How to Remove Abundance Blocks

Trust The Magic of New Beginnings Abundance
Trust The Magic of New Beginnings

Could inner conflicts block abundance from flowing in?

Your desire to become healthy and free to enjoy energetic wealth whilst subconsciously believing that you don’t deserve so much abundance; that belief comes from fears and feelings of unworthiness stored in your subconscious mind.

Banishing Abundance Blocks

Even though you learned, understood and practiced the Law of Attraction, you are not breaking through the abundance threshold and feel prevented from getting to the next level of financial wealth you so much desire. No matter how many positive affirmations you say; how much time you spend visualizing yourself being abundant or how many goals you write down, you stagnate because deep down you don’t believe you are worth what you desire.

We can only manifest what we subconsciously believe we deserve and often when we do get more than we feel we are worth having, we sabotage it and unable to enjoy it we unconsciously push it away! Whatever you believe at the deepest level, will manifest into your reality, that’s why abundance has to come from within yourself. Sooner or later, you will become a millionaire if you already believe you are one but you won’t manifest it if you don’t act like you already are a millionaire. The universe doesn’t discern between what is real or not, so whatever you believe is will eventually manifest into reality.

In order to create a harmonized vibrational match between you and the abundant things, people and events that you desire to attract, your thoughts and beliefs must be aligned on the same vibrational frequency. When your vibrational frequency doesn’t harmonize with the vibrational frequency of what you wish to attract, it signals that there are unconscious or unseen energetic blockages holding you back from manifesting.

There are abundance blocks that keep people in a frequency of limitation, scarcity and lack meaning that any manifestation technique that you do will be cancelled out by energetic blockages like blame, unworthiness, doubt, self-sabotage and even negative beliefs ingrained in your family history.

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You will be able to access your higher self’s guidance, intuition and wisdom when these energetic blockages are removed from your field of awareness thus allowing you to manifest an abundant lifestyle. To take an inspired action, there must be no fear of success or change so even if you have a genius idea to become prosperous, don’t not apply it because you feel and think that you don’t have the resources or will fail. Don’t let your inner voice deep down trick you into believing you are not good enough to succeed. Don’t let energy dynamics keep you stuck in a vicious circle of blockages and self-sabotage, you can clear these abundance blocks.

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