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How to Clear Your Hidden Abundance Blocks Permanently

Some of you, could have inner conflict that makes manifesting financial abundance a struggle. Your desire to become wealthy and enjoy financial freedom whilst subconsciously believing that you don’t deserve so much abundance. That belief comes from fears and feelings of unworthiness stored in your subconscious mind.   Even though you learned, understood and practiced […]

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The girl who doesn’t fit in the world but who finds hope in it

Emily wants to write, of green trees, of orange sunsets, of red apples.   But tonight, she cries at the dead leaves, waiting for the clouds to part. Emily sits in the dark.   A train passes by in the background, the sound of a life spent on standby. The neighbourhood coughs; she hopes it […]

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Respect Yourself: 11 Ways to Set and Keep Healthy Boundaries

Do you ever wish to be left alone in peace? Are you dealing with a person who is disrespectful, critical and controlling? Have you had a conversation or a relationship with someone who is intrusive and felt trapped? What is the difference between being generous and being a doormat? A lack of boundaries in relationships […]

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10 Easy Steps – How to Meditate From Start to Finish

1. Before you get started Before you start, the first thing you need to do is take care of a few practicalities. When are you going to meditate each day? Where can you sit peacefully and undisturbed? How will you even remember to do it? Taking 10 minutes out each day shouldn’t be so difficult, […]

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Why and How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Why and How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others?

According to many studies, people compare themselves to others to feel better about themselves. However, comparing yourself to others can have a negative impact on your life and mindset. With the increase in social media, you have got access to continuous material for unnecessary comparisons. In fact, your attempts to keep up with others can move beyond your […]

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Covert Narcissism - Know your emotional abuser

Covert Narcissism – Know Your Emotional Abuser

Have you known and trusted someone for years only to finally and painfully wake up to the fact that you’ve been the victim of their extreme narcissistic tendencies? Are you ashamed to have been fooled by a person who looks so perfect and innocent on the outside, that it’s hard to accept the truth – […]

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Toxic Relationships and Characteristics to Avoid

The Glaring Signs of A Toxic Relationship

Toxic Relationships and Characteristics to Avoid A relationship is more than just a source of love and companionship. It makes you feel invigorated, vibrant, and optimistic. It also provides a sense of well being and contentment. However, some relationships can drain energy and life out of you, leaving you suffocated and in deep emotional turmoil. […]

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40 Bad Behaviours That will Mess Up Your Life

You are often told how to change your life and the positive steps to become happier but before adding inspiring things to your self development plan, why not start by eliminating negative behaviours that have the potential to mess up your life. I’ve listed for you the negative behaviours and attitudes that I’ve observed in […]

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Improve your reality with the power of your thoughts

Improve Your Reality with The Power of Your Thoughts

Your thoughts, beliefs and judgements create your reality! Do you believe that your thoughts come in response to what you’re observing? What about if I said this is just an illusion. Imagine for one moment, the truth is that what you are observing is actually in response to what you’ve been thinking! Most of us […]

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How She Found Inspiration in, The End

Wondering how she will end, Margaret waits.   Chilled in a wide apartment, a ghost cherished, the smell of ashes, haunt the atmosphere. An abandoned widow. Love has rotted, into a burden.   Margaret watches, she placed a chair under the sun. A shadow at the window, feeds off childrens laughter, outside the noise of […]

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What to Do Now That You've Got Rid of Your TV

What to Do Now That You’ve Got Rid of Your TV

Television can be a major time suck. This is more true now than ever before. Sure, people have been wasting away hours in front of the TV for decades, but today’s selection on the boob tube is like 1980s television on steroids. You can now choose from hundreds upon hundreds of different cable and satellite […]

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How to Be Happy: 99 Simple Ways to Feel Happiness

How to Be Happy: 99 Simple Ways to Feel Happiness

Everyone wants to feel happiness. It is a precious commodity, constantly craved and in high demand, it’s a great feeling and one we should aspire to experience as much as possible. During those times when your favorite happiness reserve has runned out of happy thoughts and your mood is in need of vitamin H; here is a list […]

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the uninspiring words that prevent you from succeeding

The Uninspiring Words That Prevent You From Succeeding

Your ability to create a happy life depends on how you talk to yourself. It’s your inner voice that creates your reality and makes success possible as well as providing focused direction to your life. Words are powerful; they can create and they can destroy. Even small words whispered under your breath, can just as […]

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What Are You Willing to Sacrifice to Change Your Life?

If I asked you to make a list of all your heartfelt desires, aspirations and dreams, your pen would slip happily on the paper without any form of resistance. You want a better health. You want a healthier relationship. You want to travel the world. And why not?! You want a bigger home, and if […]

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when to change your life for the better

When to Change Your Life for The Better?

Most of the time, people continue doing whatever they have been doing – this is inertia, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. In our jobs, in our relationships, in our family circumstances, we continue to pursue the goals that we chose at some point in the past. To stop or to change direction seems […]

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