Why Everyone Should Create Their Own Luck

Marco inspiring story of self development


A large Greek family migrated to USA to live  the American dream.

Marco has eleven sisters and brothers. He was supposed to be last, but five years later his little brother Paolo came along. The attention and the bond he shared with his mother went away with the first smile of Paolo.

Twelve kids. No babysitter and Marco queued to be noticed. The meal hours became self service and he lost hopes for a kiss.

Ten years later,
twelve teenagers without father and order
and Marco dropped out of school.

Marco ‘s mother has prefered to treat little Paolo to the pursuit of
his passions.

Ten years old Paolo loves horses.
He wants a horse probably as a result of hanging out with their oldest brother, who is often found at the horse track hoping for fortune to be kind.

Marco and his brothers all have a dream to break out.
The horse, the track and cashing in.

Marco believes the difference is in timing;
He has to catch his lady luck while Paolo is born with lots.
Tonight Marco won’t be late to the date with his lady,
at the Casino.

6 pm, the construction site breaks and Marco puts himself together for the night.
Always first on his favorite roulette and never the last to leave.

Marco prefers the middle part,
the action, adrenaline, a way out from the routine.
The moment he feels in control,
in fact controls him.

He stacks the chips and holds the dice with passion,
not the same way he stacks the blocks of concrete
and rolls his sleeves during the long endless boring days
at work.

The sparks that light a consuming cigarette during the day,
fires Marco’s burning desires at night.

Invisible since Paolo made him a shadow,
He breaths to stand out.

Marco missed too many dates with his lady and now he stands out.
Out sleeping on a bench,
Out hiding from loan sharks,
Out of luck.
He recently ran out of his own breath.

Striving to go places Marco has been played by his lady.

The honeymoon ended and the luck faded,
now she’s gone to her next victim,
she likes to break the wallets of her dreamers.

In the morning she leaves as if you never met,
and you are hooked and coming back for more.

Marco didn’t believe in himself enough to create his own luck and he counted on the same lady that failed him in his childhood. He could have worked to be seen and not to be part of a scene. He might have been smiling at a crowd and not on a portrait where his mother comes to see him every weekend at the cemetery.

Marco’s soul and talents were ready to deliver but he was a lazy dreamer hoping for luck to fall out of the sky. He should have looked inside where the jackpot and success was waiting for him all along.