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list of 70 tips to turn your daily life routine around

70 Tips to Turn Your Daily Life Routine Around

“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.” William Morris 1.  Go for a walk every day. 2.  Take time to sit in silence alone each day. 3.  Get enough sleep. 4.  When you wake up in the morning remind yourself of your life goals. […]

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relocation therapy moving away to start a new life

Relocation Therapy – Moving Away to Start a New Life

Americans are always on the go. Across the United States, people pick up stakes and relocate about once every five years. These moves are often job-related. Those whose companies have transferred their positions to a distant city may have no other choice. Others will relocate voluntarily in search of a better situation. Often, though, the […]

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tips increase natural fluid intelligence methods

5 Tips to Increase Intelligence Naturally

If you think that there aren’t any ways to increase intelligence, think again! There are two kinds of intelligence; crystallized intelligence and fluid intelligence. Scientists have described fluid intelligence as the general ability to solve new problems and recognize unfamiliar patterns. There are ways to increase fluid intelligence; improving cognitive function increases working memory and elevates the ability to […]

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Your Definition of Relapse Influences Your Success

When you’re in recovery, your definition of a relapse can influence your success. Recovering addicts and their families are almost never prepared for the harsh reality of the recovery process. An addiction isn’t a disease that can be permanently cured with a course of medication; it’s a chronic condition that requires ongoing treatment, and typically […]

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Feeling Stressed? Try foods with positive energies to boost your mood!

Do you comfort eat to ease stress, have you reached out for chocolate and junk food to cheer you up? Often, we are so self conscious and obsessed with our weight and physical imperfections that we place a higher importance on them than on how our hearts and minds feel. We forget that the foods […]

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5 Brain and Intelligence Myths Exposed

Nowadays, anyone with common sense, an internet connection and a thirst for knowledge can educate themselves and find the truth they seek. We all have a natural intelligence to educate ourselves about anything we put our minds to and make conscious decisions instead of just assuming the ones we are told to believe. In this age […]

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how to deal with blamers tips

How to Deal with Blamers’ Negativity

Some relationships are toxic, so toxic in fact that we don’t even realize what a negative impact they can have and how much they can drain us. One day you think you are close to someone and the next you wonder if they are your enemy. But it’s hard to let go of a relationship in […]

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How to Get Motivated to Change Your Life

How to Get Motivated to Change Your Life

What is a motive? Do you have problems setting goals and sticking to them? If you struggle with motivation, it’s probably because your motive isn’t connected with what your heart desires. A motive is a meaningful reason to achieve your goal, it’s the determination to go in a particular direction and stick to it. It’s a desire turned into the will to take […]

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