How She Found Inspiration in, The End


Wondering how she will end,

Margaret waits.


Chilled in a wide apartment,

a ghost cherished,

the smell of ashes,

haunt the atmosphere.

An abandoned widow.

Love has rotted,

into a burden.


Margaret watches,

she placed a chair under the sun.

A shadow at the window,

feeds off childrens laughter,

outside the noise of giggles,

plays the energy of life,

an entertaining distraction,

helps to forget the cold inside.


Minute by minute,

in silence, life is passing by.

Predictable and organized,

Margaret prepares fresh biscuits,

they may end up in the bin,

she will join them soon.

Before then, she may receive a visit

and get to hide her morbid side.



the bitter biscuits lay in the trash,

she thinks of her husband;

Margaret is monotone,

Gone was he last Autumn.

Her Spring of eternal youth,

is on the other side,

with him.

They talk in her dreams,

of fifty years spent under each other,

spotlights and adoration,

from their children,

Arthur waits for Margaret’s soul,

but her body is not ready to pack.


5 am,

Margaret pampers herself.

She’ll attempt a walk to the market,

step by step, breath by breath,

she spends herself,

towards the finish of her last chapter.


Each day a page turns,

a slow read; a never ending book.

She needs someone,

to read with and to share

the ending.


In the beginning,

her children were caring.

Margaret’s love, time and support,

spread out and came back to her.

Not anymore.


A Great Grandmother.

A tired heart,

gave all its energy out.

There is not enough left, to carry

grief’s weight by itself.


The flowery dresses and jewellery,

have become too heavy,

since Margaret fell flat on her knees,

and broke them at the market.

The pain came later,

a nurse showed up at the door,

bringing with her a black dress.


Age made Margaret

humble and soft enough,

to accept her children’s right,

to not surrender,

to her childish tantrums.

So, they choose the color,

of her dress.


Behind a window frame,

frail Margaret forgets her state.

She feels life coming through,

a photo album,

with Edith Piaf on a vinyl disc,

no regrets and one wish.

The wish to not die alone.


The regrets and their faces will turn up,

at the end of the story,

read by those who missed out,

on the last chapter of her book.


An elderly folks home,

a radiant Nun as roommate.

The Nun is never bored,

she doesn’t feel abandoned,

she chants and prays on her knees.

Margaret is amused

by her contentment.


Margaret follows no religion.

She believes in the universe;

a powerful force,

inexplicable in the air.


No she ain’t nuts,

she’s been crushed

stuck in dead end ruts,

rescued by unexpected miracles,

the last one,

embodied a person,

the Nun,

is not a coincidence,

she is a reverence,

to Margaret existence.


In solitary confinement,

the Nun gave birth,

to an inner abundance,

of peace with her spirit,

a faith that keeps,

the winters warm.


The final road.

Margaret at the end,

understands her path.

She learns from the Nun,

that all she needed all along,

was to be filled up with love

from within.


She spent her will,

pursuing her desire to be a writer.

Tapping into her willpower,

the last chapter will be hers.


Two sacrificed women,

aged and modest,

flirted with boredom,

to make it in the end.

Hand in hand,

they shared their wisdom,

for the world to see the eyes,

that watch behind,

sunny window frames.

Inside, cold walls crack

the monuments,

they wait and pray for a visit.


Margaret and the Statue of Liberty:

the Nun and the Eiffel Tower.

Both have interesting stories to tell,

about how they touched the sky,

in the end.


The Nun went to bury her cross.

Margaret wrote all she knew about her,

to flourish at the end of their journey.

The Nun made the impact,

she prayed to leave on the world.


To not become a ghost,

Margaret wrote the memoir

of forgotten souls.

Rotted by the words,

she passed one night,

after the last word was written.

She played the character,

in the last scene of her drama.



Margaret is a published author,

she lives forever acclaimed.

In the spotlight she poses,

on bookshelves and in window displays.

A reminder that life is not to be

taken for granted.

It is never too late to pursue a talent,

even close to the end, you can start again.

Margaret and the Nun are heroes of their lives, be inspired by them to be the hero of yours.

Love is or it ain't. Thin love ain't love at all. Toni Morrison
Love is or it ain’t. Thin love ain’t love at all. Toni Morrison
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