Improve Your Reality with The Power of Your Thoughts

Improve your reality with the power of your thoughts

What are you thinking about?

Your thoughts, beliefs and judgements create your reality!

Do you believe that your thoughts come in response to what you’re observing? What about if I said this is just an illusion. Imagine for one moment, the truth is that what you are observing is actually in response to what you’ve been thinking!

Most of us do not deliberately choose our thoughts, instead we let our thoughts gravitate to whatever is happening around us. But consider that the most powerful law on this universe is the law of attraction and that the physical reality in which we live is a sort of holographic mirror, designed to become the exact reflection of the thoughts that we have. When you think of it like this, we have more power that we could possibly imagine!

Have you noticed that when you feel positive emotions, you think positive thoughts and that manifests into positive and enjoyable events and experiences. In turn, when you are feeling negative emotions, your thinking is also negative and this will manifest through less enjoyable situations and experiences.


Choose your thoughts, choose your reality

If we accept that when we think a thought, that thought manifests exactly, it means that if you don’t think you are good enough, you will experience the reflection of this thinking through people and in situations and events that make you feel like you are not good enough. Consciously or unconsciously, you are attracting what you are thinking.

When you focus on thoughts that don’t feel good or agonise over a problem that is in your head and not yet a reality, no matter how good a person you are, you are essentially creating the manifestation of those very things.

Because we experience our manifested thoughts, we  therefore have the power to change our reality by changing our thinking. We do in fact have control over our emotional response to what we are observing – we have control over our reality. Make the connection between what you are thinking and consequently what you experience in your reality.


Why do bad things happen to good people?

We all ask at times “why me?” or “why do bad things happen to good people!” but this universe is not cruel and is not out to get you! You have absolute free will – the free will of focus and the free will of thought. And your thoughts are organising everything in your reality. In fact, you have absolute power and control over your entire reality, you are the creator of your life.

It goes like this; something happens, we are unaware that this thing is happening because we have already made ourselves match that event as a result of the thoughts we have been thinking, often for quite some time.

Even the thought “bad things happen to good people” is a belief, which does not serve you, since like thoughts, your beliefs and the judgements you make also manifest into reality.

For example: if you think about buying a certain type of car, you’ll start seeing this car a lot everywhere you go, or if you think about having a baby, you’ll notice pregnant women and babies around you much more. Are these coincidences or projections of your thoughts?


The universe does not operate in terms of deserving.

The universe is not external from you, so it isn’t sitting in judgement, it does not judge whether you deserve something or whether you are worthy of something or whether what you are creating is good or bad. It is a non judgmental mirror in the same way that the mirror in your bedroom is non judgmental, it simply gives you a reflection of exactly what’s in front of it.

What we want comes into our experience only because our beliefs are creating it in our life. What you deserve is infinite – deserving is unlimited for every being in existence but whether we allow those things which we desire to manifest, depends on the thoughts we are focusing on, the judgments we make and the beliefs we hold.


We are thoughts and energies.

We are all a collection of energies which when added up equals one collective vibration, but your job here, is to raise your vibrational frequency relative to all aspects of your life so that you are manifesting the kind of reality you want related to your life. The law of attraction is creating the exact reflection of your thoughts, from the energy making up the waves and particles of your physical reality that rearrange themselves to match your dominant thoughts.

Keep in mind at all times: Thought create your reality, so change your thoughts to change your life!