Why Real Success is Self Love

Giovanni inspiring story why real success is self love


Call him Mr Greedy or Mr Creepy but Giovanni is a romantic from Italy.
Apart from cheap spaghetti and homemade cappuccino,
he is a macho, a show off.
A collection of the finest arts and untouched race cars,
watched over by the dusty books that decorate his library from his patio vis a vis.

A mansion, has in the basement,
a dance floor to escape to until dawn.
And Giovanni stands there like an ancient monument lost in the ocean.
He could dance alone if he knew how to have fun.

Giovanni is hoping for his sanctuary to transform him into a disco but he hasn’t found any guests yet. Uptight and always right,
sometimes brutal and other times glacial,
like an old man who has seen too much and felt too much to stay amicable.

For some, 40 is the beginning and Giovanni thinks they are crazy.
On his 40th birthday, he was in the basement, in the middle of the dance floor,
a table, a chair, 40 candles and 2 cats cheering for him.
They remind him that there is no need for human contact.

That day he went shopping for a valuable missing part of him,
a green smoking jacket, a new pair of rackets, a renewed pair of golden balls,
and tonight an escort will knock at the door,
and tomorrow the stock market will close in the green again.

Mamma advised him to get married but that requires not being afraid to love and lose control.
Giovanni needs to control and the golddiggers know how to control him so he would rather sit on his chesterfield with a mature whiskey and his family of servants.

Giovanni lives in the office on top of useless bedrooms and unused bathrooms.
He plays golf to fight against the boredom,
In the swimming pool and the games room,
he amuses himself when he feels doom and gloom.

Giovanni used to be the groom in a fully bloomed love story.
She was Bonnie,
he was Clyde and when she was Juliet,
he was Romeo.
She was playing piano and he danced the flamenco,
she was reading, a voice of porcelain and he was listening; how fragile she made him feel.
She is gone to be Giorgina and he is left with Giovanni.

Giorgina is gone, along with the hope of an unexpected visit and his reason for living.
He is left with her betrayal, the glass she broke against the wall and her picture next to Michael Jackson. He doesn’t believe a word from anybody, not even from his favorite books of fantasy.

Giovanni spent years building an empire for the attention of Giorgina, and she spent months in bed with his best friend. His heart stopped and now he functions on autopilot.
He won’t let anything real beat in him. The superficial is at least eternal and Giovanni doesn’t want to end his days with raw emotions.

Giorgina took the most precious thing he owned.
His self esteem left with Giorgina.
Abandoned, he collects, piles, counts, saves, spends and wastes.
He keeps it all close to him as a barricade,
something of value left at least.

A good insurance; possessions never leave you with nothing.
the most valuable thing in life, love, can never be insured.

Playing on his home sound system, the same piece of music piece as previous nights,
“Mozart’s Requiem Lacrimosa.”
Giovanni mourns and nothing resonates with him like the sound of a violin.

Giovanni spent his time building an empire to cover over his lack of self esteem.
Giovanni now spends his time ruining his empire, his own flames of passion suppressed deep inside the heart of Giorgina where his self esteem resides.

Giorgina wanted to find security in him,
she may come back if Giovanni find value within.