How to Strengthen Your Willpower: 7 Boosters


How strong is your willpower?

Unless we are one of these “know it all” rather than “be humble” types, during the darkest times in life, we all need help to get through challenging moments; those silent pauses that make us think we are alone.

We think that stacking up money, acquiring status or shaping the perfect curves, will make us feel valued and worthy of self love. But no matter how much savings we have or how much we spent, it is never enough.

And even if some people look up to us as they shower us with their attention, we still look down on our imperfections; our minds are haunted by chattering beliefs that repeat: “I am unlovable, wrong and not good enough”.


That’s when our willpower must come into play, to rescue us from the nightmare in which our insecurities have imprisoned us. And from the “looser” state that our weaknesses want us to remain in as we watch opportunities holding hands with life, running in front of our new pair of running shoes.

Who wouldn’t like to change something from within? The desire to develop oneself and the drive to progress are part of human nature. However, old habits can be hard to break and sometimes we fail more often than we succeed. We struggle to end the contracts and commitments that we can’t sustain anymore and that’s when we know, our willpower needs strengthening.

There are ways to boost our willpower. No-one is condemned to live in the past. To create permanent and positive changes in your life, think of willpower as a muscle that can be strengthened with practice. So how do you boost your willpower to yield powerful results?

1. Eat wisely

Unhealthy food, toxic substances and skipping meals reduces our self awareness, impairs our judgment and hinders our willpower. Be mindful of feeding your brain and fuelling your body with regular rich and nourishing meals prior to taking important actions and decisions.


2. Slow down

Since exercising self control at all time is impossible, supplementing yourself with sleep, rest and breaks is essential. To feel refreshed before getting back to your goals and to have more willpower to accomplish your tasks, get an adequate amount of sleep and take frequent breaks. Doing this, will improve your brain function and self control and help to avoid running out of willpower and making poor decisions.

3. Mindfulness

Practicing meditation for 10 minutes on a daily basis ables our brains to have better memory, attention and focus. For this reason, detaching from the chaos around us for a few minutes, reduces our stress and impulsive tendencies. Meditation and mindfulness also generate the energy needed to strengthen our willpower.


4. Know the facts

According to research about willpower:

  • It can be practiced – Like a muscle, willpower becomes stronger with the persistent practice of self restraint and self reliance.
  • It is a valued skill – Intelligence is less an essential component of performance and efficacy than willpower is, therefore, to achieve a successful life, your willpower is key.
  • It is believing – Your body listens to the words you tell yourself and then acts on them. That’s why repetitive self talk is a great way to generate willpower.

5. Inspiration

Each day listen or read inspirational speeches and stories from speakers and writers that you feel connected to. Motivation, spirit and discipline lies in being inspired.

Inspiration awakens your authentic self. Your unique talents and passions are gifts to share with others and at the same time, you replenish your willpower. This is a harmonious and beneficial cycle that you should aspire to maintain.

Spend time wandering, moving, breathing and sensing nature, allows life’s powerful energies to flow through you and fill you up with transformative forces that will heal your cracks and expand your growth. Stagnation suffocates inspiration and kills willpower.


6. Identify roadblocks

When we set ourselves on the pursuit of a new life path, it’s wise to anticipate in advance the resistance that may arise to block our original plan.

For instance, we are all susceptible to temptations. Some are harmless and others helpful but nonetheless, ask yourself: How am I going to respond to the unexpected? Even if the unexpected can’t be anticipated, your reaction to it can be pre determinated. This simple mental preparation will strengthen your willpower to overcome any surprising roadblocks.

Another willpower block is self sabotage. To find the courage to stick to your plans be mindful of your automatic responses, make progress in small doses and remind yourself often:

  • What end goal are you trying to accomplish?
  • What is the purpose of the end goal?
  • Why do you want to follow this purpose?
  • What will happen to your emotional state if you quit?
  • What reward will you miss out on?

7. Trust yourself

Sometimes we instinctively know what we should be doing but we doubt this silent voice that speaks to us; most white light souls call it intuition or divine guidance and the underground darkness call it, madness.

Whatever it is called and wherever it comes from; an internal or external source, in times of tiring mental self analysis, your silent voice deserves to be not only listened to but also consulted.

Here is the script –

You think: “Why is it often so hard for me to get what I want? How can I stay away from people who make me feel insecure? Why did others get lucky while I have to rely on my willpower?”

The silence speaks: “You think negatively, you embrace self pity and… you act in disbelief! You can’t translate my language of the heart with your logical mind. Try that, open your heart and eyes!”

You think: “It is always so easy for me to know what I want, what can I do to get it? What can I do that would boost my self esteem while benefiting others at the same time? Let them rely on their short term luck because in the long term, I believe it is smarter to strengthen my willpower.”

The silence speaks: “Now that you have swapped disempowering thoughts for optimism, you can trust the signs and messages that I am sending to you, those dressed as coincidences. Use your trust as the willpower to take action instead of doubting the fact that I keep repeating to you; you, you know better than anyone else what you have to do, so stop whining or waiting for a miracle, just do it!”