Brain Wave Vibrations and Frequencies in Transcendental Meditation


Can you heal yourself?

Brain Wave Vibrations and Frequencies

People have been seeking the truth about the origin of the world as long as humans have existed and in doing so, have come up with many complex theories to explain life. There are scientific, religious and spiritual explanations and let us not forget the alternative media who report humanity is nothing but a slave race controlled by reptilians from another planet or demons and psychopaths!

One key theory that deserves attention is that in its most basic form everything in the universe is simply vibrational energy and that this energy controls both physical and mental functions within the human body, which in turn affects our brain wave vibrations. These brain waves fluctuate at different frequencies and alternate our state of consciousness, from high to low, similar to a radio. Brain waves have been proven to exist and can be categorized in the following brainwave frequencies types:

Gamma: inspiration, higher learning, focus > 40 Hz
Beta: alertness, concentration, cognition 13 – 40 Hz
Alpha: visualization, relaxation, creativity 7 – 13 Hz
Theta: meditation, intuition, memory 4–7 Hz
Delta: detached awareness, healing, sleep < 4Hz

This theory supposes that our thoughts and emotions are simply energies that positively or negatively impact our emotional well being, dictate our physical body reactions and project how we perceive the world through our mind’s eyes.

So every time you think and feel, your brain waves emit vibrations that send out a sound frequency outside of the range of human hearing. This sound resonates energy in the universe taking random particles and turning them into astonishing forms which become matter, to create your reality. You are resonating a frequency which is making the energy around you match that frequency.

Given this, the theory goes that when you believe you have a good health, you are unconsciously emitting vibrations which attract good health to you. Put simply, your thoughts are your brain wave vibrations! This is the same principal as the well known concept the law of attraction, which states that what you think and believe is what you create in your reality.


Transcendental Meditation

One way of changing and improving brain waves (which can be dampened through the daily stresses of life) and thus your reality, is through transcendental meditation.

Millions of people worldwide practice transcendental meditation for at least twenty minutes on a daily basis as a way of staying mentally and physically refreshed. Transcendental meditation draws on ancient heart yoga techniques and aspires towards a deep relaxation state that can leave you feeling energised and clear minded. This practice has also been shown to benefit people’s working life, relationships as well as bringing a purposeful direction to people’s lives when they have felt lost or stuck.

With this in mind, realize that you too have the innate ability to heal yourself by practicing transcendental meditation and raising your brainwave frequencies and vibrations.

Transcendental meditation is not complex and mysterious it is easy and simply involves listening to musical sounds, called binaural beats. These sounds listened to often over time can restore the body and brain vibrations to their original, healing and uplifting frequencies.

Transcendental meditation is completely natural, it can be learned by anyone and practiced anywhere. It is easily accessible and no change of lifestyle is needed to bring about immediate results. People who have struggled with other forms of meditation often find transcendental meditation much easier than they anticipated.

During any kind of meditation, the mind settles to its most silent and restful state but remains alert. In this calm meditative state, the body too achieves deep rest. This rest is deeper than sleep and scientists call it a ‘restructuring state’, because it allows the body’s natural healing mechanisms to function fully.


Transcendental meditation helps to overcome deep rooted stresses, addictions and tensions. It also dissolves current issues caused by past experiences by focusing on being grateful in the present moment instead of living in the past. It can also reduce doubts, anxiety, negative thoughts, insomnia, depression and increase confidence, peace of mind, positive thinking, creativity and happiness.

As much as healing a wide range of emotional and physical health problems, the practice of transcendental meditation can enhance sensory experiences and connect with and listen to your inner self, where the answer to many problems lie.