5 Steps to Create a Change in the World

5 Steps to Create a Change in the World info self development
The Changing World

Can you change the world without changing yourself first? The world is much wiser and older than anyone still breathing right now. Mostly at war, human existence wasn’t always rosy. In fact, less than idyllic history shows bloodthirsty ancestries. Yet, there are Utopian Cult Leaders waiting for a trip onto a new earth where they’ll heal their hallucinations effortlessly, but why wait for an afterlife paradise when you’re supposed to live life to the fullest while on earth? Such nonsense doesn’t need to be spread for happiness to flourish at least once a year; outer reality isn’t as rotten as it stinks.

Despite unrest in the contaminated world, thriving for love is still possible; strangers’ conditions aren’t as deadly as you think. Focusing on what’s contagiously decaying in the environment is tempting since all it takes to witness the horrors happening all over the place, is to stand back uninterrupted for a while, alone with your mind.

Although few are willing to repair the stale state of their disappointed lives, everyone has been deceived once. Some have no other option than to question what to do, and why they’re forced to die or do it? Doing better at peacefully fixing the world with the least amount of pain. If you don’t mind, to positively impact the world, change yourself first by attending to your personal improvement. Change your surroundings, improve your routine, and solutions will start slipping through the problems thorns that used to affect you. “So do you want to change the world or is it the world who wants to change you? You cannot hide your thoughts from me.”, said Your Mind.

So you dream about saving the digital world from being overtaken by the Artificial Intelligence it created to rule over your offspring in the near future? Many people do too but few actually follow through with these 5 steps to create a revolutionary ripple effect on those you encounter:

1. Use the Magical Gift of Generosity

Although this incredible tool is undervalued, generosity is the act of giving to others without expecting anything back in return. Since every action has an equal and opposite reaction, you can count on the fact that the service, resources, or the advice your goodwill offered without the  expectation of reciprocation, sooner or later will be rewarded. After change has taken place within, it has a ripple effect on the lives of others.

2. Happiness must be shared. But when at your happiest, are you aware? Unjust tears of suffering and lasting sorrow in the world, like screams, are not easily forgotten. But pleasure is too fleeting to be remembered in full, too joyful to sit down at your desk to write about feeling good. When memories of pain are poignant, pleasuring circumstances and their surroundings are hard to remember.

Why regret unrepairable errors? Here is where you start to achieve a bite-sized chunk of change, today, it is time to take the bull by the horns and strangle self pity with your own hands. Perfectly, it’s possible to transmute weakness into strength with emotional self control, productive habits, daily tactics and long term strategies. With a vast amount of injustice boiling your blood, you can save yourself from the tremendous price of being at the mercy of a third party reincarnating your spirit into a static body for eternity. And if you gather momentum at transforming stagnant messes into isles of stillness, perhaps the whole of humanity will also benefit, by achieving eternal life on the upcoming self recycled earth.

3. Empathy Towards Others Draws us Closer Together

The trait and skill of empathy.

People want what they are going through to be heard and understood. It’s surprising to discover the secrets people reveal after you’ve been empathetic to their story, they divulge secrets unknown to even their closest closet. “For me, love is not about froufrou New Age-ism. It’s about a way of living and honoring the interconnectedness of life and accepting our responsibility and our power to change the world for the better.” Julia Butterfly Hill. There is no force on the planet better able to change anything from its course than love.

4. Improve What’s in and Near You

Changing the world can be simpler than taking big action with the aim to change entire nations and their social structures. Sometimes all that’s required is to enhance everyone’s life with positivity is to fix what personally affects your daily life, and to attend to enhancing the lives of those you have committed to love on this renewed earth. So call forth the spectacular gifts of human kind-heartedness that please your willingness to change that which can be changed.

“Oh thinking of change, are you genuine about it? Or not authentic enough? Your simulation could get found out? What if your sham is so obvious, it backfires? What if they see how you seek attention, how you obsess over being liked… They’ll see your inconsistency because we both know you don’t practice what you preach. They’ll see you’re full of it. Yes great pretender… you’re good at acting… as if you were comfortable being your true self only when we’re alone together. Have you ever expressed your true beliefs or done what you promised?

Deep down you know you’re inauthentic. Don’t you think everyone sees how you always need more stuff? As if you’ve got your shit together, you can lie to others, go chase the new trending thing that brings happiness to whoever gives into the desire to acquire younger, smarter cells weeping for a better forever. Go ahead! Follow the status quo that encourages you to put up a front, but don’t lie to me. I hear your horrendous thoughts. I know who you really are. Why can’t you enjoy what’s there? You already had so much! Do you realize your chance? I won’t force you to smile at hypocrisy but be grateful for your blessings, see the glass half full because it’s not empty. And your relationships, have you seen the state of them? I’ve told you a million times, authenticity is key in relationships. Yet most of your relationships have turned sour because you lack the willingness to be genuine in intimacy. Why lie about liking Charlie? Isn’t it true, it’s Frankie you fancy? But what people will say… What was built on falsity and fake beliefs usually deteriorates after a while because you should have expressed your concerns. But did you, did you do it, did you do what I whispered to you? That’s right you rarely do. You even let your mind mistreat you, yes it calls you names, idiot, you’re stupid, you don’t listen… What have I just said?”, said Your Mind.

Don’t Let Your Mind Mistreat You.

What does being authentic and genuine means? Amongst other things, it means stating how you truly feel and remaining faithful to your principles, beliefs and core values. It’s living life according to what has meaning to you, not merely doing what you’re ‘supposed to do’ – because you’re supposed to fit into a specific box. Although authenticity doesn’t guarantee popularity or always getting what you want, being authentic increases the probability of attracting people and things in your life that match the energy frequency of your noblest values and beliefs. When you meet and align with genuinity, it’s startling because it highlights your own lack of authenticity. Authenticity works? because rare are those who live authentic lives these days.

5. Zoom into Beauty

Focus on what is right in the world with all your might, for in the realm of cyborgs, where you are going, there exists neither colors nor true love in the arms of a silicone doll. The skin against skin sensations will become rare for those overly attached to the frailty of their body and estranged to the power of their mind. For such plastic aesthetics without substance, bliss will temporarily increase at the cost of permanently losing their souls to robots. With dust covering dusk stars in between their spikes where cold lovers’ iron hearts yearn for a soft flesh to embrace, when humanity has become scarce people are ironically turning to technology to connect humanity.

In a fast approaching science fiction like future, to change the world looks as daunting as surmounting a seeming impossible task. It’s challenging to concentrate on what’s bright in the world when the internal state governing your life is influenced by the media who trick you into believing frightening news. And then it becomes difficult to unbind the spell’s knots on your now locked enthusiasm. At this point, negativity can win as you unconsciously tackle changing the world in the wrong ways. As you go about trying to create vast political changes in indestructible global social structures, beware of cemented mountains that can only be destroyed by thunders or world leaders. However, change is possible.

“Great commitment and endurance is needed for change to happen, yet don’t fret or else the thought of giving up on your dreams will begin haunting me. How many times am I to repeat: hang onto your dreams, do not let them wash away nor become molded to fit the goals others assigned to you. You can make a difference in someone’s life. Like love is love; a dream is a dream, there are no pipe dreams. What feeds your life with purpose is worth pursuing until you stop breathing.”, said Your Mind.

Upgrade Your Reality

Raise your consciousness to the height of your dreams.

Feeling irritated with circumstances beyond your control? Do you believe that controlling every little detail of each situation leads to guaranteed happiness? What if the number is too great to control? Only the stars control every little design in your life. So when you feel resentful, depressed or desperate, it’s best to investigate the root of your problem and seek logical answers that make you feel better rather than lingering in conflict with reality for eternity. It’s simpler to work on your self development by eliminating all the shoulds and fantasies distracting you from acting towards change.

At times, who hasn’t succumbed to disempowering states of mind? No one. Yet, everyone can testify; these are fleeting states. Like seasons, life is constantly changing. To enlighten your awareness and rise above pessimism, acknowledge your unconscious tendency to self destruct and widen your perspective on outer conditions so problems stop affecting you in the ways they used to. Once mindful of how outdated habits run malicious viruses in the background of the desktop of your mind, the insidious popup reminders uttering, ‘The Infectious World is Doomed, and Gloom is Coming Soon.’, will cease to show their ugly heads. Bye bye to negativity, it has no more grip on you, no more demoralizing complaining about how things could have been changed if only you acted sooner, later, or this way… what was done was the best you knew how to do at the time.

Dwelling on what was for too long serves no practical goal since self awareness has told you better. Consequently, your ability to take an honest look at your life and the world without attachment to judgements, is now focused on the future flowing with fountains of fresh fruits. Thanks to your efforts invested in self development, your growth bears results in the form of a new found openness to embrace life and a focused momentum that integrates your acts taken from a place of peace and love into a happier reality custom-made for you. “Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing.” Albert Schweitzer.

Break Your Goals in Bite-Sized Chunks

Instead of being entangled in wide wild world problems, wouldn’t it be great to build a strong inner foundation for yourself? Learn to conquer your fears from within, so when inevitable cycles of change knock at your door to act as a tipping point for your anger, chaos will no longer prevail. A perfect world of peace will obviously not emerge as a miracle overnight. Yet, tackling your weaknesses until the most frustrating hours become your greatest breakthroughs, will result in change in and all around you.

Clear evidence is seen on every screen, people copy or at least aspire to emulate whomever has overcome an horror with an aftermath of thrilling long lasting happiness. Thus inspirational self growth is a way to contribute to better the world. Now real or virtual people, zombies or not, and future generations hope to one day arrive at the popularly fantasized Utopian outcome.

Updating your perspective on the reality of life to match with what you care to witness in your heavenly stratosphere is much more productive than pointing the finger outside of yourself when things go South. Because counting all wrongdoings doesn’t change anything, it only drives you mad. As a consequence of such nonsense, one day the light at the end of the tunnel finally breaks through your frustration as you stop being drawn into narrow caves consuming your oxygen. Breathing a new awareness, your optimistic outlook on life begins to burn the grey spots that once undermined your motivation to undertake the necessary shifts in your daily mindsets and habitual acts. And eventually, people who could have been obstructing you, will no longer restrain you from stabilizing what’s chaotic to your optics.

It’s true, nothing is impossible, thus, it’s possible to change the world. Yet, to change the world, you must first go within, see what repulses you and find out why, there are parts of you inclined to judge external circumstances as bad. Although the labyrinths are hard to traverse to get there, you can add pinches of positivity to your inner atmosphere to impact the world at large.

Start Change Today

You can change the world? simply by Knowing Yourself and what is good for you. What’s of no interest to you, and what role are you capable of playing? In this racing game, do you know who your character is? Not everyone can do everything, but there is a special thing waiting for everyone. Travel far away from Covid-19, laugh under your mask, dance in your garden, upgrade your health, and hire a clown because a long life is a miracle to be celebrated.

The day is yours to do whatever you want to do. You’ve got to give it your best since your energy always reflects from the inside out. Life creates itself in tune with your feelings, and those of others in the world. Recognize how simple it is to change the world with your mind plugged into futuristic electric circuits. Your thoughts’ energies are hugely influential. If billions of consciousnesses were to pay attention to what’s beautiful all at once, the outside world would perhaps magically change in the blink of your eye.

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