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What Really Matters in Your Life?

Kerry inherited a mansion house from her late uncle. The property has been passed on from generation to generation without maintenance funds to keep the property running. Kerry occupies a small section in the basement where each morning at 5am she wakes up alone, packs her handmade wooden crafts onto the rear of an old […]

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letting go of what stuck so tight you got stuck

Letting Go of What Stuck so Tight, You Got Sick

Pat is fat, so what? Aren’t most humans aware that different shapes and sizes from theirs exist? Don’t they ever eat double cream or ever fancy curves? Fat is in all things and everywhere. But Pat struggles; she’s saturated by the name calling by the thin dieters with strengthened abs and by the biceps pumpers […]

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How The Right Life Path is Revealed? Stumbling on a Memory

In the countryside, Athena is at a standstill, like a planted seed in infertile soil, she lives on a farm. She waters dry lands for bad harvests. Nevertheless, her fruits don’t come to fruition and her steps don’t advance the process of growth even though she has cows for milk, fresh eggs for breakfast and […]

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Broke, Smoke, Love has Enough of Chasing Life Dreams

Evading North Eastern Europe’s financial crisis towards a fresh start in life, Gina walked up the stairs of a small plane in a modest airport, away from her deserted town. It was dawn. Nearby, Gino carried in a suitcase, the photo album of her teenage years. He waved, a speechless goodbye. A single tear slipped […]

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Part 2: Keep Moving through Adversity, Guided by a Bird

Arrived at the arena of adversity. Standing at the front of what seems to be the size of a horseracing track, horrified, Alan watched his speculations now manifest into form. The gates were metallic bars that formed a circle around the arena. In between the verticals, Alan caught a glimpse of what seemed to be […]

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Keep Moving through Adversity, Guided by a Bird

On top of a cliff, Alan the man who never saw his exterior, lives among villagers. The man has never heard a word from the view below him, the neighbours said. That’s what people do; gossip, criticize, comment. In brief, they like to speculate to elevate their lowest defects. And they mostly arbitrate the unknown, […]

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Addicted to Consumerism – Money Spent in Superficial Stuff

Twin sisters. Even though both heading in the same direction, Sonia and Malika are split. One takes wrong roads, the other takes shortcuts. Are they both gonna end up parked in the same one way lane? Sonia and Malika chase the superflux. Their audacious looks wants to win a prize. Their styled dresses are modernized […]

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Positive Affirmations, Success, Purpose and Destiny

Underground, there is a town. Jessie lives there. Its inhabitants can’t see the sky, can’t see above their head but they don’t know it. In fact, they live in their head but they don’t know it. There are streets littered with posters of terror to mask the fact that the world is vast. There are […]

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start showing gratitude today thankful

Don’t Wait to Fall Downhill to Start Showing Gratitude

Ungrateful Annie moans until her eyelids fall. She lives in a fast paced world where her tantrums run faster than minutes. On the bed, two fake eyelashes open and face the ceiling, as if its crumbling cracks were going to give in. But the plaster isn’t dry to thirst, it won’t absorb selfish Annie‘s tears. […]

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The girl who doesn’t fit in the world but who finds hope in it

Emily wants to write, of green trees, of orange sunsets, of red apples.   But tonight, she cries at the dead leaves, waiting for the clouds to part. Emily sits in the dark.   A train passes by in the background, the sound of a life spent on standby. The neighbourhood coughs; she hopes it […]

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How She Found Inspiration in, The End

Wondering how she will end, Margaret waits.   Chilled in a wide apartment, a ghost cherished, the smell of ashes, haunt the atmosphere. An abandoned widow. Love has rotted, into a burden.   Margaret watches, she placed a chair under the sun. A shadow at the window, feeds off childrens laughter, outside the noise of […]

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Pissed Off and Late. Can She Make It?

Gemma feels resentment, it’s the world’s cockroaches, she can’t get rid of them; she’s one of them! The world and the cockroaches. The insecticides and the parasites. They live with her in a neighborhood, welcomed by cans of cheap cider and cigarette butts, sitting and squatting, on the pavement, short of payment, waiting for an […]

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Giovanni story why real success is self love

Why Real Success is Self Love

Call him Mr Greedy or Mr Creepy but Giovanni is a romantic from Italy. Apart from cheap spaghetti and homemade cappuccino, he is a macho, a show off. A collection of the finest arts and untouched race cars, watched over by the dusty books that decorate his library from his patio vis a vis. A […]

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real life story self development success self esteem

From Toilet Bowl to First Class Cabin

Lydia travels in first class business flights to Hong Kong, Dubai and Washington, a country girl surrounded by international airports, she’s got a cabin, the air is clean, she breaths in her 3 course meal, the champagne is free flowing and the air conditioning is supposed to be welcoming. In the back of the plane […]

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Roisin’s Story: How She Baked Her Self Esteem with Success

How She Baked Her Self Esteem with Success

As Irish as the weather, Roisin’s eyes are full of rain. Breaking up under the thunderstorm, a grey TV from the late nineties and a worn out black leather sofa. She sits eating Bounties, watching her favorite soap opera. For an hour Roisin won’t feel lonely, the dog licking her feet as a substitute for […]

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