Who Are You? Lipo’s Holp Knows

Book Preview: Who Are You? Lipo’s Holp Knows   CONTENTS: Dreams Beat You and I until the end. Many Meanings Womb 333 Sharing Blood War Serious Offence Lovers Wait High Tense Dark – Jokes What self knowledge do you have? Motivational Talk is Harsh   Dreams Beat In refined territories bets are already taken. Now […]

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Mysterious Truths – Manipulation, Wise Lies and Life Drives

              Mysterious Truths – Manipulation, Wise Lies and Life Drives Lulu Amazon – eBook Amazon – Paperback      

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Info Self Development – Inspiration Changes Life 2012-2017

  Info Self Development – Inspiration Change Life 2012-2017 Book Lulu Amazon – eBook Amazon – Paperback      

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Drama: An Intensive Love-Hate Relationship

Doesn’t it feel good to be able to do the things you’ve dreamed of doing? As long as you’re ahead of your game, there is no shame in doing your thing. Go ahead if it’s what you want to do! Don’t worry, you still have your soul. I do not own it! This is yours… […]

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Bravery: A Courageous Fighter and What She Said

Isn’t a fair fight better than a fake fight? In the jungle where only the fittest will survive, good luck to you and I. Who needs to take a spiritual bath? A nasty vibration makes us want to throw up. There are energetically clogged zombies who believe what they’ve just heard and haven’t even seen. […]

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Courage! The Brave Fighter We Met and What He Said

Squeeze the juice off your tongue but don’t clog my mouth. Cautious but no less ferocious, I’m fucking dangerous. I want to blow your mind up then slice it into pieces with a hacksaw. Muscles; push ups, sit ups, squats, sets, reps, hours rest on a sore muscle group. Chest, triceps, shoulders, seconds in between […]

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It’s going to change, things can quickly change, keep faith!

Mechanical repetition slowly crushes your personality. It’s going to change, things can quickly change, keep faith. For things will work out, no doubt. Maybe not the way you planned, just how it’s meant to be. Some suspicious manners and looks are tagging you, their ego took over so you are not talking to their soul. […]

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Passionate Love – Have You Learned The Lesson?

Electric passion, maybe you didn’t learn the lesson, forgetting to put your guard up, you’ve let love in. Then a lucky thing happened. When completely broken by love, your heart resurrected its deep dark feelings and brought them to light. Overthrown by the drama, you sailed out to solo nights and still you didn’t let […]

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Are You Holding An Important Piece of The Spiritual Puzzle?

  1 Powerful spirits acknowledge the human intent and the present earthy energies, not the devil’s idea. Honoring the different aspects of nature, an emotional and spiritual experience to the material, connecting with Orishas; the pantheon of deities in their basic essence; energies; elemental personifications of the creative force. Oshun, represents the rivers, Yoruba, sensuality, […]

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Your Power to Heal Through The Psyche

1 Love hurts but the soul needs amorous sadness. High on love the time froze, “I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times, in life after life, in age after age forever.” Rabindranath Tagore. 2 Image of a lost love, a love of self, a love of life, begins to invade my […]

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Overcoming Scapegoating? Scapegoats Scapegoated by Scapegoaters…

What is scapegoating? Frightened people always have an index finger ready to aim at everyone except at the real causes of their woes. Cowardly, hiding between frail targets while thinking they are strong, they hatefully finger point from behind their laptop screens to sting at doers while procrastinating at wasting their time blaspheming and criticizing […]

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Shadow Work or Positive Thinking – Retrieve your soul’s lost parts

Meditating while ignoring the importance of shadow work is not enough. Without shadow work we are incomplete, after seeing our shadow we are whole. Many are ready to fly to unknown galaxies or retreat to a new earth to escape their shadows but who wants to do the work that interrupts the promised ecstatic state? […]

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Love Yourself Unconditionally

Love Yourself Unconditionally

We wait in straight lines for tickets. From airfares to concerts to paychecks to welfares to lotteries… we choose to queue on waiting lists. Some of us, of course jump ahead but the rest of us, do we ever choose where the end of the waiting list will lead? And, while we are straight lining, […]

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What Really Matters in Your Life?

Kerry inherited a mansion house from her late uncle. The property has been passed on from generation to generation without maintenance funds to keep the property running. Kerry occupies a small section in the basement where each morning at 5am she wakes up alone, packs her handmade wooden crafts onto the rear of an old […]

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letting go of what stuck so tight you got stuck

Letting Go of What Stuck so Tight, You Got Sick

Pat is fat, so what? Aren’t most humans aware that different shapes and sizes from theirs exist? Don’t they ever eat double cream or ever fancy curves? Fat is in all things and everywhere. But Pat struggles; she’s saturated by the name calling by the thin dieters with strengthened abs and by the biceps pumpers […]

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How The Right Life Path is Revealed? Stumbling on a Memory

In the countryside, Athena is at a standstill, like a planted seed in infertile soil, she lives on a farm. She waters dry lands for bad harvests. Nevertheless, her fruits don’t come to fruition and her steps don’t advance the process of growth even though she has cows for milk, fresh eggs for breakfast and […]

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Broke, Smoke, Love has Enough of Chasing Life Dreams

Evading North Eastern Europe’s financial crisis towards a fresh start in life, Gina walked up the stairs of a small plane in a modest airport, away from her deserted town. It was dawn. Nearby, Gino carried in a suitcase, the photo album of her teenage years. He waved, a speechless goodbye. A single tear slipped […]

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Part 2: Keep Moving through Adversity, Guided by a Bird

Arrived at the arena of adversity. Standing at the front of what seems to be the size of a horseracing track, horrified, Alan watched his speculations now manifest into form. The gates were metallic bars that formed a circle around the arena. In between the verticals, Alan caught a glimpse of what seemed to be […]

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Keep Moving through Adversity, Guided by a Bird

On top of a cliff, Alan the man who never saw his exterior, lives among villagers. The man has never heard a word from the view below him, the neighbours said. That’s what people do; gossip, criticize, comment. In brief, they like to speculate to elevate their lowest defects. And they mostly arbitrate the unknown, […]

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How to Educate Yourself Online for Free in 17 Places

Due to the fast evolution of technology, the way people are educated and learn is also changing fast. In the old days, getting a good education through the mainstream system like college was a must and rightly so. Since a college degree would more than likely guarantee a successful career or at least a job […]

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