiness and positivity in other people’s lives. People often fail to detect or properly interpret negative feelings in others’ lives. Therefore, they get an incomplete picture and draw inaccurate conclusions. This means information is distorted, and the comparison leads to inaccurate conclusions.

It doesn’t help you accomplish your goals. Comparing yourself to others never allows you to fully accomplish your goals. For example, when you spend a lot of time thinking and talking about how someone is better looking or successful than you, it only leads to a waste of time since none of us are perfect. This is nothing, but ineffective. When you’re too hard on yourself, it can affect your performance and motivation towards reaching your objective.


How to stop comparing yourself to others?

In order to make sure you stop comparisons, it’s important to use some simple tips. These effective tips ensure that you stop comparing yourself to others, and focus on your own life. Here are some tips you can use:

Ignore the bragging. This can be quite hard for most people. Sometimes, you can get very jealous or resentful of other people’s successes. It’s important to understand that there are enough opportunities for everyone and there is no reasons why success wouldn’t happen to you if you are willing to put in the hours of work that it takes, as often people get envious because they dismiss or ignore the fact that the successful person had to go through lots of obstacles, headaches and heartaches to get at where they are.

It’s easy to feel jealous when one assumes that success just fell on one’s lap. But for any type of success worth enough to be proud of it, luck and ease are rarely the causes of it. You should celebrate other people’s achievements and be inspired by them. Moreover, when you achieve success, you should ignore the bragging.

Don’t quantify. A lot of people quantify successes. With Facebook photos, Twitter updates and Instagram likes, people tend to quantify their achievements, and make comparisons on the basis of numbers. This can lead to inadequate comparisons with others. What you learned and how much effort, time and heart you put into a goal is often as rewarding than the realization of the goal itself. Being successful is a journey not a sprint!

Understand there’s only one you. Understand that each person is unique. There is only one you, with your own experiences, worldview and life path. This makes you awesome and valuable. You should try and be the best version of yourself. The peace and the success you seek is already within you, find your inner light and your purpose will become clear then you’ll feel complete and fulfilled with who you are, regardless of what others think of you.