Keep Moving through Adversity, Guided by a Bird


Guided by a Bird

On top of a cliff, Alan the man who never saw his exterior, lives among villagers. The man has never heard a word from the view below him, the neighbours said. That’s what people do; gossip, criticize, comment. In brief, they like to speculate to elevate their lowest defects. And they mostly arbitrate the unknown, seldom their own flaws.

For his age, Alan’s size is a sensitive topic, he won’t catch a fly that flies too high but the fools should beware. Alan is armed with a flair to see the invisible. A power resides in his guts and his bloodhound sense of smell and white feathered wings can track adversaries approaching from many meters away. These differences of his are envied, avoided and threatening to the speculative villagers.

Alan doesn’t participate in their small talk but his intuition knows that unless one carries self pity pesticide, adversity is to be ignored, used as a motivator or counter attacked with hammers of love.

Besides, Alan’s sole desire is to walk the world alone, fearless and to believe its exterior is as angelic as his own interior. He doesn’t care about his adversaries, instead he lets them swallow their words until they swallow their own fear and self extinguish…


The bird.

One morning, Alan’s denial that fear exists in the outside world was about to be tested and the less flattering parts of himself were about to be challenged by a bird, as an owl got delivered as a talking letter.

The owl said: “I’m representing The Balanced Universe of Love. Our bird’s eye view of your village is unbalanced because you ignore dark energies and your neighbours are ignorant of our love. Therefore, your avoidance of others disturbs them, they disturb you and all of you are disturbances for the whole universe.”

Sounding irritated but compassionate, the owl continued: “To restore balance in the universe, each man on top of a cliff has received the same message as you, on top of this village cliff, today, you are receiving it. Our goal is to restore balance within men, to harmonize both light and dark sides of every one of you and for this is to have a ripple effect on a universal scale. The goal of your mission is to restore balance within you that will have a ripple effect on your village.”

Alan replied: “Why on earth should I care about those barbaric villagers? I can’t see them, they can’t stand me, so it ain’t nothing to do with me. I’d rather hide somewhere nice, somewhere calm, instead of talking to these animals dressed in human bodies! What if their hearts can’t beat? And what if they bite me or beat me up?!”

The Owl insisted the mission must be completed, “Do as I said and I will increase your clairvoyant powers or risk living forever in regrets of what might have been: if you knew yourself better, if you still had your wings to fly over adversity… if you changed people’s perspective about what matters in their lives. Your heart is kind. It is time Alan, to aim for a higher mountain top. But first you must go back down to deal with your fears or else you will stay down forever with your fears binding your wrists.”

Alan felt that the bird was legitimate, his will was now set in stone. He decided to please the bird in order to please himself. He will be the one carrying the burden for his neighbors, for the universe. No choice was given to the man on top of a cliff, apart from an ultimatum, and for help the guidance of a bird and a map with on it a red spot named – ‘The Arena of Adversity.’

Having been blind for so long from the vision of his fears and adversaries, Alan has no more interest in doing so, especially after staring at the map’s red spot, now fear was starting to take hold of him. Alan wondered: What is adversity? Is it envy, jealousy, a disease, is it contagious? Alan wished his mind was contagious so he could contaminate others instead of always catching their repulsive ideas which mostly turn his blissful state into nightmares.


Preparing to meet adversity.

Alan boarded his transportation, his best friend, a caramel tanned frog, and departed with only his senses to guide the frog’s steps. On the road to the Arena of Adversity, to convince himself of his potential aptitude at mastering adversity, he didn’t practice his aptitude for punching or throwing rocks, instead, he informed the frog of his preconceived stereotypes with sentences that one might classify as an encouraging speech: “Watch out my friend, there will be bumps and there will be holes full of landmines, planted by men who speculate for a piece of your leg!”

Projecting his undesirable traits and emotions, Alan added: “People are scared of being reminded of what they hate in others because they hate it in themselves. All petrified of what they feel but not trying to understand in case it hurts. You see, they keep rescheduling to avoid the day when their lies will meet their guilt head on.”

They behave like robots as they show off charity donation cards like they are free passes that offset lending a hand to a friend. At least me, I am not in denial of my shadow self or avoiding my fears, it’s just that I simply have none. That bird is deluded but I like a challenge, I am the greatest and I bet they speculate about me because my tenderness scares their egos and their need to be first, but I will show them how great I am! I will reverse their beliefs that white feathered people breath only to be enslaved, to serve without receiving anything back in return, as if we were without backbones, goals and desires.”

As far as Alan was concerned, the time is now to demonstrate what kind of moves kindness is made of: “After all I’ve been through I have nothing to lose, it’s better than going to one of those dumb TV gameshow to win a holiday or to be locked up in a reality house as a muse for the masses because at least if I lose, the shame stays private.”

Finally, he concluded his self motivating rant with a Mantra: Adversity has no clue of the fact that; life is a chess board game and whoever strategically seduces the Queen not only becomes King but also gets to feel the warm kingdom of her heart, as opposed to posing as an accessory, left unloved in a frozen castle. As a result they are pawns, glued to their squares.”

Down his mountain, Alan and the frog crossed the village through the blizzard. There was a quiet emptiness, icicles on straw rooftops sighing in their loneliness whilst observing broken pieces of trees; awaiting a gesture of green.

And the plants have plastic bags for leaves surrounded by pigeons; no more than poo dumpers and rats of the sky to most people. In the middle of their chirpings, a greyed hair woman repents her soul’s sins by sharing the remains of what could have been her last supper, whilst singing:

Deep, the pain can’t reach the top,
deep down erodes,
the pain that slips,
that slits my wrists.

Deep down I resist,
the rope that slips.
It glides down
my wrists.

Deep down the fakes
and the frauds are still,
down my throat.

Deep down our love
chokes and dies and resurrects,
again and again,
again in the mess.

Deep down we dismiss our love,
deep down we resist,
afraid to end,
having to slit our wrists.

As the vein pain will be in vain.

Then suddenly the grey lady screams: “Watch out white feathered adventurer! Ahead there are gates… behind them you’ll find men putting each other down to go up in the world. If you have been disconnected from harsh reality, blow up your bubble before they burst you and your dreams out of it. I see through you, you are an idealist. So, be careful or like me you will wake up to regret what you once wished for…”

“I dont want to wait for death to find me amongst the pigeons, I’d rather die seeking truth than live in doubt.” Alan whispers.


Arrived at The Arena of Adversity.

Part 2: Keep Moving through Adversity, Guided by a Bird