Be Interested in People and The Opportunities in Their Stories

be interested in people and the opportunities in their stories

Have you just missed an interesting opportunity?

Are you aware of the opportunities that surround you, do you greet every stranger that you meet? Everyone has lessons to teach us; knows facts, and covers up a truth that you can uncover if you dig deep into their soul. It’s worth taking an interest in other’s experiences and to observe those with beliefs, lifestyle and backgrounds that are opposite to yours. We can all learn and grow through people’s unheard stories and unique perspectives on life that differs from the mundane.

Opportunity doesn’t lie in competing with others but in relating to others… over seven billion of people live on planet Earth. Surfacing are the righteous, over polished, relying on interesting looks to implement their famous speeches. What’s left are the underdogs, born speechless, with interesting thoughts which are seldom acknowledged. The population is growing at the rate of one birth per second and it seems, already predicted, that some of them won’t be interesting.

You visit the gym prior to signing up for a membership, you try on your clothes before buying them and the wine is tasted before keeping the bottle. So why not see through the packaging of people whose first impression don’t appear interesting? And, why automatically assume that you won’t be liked and not talk unless you are approached first? At times, in the atmosphere fear breaths the oxygen of opportunity.


There are opportunities in the little things all around you. Before midnight at a ballroom, a stranger wades in with a familiar voice tone and a tale. On the dance floor, you lock eyes; Cinderella dancing with the Prince and together you leave to flourish until you perish. In broad daylight, a repelling stare asks for a light, it reminds you of someone’s iron heart, the energy is as awkward as an old dinner glued across your liver and the fire stays in your pocket while you carry on, walking without answering the request. That’s how easy it is to make up your mind, and to follow what you loved or to avoid what you didn’t according to your past memories, without even finding out, if it’s interesting at present.

Unless you are a psychic, jumping to conclusions based on outdated data, leads you to dismissing directions towards the path you are meant to follow when you encounter the holders of the map. Or refusing an offer too good to resist on the basis that it comes from a repelling face.

In order to not miss out, improve your people reading skills: Developing your instinct enables you to intercept the signals of approval or reject that your  body and gut instinct emits. At times, the mind and its facts simply don’t add up. The mind gets stuck in an analysing, degrading and indecisive mode but you instinctively know of your need for a refreshing experience. Utilizing all your senses and your emotional intelligence is advantageous so as not to miss out on an interesting story, even the few odd ones you were wrong about, those who made you question your stupidity (but you won’t admit it). For those who have lived, experience tells them not to rush into writing off the unknown because opportunity often speak to the gut feelings before the mind hears it.

The most inspiring stories can be revealed by the most unexpected sources. It’s when you expect it the least that a miracle shows up in the murk, it’s when you reach a cave that the rope is found. It’s when you are lost in an empty tunnel and you know that even if you screamed there would only be you screaming at you, that you hear the humming of the birds calling. It’s when no one seems to understand the feelings that run through you, as if people are there but absent, that someone passes, by coincidence, to show you compassion.

So don’t miss out on interesting people because they don’t come dressed according to common standards, and they don’t fit in the square boxes of a checklist that enters them into your ‘category’. Don’t be fearful as if they are going to eat you, as if they want what you have. How do you know what they want when you don’t even know them? It would be best to ask, but you think – they don’t look like they should be asked. Well, maybe they have a story to share, one that might inspire you


Sometimes it’s from a distance that we get closer… To embrace the unfamiliar and its differences, you observe next door’s gathering of people; like leaping bunnies they parade, excited at the idea of make a striking entrance. Underneath, they don’t wear matching stockings but their teeth are whitened with carbonate powder, applied via a sulfate toothpaste. At the entrance, they queue to hand over an ID; a membership card. As they rely on the mastermind circle, they distance themselves from their soul. You recognize a handful of their friends, some are helpful, some loyal and the rest are fools and they are some that you knew but today, they don’t know you:

The occasion to introduce yourself occurred, one of them screamed ‘boredom’ as the champagne ran out…  Shocked faces, pupils dilated, eyebrows waving goodbye and jaws biting their own lips, loaded to send you a verbal warning. It will be expressed if you dare stare or swear through an amicable smile but suspicious, as the senseless nose is ready to explode, its vapors of stupor.

And their hair is stiff upon their snobbish heads with wide open mouths, each of them housing a tongue that licks the grass, to unwrap the red carpet for their newly discovered ignorance, found when they gazed in the twilight, at the sight of an opportunity which at first seemed to be a spaceship. It was parked in their neighbor’s lawn. You – a seven foot wrestling silhouette standing next to your mother in law – a staggering lookalike of Marilyn Manson, both in your garden pointing a champagne bottle at them. As the ray of light was nowhere to be seen, the darkness looked like a weapon in your hand.

Thanks to this enriching meeting, you are now aware of your clumsiness and the members loss of a potential bubbly friend and a bottle of stimulation. They go through life, imbued by a fear mindset, unaware that even if we can’t all get along, there is a balance, somewhere in between sense and nonsense, somewhere where fears do not exist.

Bless the fearful souls worn out by their discomfort and insecurities as they let their suffering suffocate them, unable to see that safety and comfort won’t be found in paranoia. On the contrary, it can be felt by making others feel safe and accepting their help. Taking an interest in other people’s lives is a beneficial process that works both ways.

Meanwhile, they float in their bubble, like a goldfish in a bowl and protect their quarters against imaginary intruders, those who scare them because they fear them. However, the real intruders are welcomed to invade their private space. And they swim around on lock down, gulping fear, suspecting coughs, judging sneezes and waiting for the symptoms of betrayal, that will be their downfall.


But you want to rise! Against darkness, your light shines the brightest. People you cross, imprint your memory, add to your dreams or subtract hope. You absorb people’s stories and their frightening electrocutions, then you extract the words of wisdom to recharge your batteries.

Opportunity does not come announced, it is shy and sweats as it hides under a pile of garbage at the market. It is found at the supermarket in the cashier’s pupils. It is embarrassing at the cash machine, under your eyes there lies the sad iris who ask.

It is a sign, a strange sentence that sparks your life. It is a genuine smile and a caring message. You can wait for change on a big scale and for divine inspiration to screw the light bulb in your brain but the squeeze you seek is already there, in the little things that you often miss but rarely forget.