A Failed Fated Abundance Lead to His Heart’s Desire



A Misuse Abundance

To those of you who wish
to have more, to be more.
To those who never have enough.

Ben may awaken the envy, the jealousy, the desire or
the sense of inadequacy
which resides deep inside the real you.

A well groomed, lucky at first impression, spoiled
and charming young man predestined to inherit
a fake golden fate.

Things are not always what they seem.

4 am the house alarm goes off again.
Is it real or am I tripping again?
Ben thinks: “It’s always the same”.

Slowly dressing up,
Ben poses in front of the bedroom mirror.
A ghost face as pale as the end of a rosy fairy tale.
A real silver coin falls from the hole in the pocket of his jeans.

Twenty six yrs old,
the body of a malnourished athlete,
gone are the days of victory.

Ben loves his new reality,
gone is the predicted fate.

Ben loves his failures. The failures that wake him up at 4 am when the drug dealers break in.
The failures that tore his family apart. The failures that cancelled his right in the will.

The failure that he is, makes him feel alive.
The addiction that he has, makes him seen.
The drug that he chose, makes him feel loved.
The chaos that he causes, makes him stand out.

A diamond fell in a drain.

In vain he tried to save his veins,
too vain he chose disdain over white curtain.
Broken windows over empty houses,
hot blood over a cold destiny.

An empty soul, he feeds poison,
to his craving of meaningful accomplishment.
Another rehab holiday, one last hit,
one more chance, one last crash.

Going around in circles instead of a straight line,
Ben had everything but felt nothing.
Now Ben has nothing but feels everything.

Ben feels like a part of him is missing
and he has always been searching.

Ben is on the way to discovering the same thing that you are missing.
His feelings lead him to his heart’s desire, that’s right!
What you are looking for is already inside of you.

The thing that makes your heart beat, the dream that keeps you going.
The desire to accomplish something that you desire instead of measuring up to the expectations of others.
The belief that you can become who you want to be instead of merely existing.

You are not always who you think you are.

Search the abundance within,
find yourself and live it.