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Don’t Wait to Fall Downhill to Start Showing Gratitude

Ungrateful Annie moans until her eyelids fall. She lives in a fast paced world where her tantrums run faster than minutes. On the bed, two fake eyelashes open and face the ceiling, as if its crumbling cracks were going to give in. But the plaster isn’t dry to thirst, it won’t absorb selfish Annie‘s tears. […]

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How She Found Inspiration in, The End

Wondering how she will end, Margaret waits.   Chilled in a wide apartment, a ghost cherished, the smell of ashes, haunt the atmosphere. An abandoned widow. Love has rotted, into a burden.   Margaret watches, she placed a chair under the sun. A shadow at the window, feeds off childrens laughter, outside the noise of […]

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Pissed Off and Late. Can She Make It?

Gemma feels resentment, it’s the world’s cockroaches, she can’t get rid of them; she’s one of them! The world and the cockroaches. The insecticides and the parasites. They live with her in a neighborhood, welcomed by cans of cheap cider and cigarette butts, sitting and squatting, on the pavement, short of payment, waiting for an […]

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Giovanni story why real success is self love

Why Real Success is Self Love

Call him Mr Greedy or Mr Creepy but Giovanni is a romantic from Italy. Apart from cheap spaghetti and homemade cappuccino, he is a macho, a show off. A collection of the finest arts and untouched race cars, watched over by the dusty books that decorate his library from his patio vis a vis. A […]

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From Toilet Bowl to First Class Cabin

Lydia travels in first class business flights to Hong Kong, Dubai and Washington, a country girl surrounded by international airports, she’s got a cabin, the air is clean, she breaths in her 3 course meal, the champagne is free flowing and the air conditioning is supposed to be welcoming. In the back of the plane […]

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Roisin’s Story: How She Baked Her Self Esteem with Success

How She Baked Her Self Esteem with Success

As Irish as the weather, Roisin’s eyes are full of rain. Breaking up under the thunderstorm, a grey TV from the late nineties and a worn out black leather sofa. She sits eating Bounties, watching her favorite soap opera. For an hour Roisin won’t feel lonely, the dog licking her feet as a substitute for […]

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Fiona’s Story: How She Turned Her Differences into Beauty

How She Turned Her Differences into Beauty

In the capital of England, under the spotlight of Covent Garden, lies a beauty salon. A pretty wannabes rendez-vous and spread glamour over two floors. Chic petites on high heels compete, with the tall who wish they were small. The grandmas adding more mascara, iron boards filling in their bra. Some have large tops to […]

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Marco Story of Success

Why Everyone Should Create Their Own Luck

A large Greek family migrated to USA to live  the American dream. Marco has eleven sisters and brothers. He was supposed to be last, but five years later his little brother Paolo came along. The attention and the bond he shared with his mother went away with the first smile of Paolo. Twelve kids. No […]

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Why Loving Yourself Can Change Your Life

Mary always smiles, even if you wanted to, you wouldn’t be able to upset Mary. Mary’s home is the cleanest and tidiest you have ever seen. Mary has a lot of happy stories to tell. About her latest holidays, the new gifts she often receives, then she goes on about Jake. Mary and Jake moved […]

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A Failed Fated Abundance Lead to His Heart’s Desire

A Misuse Abundance To those of you who wish to have more, to be more. To those who never have enough. Ben may awaken the envy, the jealousy, the desire or the sense of inadequacy which resides deep inside the real you. A well groomed, lucky at first impression, spoiled and charming young man predestined to inherit […]

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