Why Loving Yourself Can Change Your Life



Mary always smiles,
even if you wanted to, you wouldn’t be able to upset Mary.
Mary’s home is the cleanest and tidiest you have ever seen.

Mary has a lot of happy stories to tell.
About her latest holidays, the new gifts she often receives,
then she goes on about Jake.

Mary and Jake moved from New York to a small English island,
called Jersey. An Island where Mary and Jake
know everyone and everyone knows them.

Jake moved Mary to a bigger house,
30 minutes away from the nearest shop.

Jake got promoted as the head chef of the best hotel in Jersey,
sometimes, according to Mary, he cooked for celebrities.

Isn’t Mary lucky?
A new house on an island’s seashore
Away from New York;
crowded, superficial, toxic
population and pollution.
Breathing in the fresh air filtered by Jake.

Seeing life through Jake’s eyes.
Their she exists in the middle of her gifts,
alone with his fists.

Mary used to be fierce until she married a beast.

Jake is an Englishman and Mary a New Yorker who never learned how to drive
but she used to be around and about a lot in New York.

She used to have friends, taxis, hobbies and trains to catch.
Now Mary is busy watching the boats pass.
One day she will find the courage to get on board.

Someday, Mary will be glowing and moving her body elegantly on her favorite melody,
like the old days when she was free to be a ballerina.

When Mary and Jake met, she was dancing on stage,
he was watching her the same way she watches the boats,
with hope and desire for an happy ever after.

Quickly Mary fell in between love and hell.
Jake was charismatic and at first romantic.
Jake loves himself and everybody loves Jake.
Six months of charm, promises and dreams made Mary marry him.

A year later, Jake’s dreams have been fulfilled and
Mary wishes she had learned to drive or swim.

Anyway, Mary whispers to herself:
“Driving where? What with? Talking to whom?”
Will she die beaten by boredom on a lost island?
Or will she find a way to glorious victory?

At first it was love, two halves make a whole,
a void filled and
a dream of love in abundance and thrill.

At least she’s got peace.
The clock seems to have stopped or maybe Jake’s car won’t start again.
Mary keeps telling him to take it to the garage but he won’t listen.

In fact, Jake won’t even speak with Mary unless he needs something from her or
if she’s made a mistake again.
A mistake like the time when Mary put too much salt in the dinner and
the day she wasn’t back home before Jake.

To make sure this won’t happen again, Mary stopped going out.
Too many mistakes, too many bruises.
She has already used the ‘falling down the stairs’ excuse, twice.
And her right eye is still as blue as Jake’s darkest blue belt.

You see Mary didn’t know that before you love someone you have to love yourself.
She didn’t know that to be respected you have to respect yourself.

A ballerina dancing on the red carpet,
covering dirty secrets,
adjusting her posture,
correcting the bad steps
of an insecure instructor.

Mary never learned to drive or swim but she found help online.
Mary walks on a red carpet every Saturday night on the stages of Manhattan.
Mary was stuck, perhaps like you?


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